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Android Studio IDE kuvar za razvoj aplikacija

Android Studio IDE kuvar za razvoj aplikacija

Popust cena: 1580 rsd

Android 4 razvoj aplikacija

Android 4 razvoj aplikacija

Popust cena: 1200 rsd

Kotlin nedeljni pregled

Lessons learnt with Kotlin: Extension functions (
GDE Rebecca Franks keeps writing her thoughts and experience in Kotlin. In this new article, she explores the extension function, and how it helps her to develop Android apps.

Dart Excitement From Kotliner Perspective (
Flutter/Dart is another of the actors in the ecosystem of multiplatform apps. In this article, Marcin Oziemski explores Dart from the perspective of a Kotlin developer.

Making Android unidirectional data flow with Kotlin coroutines (
Arnaud Giulani shared with us his thoughts and philosophy on developing a unidirectional data flow with Kotlin coroutines. We don't have every weekend the chance to have such a detailed experience, so check it out. 

Inline classes, the next level of type safety (
Kotlin introduces a special kind of class called an inline class to solve type safety. Adrian Bukros has written an article diving into the functionality of inline classes.

My notes on learning Kotlin coroutines (
Fernando Raviola has been learning about coroutines, and he shared with us his learnings about how to learn. We believe this article provides a lot of actionables. 

Taming React with Kotlin-JS and coroutines (
Alexander Nozik wrote a short post about a little trick that finally allowed him to fully use React-js components with his Kotlin-JS application.

Painless JSON with Kotlin and Jackson (
Are you a master in JSON and Kotlin and Jackson? It doesn't matter if you are not, in this article you can take some hints on how to level up your game. Do not forget to check it out!


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