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Programiranje komunikacionog hardvera

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Salesforce kicks off its conference with mobile, IoT updates, and more

InfoWorld — Find me here… Open in a new tab

| IBM Invests $200 Million in Blockchain-Powered IoT Office

CoinDesk — IBM’s previously announced work intersecting blockchain and AI is moving forward with the establishment of a new office in… Open in a new tab

Building an IoT Botnet: BSides Manchester 2016 – MDSec — In August, @MDSecLabs delivered a talk at the Manchester BSides titled “Breaking and Entering, Hacking Consumer Security…Open in a new tab

IBM gives its Watson IoT headquarters a $200 million boost

Engadget — Schaeffler will use the Watson-powered IoT platform to give the various products it manufactures for the wind turbine, train, auto and other industries a way to monitor their own conditions.… Open in a new tab

Salesforce aims to combine Einstein, Quip, IoT into 'one platform' approach


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