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Kompjuter po mojoj meri II izdanje

Kompjuter po mojoj meri II izdanje

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PC I GADŽETI - Vodič za rešavanje problema i nadogradnju

PC I GADŽETI - Vodič za rešavanje problema i nadogradnju

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How to play Android games on your Windows PC - CNET    

For many a game fan, playing desktop games on a mobile device is a kind of Holy Grail pursuit. Hence the creation of devices like the Nvidia Shield tablet and streaming apps like Remotr. Nvidia Shield tablet streaming apps like Remotr Ah, but what if you want to flip the equation? Android is home to innumerable great games, many of which have no desktop counterparts. Wouldn't it be great if you co ... READ MORE

IBM Cities | AT&T IoT Hackathon - Bay Area - IBM Cities

Have an app idea or need an app built for your business? Join us in the Bay Area for an IoT and Mobile App Hackathon, produced by the AT&T Developer Program. Hangout with us as we hack, get fed, compete for pr ... READ MORE

Emerging Technology Will Drive The Future | Yostartups — Emerging technologies and the startups that are indulging in those technologies are set to change the way we live and do… Open in a new tab

Microsoft cloud chief: Our early IoT investment sets us apart from Amazon

ZDNet — It's become largely accepted by most industry watchers that the No. 1 and No. 2 players in the cloud are Amazon and Microsoft.… Open in a new tab

The IoT Ecosystems Are the Stepping Stone to Ubiquitous Living — By Karl Smith, Consulting Director, Paradigm Interactions This article is by Featured Blogger Karl Smith from his LinkedIn page. Republished with the author’s permission. LinkedIn The IoT is…Open in a new tab

8 Tech Trends in the Public Sector - Deloitte CIO - WSJ — From augmented and virtual reality to blockchain, emerging technologies offer the government new avenues for providing… Open in a new tab

Stackable, IoT-enabled dumpster homes to address urban housing crisis

Smart Agriculture To Improving Banana Crops Production In Colombia - IOT League

IOT League — Smart agriculture has become the main trend in Agriculture sector. According to the FAO, by 2050 food production may increase a… Open in a new tab

Machine Learning is the solution to the big data problem whose root cause is the Internet of Things – Medium

Medium — Yes, the title is a precious mess. But “Big Data” was always defined as a problem statement. For some, it represented the challenge of acquiring data from new sources. For others, it meant… Open in a new tab

Nextcloud Box – a private cloud and IoT solution for home users

Getting into the IoT game? Your business needs a well-defined use case first -…

TechRepublic — The Internet of Things (IoT) has legitimately been billed as a world-changing technology. From the early days of the internet… Open in a new tab

IBM's Watson IoT hits the skies with Aerialtronics drone deal

PCWorld — AI-powered drones soon will be everywhere, monitoring crowds at major events, checking out traffic patterns on busy roads,… Open in a new tab

Datafloq - Why Now? The Internet of Things




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