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Expert Angular

Expert Angular

Learning Vue.js 2

Learning Vue.js 2

Kotlin Weekly 85

Kotlin Weekly Newsletter #85

Hello from a snowed Bavaria Kotliners! This newsletter is sponsored by Pusher. If you want to learn about how to build products with Realtime features, this is the link you want to check. Hope you enjoy this upcoming issue.

Unidirectional data flow on Android using Kotlin (part 1) (
First article in the series of following a unidirectional data flow approach with Kotlin by GDE César Valiente.

Kotlin: Mutability (
Mark Allison wrote about mutability, usage of a sealed class to create mutable and immutable variants of the same underlying data.

Learning Kotlin – inline, noinline and crossinline (
In the new episode of Fragmented Podcast, you can learn about Kotlin and 3 important keywords – inline, noinline and crossinline.

Hacking Architecture Components by using Kotlin (
Are you already using Architecture Components? If not, you should. And if you want to learn how to it with Kotlin, you should definitely click on the above link.

Coping with Kotlin’s Scope Functions (
One special collection of relevant functions can be described as “scope functions” and they are part of the Kotlin standard library. Learn how to deal with them in this article.

Developers guide to Webflux (
What is Spring Webflux? How does it work, and why to use it for web development with Kotlin? The answer is here.

How to Kontribute (V3) - Setup ( 
Shiraji is a Kontributor. And he has been kind enough to put a fantastic series of articles explaining how to kontribute. You would do yourself a favor by checking it out.

Mocking-up Kotlin classes with Mockito — the fast way​ (
Mockito can’t mock final classes and, by default, all classes in Kotlin are final. Let’s see how to workaround this issue without any speed decrease.​


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