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Smashing UX dizajn

Smashing UX dizajn

Hands-On UX Design for Developers

Hands-On UX Design for Developers

Hot in UX this week, Delivering your work in layers

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delivering your work in layers - ux design

Delivering your work in layers ›

Some designers like to work on a product piece by piece.

They focus on one screen or feature at a time, and dedicate full days of work trying to make that one piece look as polished and finished as possible. Before sharing it with the rest of the team, they make sure visuals are pixel perfect, elements are precisely aligned, imagery and copy are as close to final as possible, and that they actually prototype how the elements in screen will animate together.

And they never share their designs with the rest of the team until they feel extremely confident about the work.

But there are a few inherent risks with that approach.

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What’s the ROI of UX? ›

Design practitioners get asked the value of their work all of the time. They never have a good answer.

15 principles of good service design ›

Not only do we not have discernible professional standards for service design, but we don’t seem to think this is a problem. 

The link bar, a navigation alternative to the hamburger menu ›

How ecommerce sites could see an increase in mobile conversion rates by adding a nav bar at the top of their mobile homepage.

Steve Jobs on prototypes ›

Jobs was passionate about a number of things, including a crazy new idea called object-oriented programming.

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Tools & resources

UX Resources: a simplified starting guide for UX designers

Case study: designing voice UI for StarCraft II

Timeline 2.0: interaction design for Sketch

Fonty: test web fonts directly on live sites

Prospectus: a bold, contemporary font choice for your editorial needs

Snipper: a sweet Snippet manager on the menubar

Vacation Tracker: an easy way of tracking your team’s vacations and days off


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