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101 princip za dobar UX dizajn

101 princip za dobar UX dizajn

Fixing Bad UX Designs

Fixing Bad UX Designs

Getting a job in design, a day in VR, emotionally intelligent machines, and more UX this week

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A guide for getting a job in design →

Finding a job can be a dreadful, long process. The solution is to face it as you would face any design project: with clear steps and deliverables. Here, we organized the best articles to help you get prepared for each step of the process:
  • Defining your goal and finding your market fit
  • Creating your CV and portfolio
  • Hunting for jobs
  • Preparing for the interview process
  • Getting ready for day one
Ok, shall we?

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Principles for mobile design →

Using design principles means adding a layer of structure and meaning to your design tactics to help you to make better design decisions.

Coherent, not consistent →

Teams spend days obsessing about minor design details, while letting core interaction problems in their products go unchecked.

UX won’t disappear, but adapt →

We need to focus on the intent of the user and design systems that support the user’s tasks much more proactively.

A day in virtual reality →

I woke up on Saturday to the prospect of a full day in VR. I set up my Oculus Rift and downloaded a bunch of apps. Here’s what I learned.

Data-informed design: minimize the website redesign debate →

More than an online property, a website is a reflection of a company’s brand and its customer experience–and everyone has an opinion when it’s time for a redesign.

8 tips to survive a portfolio presentation →

Designers have a natural gift for selling ideas, services, products, and whatever this thing is, so why do designers stress about the portfolio presentation?

It’s time to design emotionally intelligent machines →

The opportunity for brands to forge deep relationships with their users has never been greater. And emotions will make the difference in this new era.

Design makes AI smarter →

Designers today most likely have been designing for products that use some level of AI for automation. How do we get to the next level?

Voice interfaces are here; are they necessary? →

The role voice assistants will ultimately play in most peoples’ lives still remains to be seen.

News & Ideas

• Apple is now on instagram, posting photos #shotoniphone

• Facebook Watch is YouTube’s brand new competitor

• Daddy’s car: a song composed by AI, based on existing Beatles songs

• You know “above the fold” is a myth, right?

• A framework for creating brutalist UX deliverables

• Voice AI might be the next frontier of marketing

• San Francisco gets its first autonomous ride-hailing service

• Swarm has a new design and a clearer value proposition

• Yes, the gender pay gap is real in Design

• This Brazilian tattoo artist specializes in ugly tattoos

• Plotter is a machine designed to design

• People are really talking about Zuckerberg for 2020

• Applications for Shopify’s Commerce Awards have started

Tools & Resources

• Fontface Ninja: a browser extension to try any fonts on any site

• Styly is a platform for creating VR spaces without any coding

• Hologram is an all-in-one WebVR creation tool

• IndoorWay: turn indoor spaces into connected experiences

• Purple: project boards that build team harmony

• Living styleguides: how to plan one, step by step

• Pastel: leave live sticky-note feedback on any website

• Speed font: extremely simple CSS font embedding

• A report by Awwwards + Google on mobile performance

• How to remove that ugly :focus ring from your code

• ContentTagger lets you provide structured data for your website


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