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jQuery i napredne web tehnologije

jQuery i napredne web tehnologije

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Naučite jQuery 3, prevod V izdanja

Naučite jQuery 3, prevod V izdanja

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jQuery in real life - 1

Algolia Places : Turn any Input Into an Address Autocomplete

September 14, 2016 Core Java ScriptMaps

Algolia Places provides a fast, distributed and easy way to use an address search autocomplete JavaScript library on your website. Read More  Demo


iziModal : Responsive and Fexible Modal Plugin with jQuery

September 14, 2016 PluginsPopup Window

iziModal is an elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal plugin with jQuery. Read More  Demo

ZooMove : jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

September 13, 2016 PluginsZoom

ZooMove is a jQuery plugin that allows to dynamically zoom images with mouseover, and view details with mouse move. Read More   Demo

Form Designer : A JQuery Form Builder tool

September 12, 2016 FormsPluginsPremium

FORM-DESIGNER is a jQuery form builder tool which will help you to build an interactive form to use in your website template. This is mainly a HTML developer’s tool, but anyone who have a little knowledge about CSS and HTML structure and use of them, can use this tool. I try to keep this jquery application very simple and user-friendly so that anyone can understand it within one or two tries.In this tool you will get total 7 option to create form from 7 different template and one option to create a custom form. As a final output, you will get the HTML,CSS and jQuery code here. Read More   Demo

Granim.js : Create fluid and interactive Gradients Animations

September 12, 2016 Animation

Create fluid and interactive gradients animations with this small (< 10 kB) js library. Read More  Demo

Live Preview Using jQuery

September 11, 2016 FormsWeb

Live preview is the live display of any kind of text like code etc in a textbox with proper formatting.When user write something a small box will appear and display the text as user write. So, in this tutorial we will show you live preview using jQuery and HTML. Read More Demo

Kajero : Interactive JavaScript Notebooks with Clever Graphing

September 11, 2016 Core Java ScriptWeb

Kajero notebook is just a Markdown document with a script attached. Kajero is designed to make it really easy for anyone to create good-looking, responsive, interactive documents.

All Kajero notebooks are editable in-line. Read More  Demo

Animate.js : Trigger Animations on elements when Scrolling

September 10, 2016 AnimationCore Java Script

Animate js is a tiny (5KB) vanilla JS script to trigger animations on elements when they are within the viewport. Read More   Demo

Create Simple Image Editor Using jQuery, HTML5 And CSS

September 15, 2016 CSS2 / CSS3.0HTML5Image Effects

In this tutorial we will show you how to create a simple image editor using jQuery, HTML5 and CSS.We use different CSS filter like Grayscale, Blur, Exposure(brightness), Sepia and Opacity to edit the image you can add more effects if you want.

Youmax Lite : jQuery YouTube Playlists on your Website

September 16, 2016 PluginsPremiumVideo & Audio

Youmax is  a Power of YouTube Playlists on your website.

AlloyFinger : Tiny Multi-Touch Gestures Library

September 16, 2016 Core Java Script

AlloyFinger is a super tiny size multi-touch gestures library for the web.


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