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Programiranje Android aplikacija

Programiranje Android aplikacija

The Android Game Developer Handbook

The Android Game Developer Handbook

Android weekly 211

Interfaces for presenters in MVP are a waste of time!(

This discussion is about whether creating an interface for the Presenter in MVP is really needed.

Improving Stability Private C/C++ Symbol Restrictions in Android N (

As documented in the Android N behavioral changes, to protect Android users and apps from unforeseen crashes, Android N will restrict which libraries your C/C++ code can link against at runtime.

Presentation Model and Passive View in MVP (

As we all know a good programmer is the one who can propose good separation of concerns, so the code is readable and understandable by anyone.

No More findViewById (

One of the features of developing an Android application with Android Studio is data binding. The most basic thing you get is elimination of findViewById!

Snazzy git blaming (

Zarah Dominguez gets fancy with git history.

Vice: A Regression Test Generation Library (

The Philosophical Hacker introduces Vice, a recent library that helps to reduce the burden of writing regression tests.

ConstraintLayout – Part 4 (

In the last article Mark Allison looked at how to create constraints to position a widget relative to another or the parent ConstraintLayout, but he can also fine tune the size and positioning by using a few layout parameters on the child widgets

Auto-Initialize your Android Library (

How to avoid manual initialization methods in your Android library. Automatically initialise your library with the app's context on start up.

Get the Playbook app for developers (

Stay up to date with features and best practices that will help you grow a successful app or game business on Google Play.

PSPDFKit - The Industry Leading Mobile PDF Library(

Trusted by Atlassian, Box, IBM and more - the industry leading mobile PDF library helps you achieve seamless viewing, annotation editing and fast indexed search of PDFs. The library can be customized and easily integrated no matter the use case. Used by thousands of companies and touched by millions of people everyday.

Hired is the best place to find engineering jobs (

Bored at work? Want to try a new stack? Find 3500+ great tech companies on Hired who will compete to hire you. Try it today.

Mobile App UX Design: Grid View For Products (

The thing that people really want is helpful information and they appreciate layouts which provide enough information for them to make a fully informed buying decision.

Android TV & Chill (

A concept for what it would be like ordering fast-food on Android TV…

Quill (

Quill is the beautiful Android app for your Ghost blog.

EspressoDescendantActions (

Custom espresso actions for operating on descendant views such as children of a RecyclerView

DroidMVP (

Small Android library to help you incorporate MVP, Passive View and Presentation Model patterns in your app.

Android Studio 2.2 Preview 4 Available (

Preview 4 resolves the largest amount of bugs in the 2.2 release to date and includes some minor new features.

Android Plugin 2.1.0 DSL Reference (

This is the DSL reference for Android Gradle Plugin.

Designing for Split-Screen Multi-Window (

Multi-window opens up a lot of new possibilities, but designing for split-screen multi-window starts with a responsive UI. With a few special considerations, you’ll have a great looking app.

Swisstem UI (

In this episode, Chet and Tor talk with Jorim Jaggi, Selim Cinek and Adrian Roos from the System UI team about all the "math-gic" behind the animations in Lollipop, Marshmallow and N.

5217 and Mutative Design (

Huyen chats with Liam Spradlin (Google Design Expert, podcaster, livestreamer, and mutator) about the 5217 app and mutative design.

Functional Programming (

While at Droidcon Italy, Huyen picks Benjamin Augustin's brain on functional programming.

Testing With Kotlin #2 (

Spock maintainer Rob Fletcher demonstrates the current state of Kotlin testing frameworks by comparing it to Spek, JetBrains’s twist on a specification framework.

Testing With Kotlin #1 (

Spek framework contributor Laura Kogler demonstrates the current state of Kotlin testing frameworks and discusses expected further advancements in testing support.

Custom Views and ViewGroups (

An introduction to custom Views and ViewGroups, subclassing the View class, and performing completely custom drawing within that subclass.


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