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Learning Vue.js 2

Learning Vue.js 2

JavaScript at Scale

JavaScript at Scale

JavaScript informator 292

Slate: Framework to Build Rich Browser-Based Text Editors

A flexible, plugin-driven framework for building rich editors like those used by Medium or Dropbox Paper without your codebase getting mired in complexity.

Puck.js: A JavaScript Bluetooth Beacon

The creator of Espruino (a JS interpreter for microcontrollers) is creating a JavaScript-programmable Bluetooth beacon. It’s on KickStarter and has already far surpassed its goal.

var, let and const: The What, Why and How

An engaging and educational 15 minute tour of the roles of varlet andconst in ES6, led by a front-end developer from Spotify.

Last chance for ForwardJS tickets, July 25-August 1 in San Francisco

Eight days of sessions and workshops on React, Redux, D3, Angular 2, Accessibility, Progressive Web Apps, Dev Ops and Functional JavaScript. Grab one of the last few spots

Create Your First Application with Vue.js 2.0

Vue.js is a reactive UI component library. Beta 1 of v2 is now out, and this tutorial provides a thorough introduction.

jQuery 3.1.0 Released; No More Silent Errors

Changes to jQuery Deferreds in jQuery 3 caused errors to be silenced in certain places (e.g. document ready handlers). jQuery 3.1 fixes this.

Fathom: A Framework to Extract Meaning From Web Pages

An experimental framework for extracting meaning from web pages, identifying parts like buttons, address forms, and the main textual content. It scores DOM nodes and extracts them based on criteria you specify.

Cleave.js: Format Input Text Content When You Are Typing

A library to help you format input text content automatically (e.g. dates, card numbers). Take a look at the demo page for plenty of examples.

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