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Neural Network Programming with Java

Neural Network Programming with Java

Modular Programming in Java 9

Modular Programming in Java 9

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Pass cookies with axios or fetch requests · Code with Hugo

When working with git a selection of GitLab, GitHub, BitBucket and rebase-trigger-happy colleagues/collaborators, it's a rite of passage to see a message like the following: Pushing to [email protected]:some-project/some-repo.git To [email protected]:some-project/some-repo.git...

Avoiding bugs with data structures: using Sets in JavaScript

When working on a part of a user interface I like to constantly try to think about potential bugs that could occur, potentially when looking at taking input from users. Most components that take input will have code to prevent invalid input and bugs and you can't ever avoid th...

How to use stateless components in Vue.js Blog

In this post, you'll learn about functional components and find out how to use stateless components in your workflow in Vue. You will need the following in your PC: Node.js version 10.x and above installed....

How to test React-Redux connected Components

The following implementation is a quick excerpt from one of my daily tasks as a software developer. If I run into a problem and arrive at an example that I find worth sharing, I will put a gist of the code up on this website....

How to add Password Reset functionality to your App

Since almost all web apps need authentication, there needs to be a way for front-end or mobile apps to store user identity data in a secure fashion. Fortunately, this is an easy feature to add....

How to use Throttle and Debounce in JavaScript

Throttling and debouncing are two popular and widely performed coding techniques which will help to improve the performance of JavaScript code that undergoes execution repeatedly within a certain period of time. In this tutorial, we'll learn about the JavaScript Throttle and D...

Calculating Various Time-Deltas Between Two Dates In Angular 9.0.0-next.4

At work, I write a lot of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) documents (see Incident Commander ). And, at the very top of each RCA document, I have to include the duration of the Incident in terms of hours and minutes....

Working with Attributes on DOM Elements

The DOM is just a little weird about some things, and the way you deal with attributes is no exception. There are a number of ways to deal with the attributes on elements. By attributes, I mean things like the id in . Sometimes you need to set them....



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