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Learning Drupal 8

Learning Drupal 8

Mastering PHP 7

Mastering PHP 7

Laravel Daily 43

Laravel Daily - new

New version of - now it's not only a blog, but a page for advertising our services. If you want to hire professional Laravel developer(s) - let's talk, just reply to this email!

Did you know about Forelse loop in Blade?

As a tradition of posting little things here on the blog, one more useful detail. What do you do when you need to show a loop in Blade with foreach, but the list might be empty? You probably write if-else statement around it, right? There’s a “magic” loop structure called forelse.

Backing Up Laravel Homestead

Laravel Homestead is an awesome tool for building Laravel sites. However, sometimes it would be nice if when you did a vagrant destory you wouldn't lose all of the information in your databases.

Laravel 5 Ajax CRUD example for web application without page

Laravel 5 Ajax CRUD example to build web application without page refresh. In my last tutorial, i had done CRUD application inLaravel MVC without ajax request, now i am going to tell you how to build CRUD web application without page refresh inLaravel using ajax.

Testing controllers in Laravel

Simple video about testing controllers.

Writing modular applications in

Nicolas Widart, author of Asgard CMS, created a new package called laravel-modules that can help splitting up a large Laravelapp in modules. On his blog he published an introductory post.

Improvements to Authentication in Laravel

Every two weeks I send out a newsletter containing lots of interesting stuff for the modern PHP developer. You can expect quick tips, links to interesting tutorials, opinions and packages.

Implementing Smart Search with Laravel and

In a big web application, like an online market or a social network, one of the most important parts of the app is the search functionality. Having a great search feature will help your users find the right content(users, products, articles) quickly and easily.

Laravel Elasticsearch Integration

User experience is one of the critical components, irrespective of whether you are developing a web or mobile application. The attention span of visitors to any websites or applications has been seemingly decreasing.

5+ AngularJS and Laravel CRUD

As you may know Laravel is a type of model–view–controller (MVC) together with Symfony2, Nette, CodeIgniter, Yii2 and other frameworks make up the bulk of the PHP industry when it comes to the development of web applications.

Laravel User Registration with Email

This post documents how to add e-mail an confirmation to the Laravel User registration that is generated by the Artisan console.

Laravel Validate Form on Submit using Google reCaptcha Validation

Validate Form on Submit using Google reCaptcha Validation Example in Laravel A Qoutes about using captcha is "Tough on bots and Easy on humans".You are going to use Google recaptcha so you must know the benefits of using Google recaptcha. Nomally any captcha protect your websites from spamming.

Laravel 5.2 - User ACL Roles and Permissions with Middleware using entrust from Scratch

Laravel 5 provides authentication to us but that it simple to get user register, login, logout, and reset password and run quickly and easily. Laravel 5 give you simple authentication and it's fast and it's consider to all developer requirement.

Using MySQL’s JSON columns in Laravel

Laravel 5.3, which will be released at this years Laracon US, has some new very handy functionality to work with MySQL 5.7 JSON columns. In a post on his site Matt Stauffer demonstrates the new API.

Validation Rule bail - Codebyjeff Quick

Hello, Laravel Friends! Did you know about the validation rule `bail`? It doesn't actually validate anything itself, it just tells the Validator to stop checking all the other rules if this parameters fails.

Why the composer.lock file

I've never really understood the importance of the composer.lock file and why it should be included in source control, till recently (I know am a bit late). I always thought to myself, well composer.json contains all my dependencies and their version information, so why bother with composer.

SeedCascade - because seeding in Laravel is

Heres what your new Seeder classes would look like. It inserts 6 rows into the food table, with the name column being set to “Cabbage” on the first three and “Carrot” on the last three.

Get Laravel Route Parameters in

In the past, we've talked about simple Laravel routing and Laravel route parameters. Today we'll be talking about how to use route parameters in middleware, a task that may come up in your workflow. A middleware simply wraps an application's request.

Setting up Multi Auth in Laravel

I recently needed to add multi-auth into an existing Laravel 5.2 application. We already have Employees (App\User) logging into the app, no problem, but now we need to add Customers (App\Customer).

Comparing Blade and Twig templates in

In my company, we use Twig instead of Blade for our Laravel projects. I know there are a lot of developers that also prefer Twig over Blade. So the question‘Why choose Twig over Blade?’ often pops up.

Build a Twitter Bot with

A Twitter bot built with Laravel that uses sentiment analysis to reply to mentions with a happy, neutral or sad emoji.














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