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PHP i MySQL: razvoj aplikacija za veb,  prevod 5. izdanja

PHP i MySQL: razvoj aplikacija za veb, prevod 5. izdanja

Domain-Driven Laravel

Domain-Driven Laravel

Laravel Daily 52

QuickAdminPanel: now for Laravel 5.3 and with live-chat support!

Another quick announcement from our team – we’ve upgraded our online adminpanel generator to generate Laravel 5.3 version. It was quite a big challenge, but now QuickAdminPanel supports both 5.2 and 5.3.

10 Fresh Laravel Packages – September 2016

Let’s get back to an old tradition started back in Spring – I started reviewing new and interesting Laravel packages at my local meetup in Vilnius. Back to business – here’s the September 2016 version.

Jeff Madsen: Laravel newsletter, books and dev-life in Japan [INTERVIEW]

Let’s continue our new tradition of interviewing interesting people – today I have Jeff Madsen who is really active on Twitter and on his Laravel newsletter, which we will talk about in a minute. He’s also written a couple of books and has a lot of tips – both on coding and on freelancing.

Laravel-related articles from all the web

Restricting models from a Laravel Scout index — Neon Tsunami

For some implementations you may want to restrict some of your models from going into your Laravel Scout index. For example on my own blog I only want to index my posts which have been published - if for whatever reason I haven't decided to publish a post yet then it shouldn't be searchable.

Laravel JWT Auth with Vue.js

This post documents using Laravel to build JSON Web Token based authentication with a Vue.js user interface. A fresh install of Laravel 5.2 for local development is required. Head over to the Laravel 5.2 docs to get setup with Composer and Laravel as needed. Once Laravel 5.

Laravel Shift - 1,000 applications upgraded

Less than a year ago I created Laravel Shift. While not my first product, it is my first software as a service (SaaS). If you’re not familiar with Laravel Shift or interested in the backstory check out the Q&A on Laravel News or listen to the interview on Full Stack Radio.

Understanding the Laravel Service Container

What is this article about? It’s about replacing ‘anonymous’ functions with ‘named’ functions.

5 Best open source project built using Laravel

Flarum is the combined successor of esoTalk and FluxBB. It aims to be: Fast and simple. No clutter, no bloat, no complex dependencies. Flarum is built with PHP so it’s quick and easy to deploy. The interface is powered by Mithril, a performant JavaScript framework with a tiny footprint.

Laravel Spark v2 is now released

Laravel Spark, the commercial Laravel package that provides instant scaffolding for subscription billing, has just released v2. The 2.0 release is a free upgrade for all license holders and it adds compatibility with Laravel 5.

Laravel Spark - 5.3 upgrade

Laravel 5.3 is out! It is filled with lots of new and exciting features. Of course we want to make use of them in Laravel Spark too. So what about Spark and Laravel 5.3? Can we upgrade it too? Is it free? Let's check it out.

Let’s bring Laravel to Ubuntu

Laravel is very popular open source PHP framework aimed at fast and easy development of web applications. To know more read — why Laravel is best PHP framework? Official guide to install Laravel is here — https://laravel.

Laravel 5.3 For Beginners

Laravel 5.3 For Beginners is oriented to beginning and intermediate PHP programmers who want to learn the Laravel Framework.  Over 620 pages of step by step content. In the book, we build a sample application that covers the following: server for Laravel Echo

Create a server.js file and include the following. Edit the default configuration of the server.

Laravel 5.3.8 is released with new fakes for events, jobs, mail, and notifications

Laravel 5.3.8 is now released with new improvements for testing by included new fakes for events, jobs, mail, and notifications. Laravel now provides three helpers for mocking events.

Laravel 5.3 Run Artisan Command Through Routes

Recently for one my project we installed Laravel 5.3 on shared server where we were not having SSH or route access. As we know general practice with Laravel is to create database tables with migrations and for that we have to run artisan commands through terminal and SSH.

Tracking If a User Is Currently Online in Laravel (the easy way)

Today I was tasked with adding a little green dot next to a username, denoting if they are online or not, on a user profile page, in a Laravel app. My first thought was that we were going to need to spin up a node.js server and track of active socket connections for each user.

Display user devices there application is currently logged in and option to logout in Laravel

Often users login into an application from multiple devices, but forget to logout. Or sometimes they want to logout from a particular devices because of any reason whatsoever or they want to check the devices their application is currently logged in.

Edit your environment files through the browser with Brotzka .env-Editor

When you’re working with Laravel, every installation includes a .env example file in your application’s root folder. This allows you to keep sensitive information out of version control and makes it easier to have different configurations based on the environment your application is running.

PHP Annotated Monthly – September 2016

“What??? Where was August?” we hear you cry. All will be revealed as Gary Hockin compiles the new style list of all that’s good from around the web, in PHP Annotated Monthly. Let me apologize for the lack of Annotated Monthly in August.

How to use Elasticsearch with PHP

Elasticsearch is an open-source full-text search engine which allows you to store and search data in real time. You can search for phrases as well and it will give you the results within seconds depending on how large the Elasticsearch database is.

Laravel Quick Tip: Model Route Binding

One of the great things that Laravel provides is the easy to use routing component. It offers simple URLs, parameters, grouping, naming and event guarding route groups, to name a few of the different options.

PHP 7.1: changes to types

Cet article est aussi disponible en français.This is the 4th post in a series about PHP 7.1. One of the most important changes PHP 7.0 brought us last year was about typing, with the introduction of scalar type-declarations for functions/methods parameters and their return value.

Other web-dev news and offtopics

Vim 8.0 is released

The Vim editor has released their first major release in ten years, Vim 8.0. Vim can now exchange messages with other processes in the background. This makes it possible to have servers do work and send back the results to Vim.

GitLab raises an additional $20 million and announces their master plan

The Vim editor has released their first major release in ten years, Vim 8.0. This version includes many small featur…

Oh shit, git!

Git is hard: screwing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is fucking impossible.

Live asynchronously.

Last year I turned off all my notifications. I stopped booking meetings. I started living asynchronously. Now instead of being interrupted throughout the day — or rushing from one meeting to the next — I sit down and get work done.


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