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Learning Android Google Maps

Learning Android Google Maps

Android UI Design

Android UI Design

Android Weekly 241

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Case Study. Master/Detail Pattern Revisited (


In this article, Lucas Urbas showcases a classic design pattern – Master/Detail. He goes from Material design mockups to the actual code needed.

Layouts & Resources - Android Tutorials pt. 4 (

Rafael Toledo continues his introductory series, This post is about the res folder, found in path app/src/main/res.

Tracking app update sizes (

Android Developer Advocate Wojtek Kaliciński shares some tips & tricks to keeping track of your APK file size.

Continuous Integration with Android (

Continuous integration with CircleCI and UI testing with Firebase.

Writing your first Android Things driver (

Xavi Rigau takes a look at what it takes to write a new peripherals driver for Android Things.

Reactive Apps with Model-View-Intent - Part 2 (

In this blog post Hannes Dorfmann continues the journey towards “Reactive Apps” by introducing the Model-View-Intent pattern to build Reactive Apps.

Simple Things – Part 3 (

Mark Allison turns attention towards creating the weather station app by looking at how to display the temperature using the Four 14-segment alphanumeric displays on the Rainbow HAT.

How modularization affects build time of an Android application (

Before making a decision to split code base by feature, or by layer to possibly improve build times, Nikita Kozlov decided to experiment and collect some data and share the results.

Exploiting Android Seams for Testing and Flexibility (

In this post, the Philosophical Hacker highlights some Android-specific code seams that we can leverage to make our applications more testable and flexible.


Reptar (

A collection of useful RxJava 2.X classes

Toasty (

The usual toast, but with added capabilities

Google-Actions-Java-SDK (

Unofficial Google Actions Java SDK - for Android engineers and all Java lovers


Welcoming Fabric to Google (

Fabric is moving to Google, into the Firebase product.


AndroidWiFiADB (

ntelliJ/AndroidStudio plugin which provides a button to connect your Android device over WiFi to install, run and debug your applications without a USB connected.

AndroidAssetStudio (

Roman Nurik has released a major update to his Android Asset Studio tool.

Refactoring Across Multiple Code Repositories with Gradle and IntelliJ IDEA (

This post is about working with code that lives in many separate code repositories, while still being productive and efficient in the process!


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