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Python intenzivni kurs, prevod 3. izdanja

Python intenzivni kurs, prevod 3. izdanja

Popust cena: 1800 rsd

Django 3 kroz primere, prevod III izdanja

Django 3 kroz primere, prevod III izdanja

Popust cena: 1780 rsd

Django Weekly Newsletter Issue 46

Worthy read

Django profiler: My journey to code optimization

My experience from my profiler hunt motivated me to build an easy to use, user-friendly 2 step profiling middle-ware. Neither too complicate nor any unnecessary installations. You can check it out on : django-profile-middleware. 

What really annoys me about Django migrations

The same way an ORM allows us to forget about SQL when writing queries to the database, migrations make sure we don’t write a single ‘ALTER TABLE’ in our schema changes. Some may argue that’s bad: we “lose control” over a critical part of our infrastructure, we don’t know how to write SQL anymore when needed, we’re not sure how that operation is really translated into SQL, etc, etc. Ok, these points are actually valid. However, Django migrations module is more than just a way of automatically generating and applying SQL statements, it’s also a transparent API to write your own database changes in Python. It comes with wheels for those who need it (or trust enough) and tools for those who like to get their hands dirty. 

Is Your DevOps Pipeline Leaking?

Get the report. 

Overview of Django Translations

The slides look at how strings can be marked for translating using Django template tags, and methods from django.utils.translation in python code, template html and js. 

Facebook comment preview craze using Django

DjangoCon Europe 2018 Call for volunteers

2018's DjangoCon Europe will be held in beautiful Heidelberg, from the 23rd to the 27th May. There is a lot to do, but it's very much worth it – DjangoCon Europe is an extremely friendly, open, inclusive, and informative (for beginners and advanced users alike) conference. We're looking for support in the following areas, but if you have other interests and want to help out, please contact us: 

Addressing Security Regression Through Unit Testing

The code for this blog post is written using the Django Web Framework. The techniques discussed here will certainly work with other frameworks (and perhaps even compiled languages), but one core component that we’ll be leveraging here is the presence of an explicit mapping of URL routes to the views that handle requests to those routes. 

Django project optimization guide - part 2

This is the second part of Django project optimisation series. The first part was about profiling and Django settings, it's available here. This part will be about working with database optimisation (Django models). 


SOTA-Py - 258 Stars, 9 Fork

SOTA-Py is a Python-based solver for the policy- and path-based "SOTA" problems, using the algorithm(s) described in Tractable Pathfinding for the Stochastic On-Time Arrival Problem (also in the corresponding arXiv preprint) and previous works referenced therein.

djurl - 44 Stars, 3 Fork

Simple yet helpful library for writing Django urls by an easy, short an intuitive way.

django-bot - 10 Stars, 2 Fork
django library that makes it easier to develop bots with a common interface for messaging platforms (eg. Slack, FB messenger) and natural langauge parsers (eg.

recruitr: 6 Stars, 0 Fork
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