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Android 4 razvoj aplikacija

Android 4 razvoj aplikacija

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Android Studio IDE kuvar za razvoj aplikacija

Android Studio IDE kuvar za razvoj aplikacija

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Android weekly 194

AppCompat v23.2 — Age of the vectors (

Chris Banes takes a close look at the new vector drawable support in v23.2 of the AppCompat libraries.

RxJava - Maximizing Parallelization (

Thomas Nield's post focuses on computation parallelization where you really have to constrain the number of threads you use.

How Slow is Reflection in Android? (

Reflection can very often be the source of significant slowdown within an Android application. Perhaps the most intuitive way of understanding this is going through a couple of real-life examples.

RxAndroid Basics: Part 1 (

Kurtis Nusbaum explains some basic concepts of RxJava on Android.


Software Engineer, Android (Zürich, Switzerland)

Centralway’s vision is to create the world’s leading mobile banking platform. Therefore, we are looking for highly skilled Android Engineers, who are interested in changing the future of mobile banking with us.

(Senior) Agile Tester (m/f) - Mobile (Android) (Hamburg, Germany)

XING is the social network for business professionals with millions of members. Agile testers work directly within the development teams and are our voice of quality and continuous improvement. Mobile is the fastest growing part of our business. Help us shape the future – for a better working life!

Android Developer - Yammer (Microsoft) (San Francisco, CA)

Companies around the world use Yammer to allow their employees to communicate and collaborate openly. We're looking for great developers who want to have a huge impact. Microsoft is helping people around the globe achieve more by giving them the best possible tools for any moment.

Android Mobile Engineer - Lifesum (Stockholm, Sweden)

Lifesum is looking for product-aware engineers that are creative builders. If you are someone passionate about building great Android apps, we will love to talk to you.

Senior Android Engineer (San Diego, CA)

MJD Interactive is busy building the future, and we’re looking for a Senior Mobile Engineers that want to help us make sure it works.


MPAndroidChart (

A powerful Android chart view / graph view library, supporting line- bar- pie- radar- bubble- and candlestick charts as well as scaling, dragging and animations.

FPSAnimator (

FPSAnimator is very easy animation library for Android TextureView and SurfaceView.

Rosie (

Rosie is an Android framework to create applications following the principles of Clean Architecture.


Android Support Library 23.2 (

Version 23.2 adds a few new support libraries as well as new features to many of the existing libraries.

New tools for ratings & reviews on Google Play (

In the last few months, Google has made a number of improvements in the Google Play Developer Console to help you better analyze and manage ratings and reviews so that you can improve your app experience and boost its rating.

Google pushed Android Studio 2.0 beta 6 to the canary channel(

Google has pushed Android Studio 2.0 beta 6 to the canary channel, fixing a few more Instant Run bugs. 


Android Dialogs: Kengo Suzuk (

Kengo Suzuki tells us about secure coding and the main considerations in Android.

Building Apps the Wrong Way Can be the Right Way (

Screencast of Reto Meier showing the easiest, fastest, and wrongest way to build a simple location-based app—representing about two hours of real-time coding and debugging in 16 minutes.

All about the infamous 65,536 dex method count (

Googling the phrase “65K method count” show the recommended solution “multi-dexing”. If you want to really understand this mysterious number and the reason behind its existence, listen to this podcast!

The Developer Show 015 (

This week on The Developer Show, join an “award worthy” Timothy Jordan for a behind-the-scenes chat with Laurence Maroney on the set of Coffee with a Googler.

Advanced Android Espresso (

Chiu-Ki Chan's presentation on Espresso testing at DroidKaigi 2016


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