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Naučite JavaScript

Naučite JavaScript

Learning Network Programming with Java

Learning Network Programming with Java

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33 Videos from ng-conf 2016

Angular’s largest conference took place last week and videos are already up. Enjoy the keynote for a major overview of Angular 2 and its ecosystem.

A Taste of JavaScript’s New Parallel Primitives

A look at an API that lets programmers use multiple workers and shared memory to implement true parallel algorithms.

Build a Chrome Extension with Angular 2 & TypeScript

Learn how to add more functionality to your browser by creating your own bookmark manager Chrome extension using Angular 2 and TypeScript.

Linode SSD - Your Lightning-fast JavaScript Playground

Don't be held down by your hosting provider's stack - we offer full root access, 99.9% uptime, 24/7 support, and lightening-quick cloud hosts. Spin up your server in minutes.

Electron 1.0 Released

A major milestone for the toolkit that lets you build native-feeling apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Simplified JavaScript Jargon

A handy reference of JavaScript terms with community-driven descriptions.

Modular JS: A Beginner's Guide to SystemJS and jspm

Ravi Kiran introduces jspm and SystemJS, tools that let you load any module format (ES6, AMD, CommonJS and globals) directly from any registry.

JavaPoly.js: Java(script) in the Browser

Polyfills native JVM support so you can import existing Java code and invoke it from JavaScript. If you wanted to.

Nodecasts: Series of Node.js Screencasts

Inspired by sites like Laracasts and Railscasts, the videos so far seem to be free so fill your boots with videos on ExpressnpmES6, and more.

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