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Xamarin Cross-Platform Development Cookbook

Xamarin Cross-Platform Development Cookbook

Android programiranje bez oklevanja

Android programiranje bez oklevanja

Android weekly 184


Android’s multidex slows down app startup (

This article is for developers who have never heard of multidex and for those that already have multidexing but would like to observe the performance gains that the author has discovered.

How to think about Subjects in RxJava (Part 1) (

Kaushik Gopal starts a series of articles on the black magic of Rx Subjects.

Help developers with custom Lint rules (

Jeremie Martinez aims to share his thoughts on Android Lint rules and dives into some concrete examples on how to integrate custom rules into your Android project

Why would I want to fitsSystemWindows? (

Google Developer Advocate Ian Lake describes some tips and tricks to using the fitsSystemWindows flag.

Making EditTexts with links both clickable and editable (

Dan Lew was working on an EditText that supports links. That is, users can add URLs that become clickable when not editing. Here's how he did it.

Leveraging product flavors in Android Studio for hermetic testing (

This post discusses the problem of test flakiness and introduces a simple solution for setting up a hermetic testing environment.

Rx glitches aren't actually a problem (

Glitches are temporary inconsistencies emitted by Observables. André Staltz looks at why it's not really a problem.

Vectors For All (slight return) (

With the arrival of Android Studio 2.0 Preview releases, Mark Allison re-visits the SVG conversion tools to see if anything has improved.

Android Development Tidbits // No. 5 (

Eight little tidbits for Android developers.

How to Analyze & Manage Memory on Android Like a Boss (

This post is all about memory management in Android. It provides information about how you can analyze & reduce memory usage while developing an Android app.

Crunching RxAndroid — Part 5 (

In the last post, we saw that even with the help of Reactive Programming, we risk to leak some heavy parts of our app, thus wasting users’ resources. They won’t be happy, so this article shows how to fix it.


bullet (

This Provides Dagger1-like ObjectGraph API around Dagger2 Components

circular-slider-android (

Circular Slider is a custom-built Android View used for choosing numbers. It works similarly to the regular slider control (SeekBar), just goes around in a circular fashion


High-Performance Audio on Android (

If you’re interested in getting the best audio performance and quality out of Android then check out our new High-Performance Audio on Android site.

Google Cloud Messaging - We've Come a Long Way(

Google Cloud Messaging supports topic messaging - an easy way to segment your users’ devices into groups and send a message to the entire segment at once.


Create Useful .proguard Files For Your Project (

Hosting 60+ .proguard templates inspired by and proguard snippets developed by Valery Kuznetsov

Welcome ClassyShark (

Boris Farber is a Developer Advocate at Google focusing on Android data intensive apps. He wrote a super simple swing app which reads jar files and generates Java like code from the loaded class, using reflection.


The Developer Show Ep 006 (

This week on The Developer Show: the Unity Game Engine and the new Google Cast Remote Display APIs, the Cloud Vision API, and find out what is in Reto’s Android Studio box on our new segment “#AskDevShow”

Fragmented 024 – Effective Java for Android developers (

Kaushik discusses Joshua’s sixth Item from Effective Java: Eliminate obsolete object references

Android Dialogs: Chris Jenkins (

Huyen talks super technical with Chris Jenkins about the windy road of creating his custom font library, Calligraphy





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