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Programiranje Android aplikacija

Programiranje Android aplikacija

Mastering Android Game Development

Mastering Android Game Development

Android Allo, Mafia III, Zed

Zed: Android SDK that gets you paid every time you push a notification – BetaList

converts your Android App's notifications such that whatever the user had to do inside the app after clicking on the notifications, can be done from the notification itself.Horntell These Actionable Notifications are shown in your app's feed. Some apps pay us ... READ MORE

5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week! - Android Apps Weekly - Android Authority

Paralign [Price: Free] This week’s edition of the Android Apps Weekly show is sponsored by Paralign! This is a fun little social app that lets you express random thoughts and ideas anonymously. The app will also help you track your thoughts and ideas so you can get a better view of yourself over time. The interface is wicked simple to use and you should be able to open it up and get to writing in ... READ MORE

Mafia III: Rivals coming to Android on October 7

Mafia III, the next entry in the popular Mafia video game series, is coming to Mac, Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 7th. Android, however, is missing from that list. A mobile spin-off, titled Mafia III: Rivals, is ... READ MORE

Google is testing its Andromeda Chrome OS/Android hybrid on the HTC-made Nexus 9

Try Allo yet? Over 1 million people already have

Google Pixel: With 'Android perfection' will it stand a chance against Apple's iPhone 7? – Tech2

Tech2 — Every single time one compares an Apple iPhone with an Android device, there’s this one topic that always comes up, and that’s fragmentation. So what if Google built an iPhone? What if Google… Open in a new tab


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