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Kotlin za Android aplikacije, prevod 2. izdanja

Kotlin za Android aplikacije, prevod 2. izdanja

Popust cena: 2550 rsd

Android 4 razvoj aplikacija

Android 4 razvoj aplikacija

Popust cena: 1200 rsd

Android nedeljni pregled saveta,vesti, trikova

Dagger Party Tricks: Deferred OkHttp Initialization (

Zac Sweers shows how to leverage Dagger to defer OkHttp's initialization to a background thread and buy back precious startup time.

Unit Test a ViewModel logic with Cloud Firestore operations (

Gaëlle Minisini shares a solution to unit test a ViewModel with Firestore operations.

Check out our New Shows for Devs on YouTube (

Square has Android SDKs for building payments into your own app or even kiosks for in-person payments. We also have APIs to help you manage a business outside of payments—including keeping track of your inventory or taking orders in advance. Check out the new Square YouTube channel for developers.

Unit Testing Coroutine Suspend Functions using TestCoroutineDispatcher (

Coroutines provide an elegant way to write asynchronous code, but sometimes they make it difficult to write unit tests. Craig Russell describes how to use TestCoroutineDispatcher to write efficient and stable unit tests for code written with coroutines.

Bitrise - CI / CD for your Android apps (

From Android-specific solutions to full cross-platform support, we are here to streamline your Android development process through one, easy-to-use platform. Connect your repo and let us handle building, testing, and deployment for you. Sign up for a free trial!

Working with RxJava Disposables in Kotlin\ (

In this tutorial, Lawrence Tan teaches the basics of RxJava Disposables. You will be building an app from scratch that retrieves real-time cryptocurrency data.

Android CameraX: Tap to focus, Pinch to zoom, Zoom slider. (

There’s been a lot of excitement around CameraX. With its next alpha release and its upcoming beta release next month, Husayn Hakeem takes a look at some of the new APIs and features that have been added.

Learn Kotlin Through Unit Tests (

It’s a scary first step to begin writing Kotlin code, especially if no one on the team is familiar with it. David Herman suggests starting with unit tests.

AnimatedIcons: Loading V3 (

Mark Allison shows how to take a Lottie animated loading indicator, and implement it as an AnimatedVectorDrawable.



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