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Android 5 Programming by Example

Android 5 Programming by Example

Mastering Android Application Development

Mastering Android Application Development

Android weekly 201


Quickly change tokens case (

Another great Android Studio tip from Sebastiano Poggi.

Reducing PNG file Size (

Colt McAnlis trolls through a lot of Android applications, and looks for common places where people might be able to improve their performance. Lately he's been noticing the growth of a frightening trend : Bloated PNG files.

Introducing Spark (

Dan Hill introduces a new open source library called Spark. It is an Android library for drawing sparklines.

10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know You Could do in Android Studio(

Reto Meier shares some great tips & tricks for Android Studio.

Great Adapter Hell Escape (

Let Hannes Dorfmann tell you a story about how an android developer went through the hell while trying to create reusable RecyclerView Adapters with different view types and how he finally managed to implement them painlessly.

Reflection-friendly Value Objects (

Jesse Wilson shares a quick tip for initializing your Builder created objects.

Android Data Sync - Part 2 (

GDE Dmytro Danylyk continues his in-depth series on writing an Android app that syncs with a back-end server.

The Annotated Programmer (

Chet Haase absolutely loves @annotations that have become such a big part of Java programming. Here he proposes a couple new annotations that might make our lives just a little easier.

Open/Closed Principle (

Donn Felker continues with part 2 of the SOLID Principles for Android Developers series, where the ‘O’ in the SOLID mnemonic acronym is the Open/Closed principle.


PowerfulRecyclerViewAdapter (

A RecyclerView.Adapter implementation that supports any kind of list items, is a common Adapter.

Conductor (

A small, yet full-featured framework that allows building View-based Android applications

AdapterDelegates (

"Favor composition over inheritance" for RecyclerView Adapters

f8app (

Source code of the official F8 app of 2016, powered by React Native and other Facebook open source projects.


Android N Developer Preview 2 (

Android N Developer Preview 2 was released on wednesday and there is a lot of goodness inside: Vulkan (a new 3D rendering API), Launcher shortcuts, Emoji Unicode 9 support


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