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JavaScript dizajn aplikacija

JavaScript dizajn aplikacija

Learning TypeScript

Learning TypeScript

Dzone Weekly, Migrating to Java 9

Migrating to Java 9

We take a look at not only the benefits of running Java 9, but how you might go about migrating existing Java applications to run on Java 9. Read 

Build Desktop Apps Using Electron: The Beginner's Guide

Learn how to use this framework for creating cross-platform applications, and get your app up and running with JavaScript and JSON. Read 

Java Command-Line Interfaces (Part 1): Apache Commons CLI

Sometimes, you need to parse command-line arguments in a Java application. There are a number of options, but in this post, we look at the Apache Commons CLI library. Read 

The 2017 Guide to Java: Development and Evolution

Learn more about the extraordinary growth and exciting changes in Java. This Guide explores the new features of Java 9, a look into Microservices and whether they’re right for you, as well as the benefits of using future API in Kotlin.

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The ABCs of RegEx - by Shamik Mitra


SSO Login: Key Benefits and Implementation - by Prosper Otemuyiwa


Top 10 Log Management Tools - by Elena Berezhnaya


Six Practical Steps to Kick Start Agile Journey - by Pratik Kothari


An Introduction to Python Sets - by Jay Sridhar


What Are Linux Logs? How to View Them, Most Important Directories, and More - by Angela Stringfellow


The Classic Northwind Database Converted to the NoSQL World - by Jon Erik Solheim


7 Rules for REST API URI Design - by Guy Levin


Choosing the Correct Architecture for an iOS Application - by Purva Bhureja


Monitoring the Weather With InfluxDB and Grafana (and a Bunch of Arduinos) - by Tom O'connor


The HTTP Series (Part 1): Overview of the Basic Concepts - by Vladimir Pecanac


ECS vs. Kubernetes: Similar, but Different - by Andreas Wittig


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