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PHP 7 objektno-orijentisano modularno programiranje (HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, XML)

PHP 7 objektno-orijentisano modularno programiranje (HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, XML)

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Laravel Daily 59

7 business lessons after reaching 1000 QuickAdmins milestone

New article from our blog. I love reading stories about startups and small businesses – how they started, what were first successes, failures and lessons learned.

My Laravel Tricks

I’ve been considering moving my blog to Medium for some time, but wanted to try out posting a few things here first. So let’s try it out, with a quick write-up on some of the “Tricks” or common things I do when working in Laravel. Feel free to holler back with some of your own!

Namespaces in Laravel Applications

Like many languages, PHP does not allow you to have two classes with the same name at a global level. While on the surface this may sound like a good idea, it becomes a problem when you import libraries and a name collision occurs (completing libraries have one or more classes with the same name).

Import Excel data in Laravel 5.3

In my previous post explains Export data to Excel or CSV in Laravel 5.3 . This article explains import excel data into database table. For doing this i used ‘maatwebsite/excel’  library. Simply follow below steps. Open composer and add below line of code

A Roundup of Laravel CMS Packages

A lot of really great Laravel powered CMS systems have came out in the past year. Everything from the super powerful to the minimal, to open source and commercial. Statamic is built on Laravel and sports a Vue.js-powered control panel.

Multiple Laravel Homestead Installations

Since I maintain some older Laravel applications that are not compatible with the latest PHP version, I need a way to use a different Laravel Homestead installations for different projects. Here is a solution to install different Homestead Composer packages and Homestead Vagrant boxes on Mac Os X.

How to integrate Stripe payment gateway in laravel

Hello laravel enthusiasts, welcome back. Here I am going to discuss on something very exciting. You will know how to integrate stripe payment gateway in laravel applications.

Handling Laravel Validation Error Messages With Vue.js

In this post, I will be showing you how to handle Laravel validation error messages with Vue.js. Recently, I launched a open source side project I was working on called Open Laravel. Open Laravel allows developers to submit open source projects that were built using the Laravel framework.

Whats something every Laravel programmer should read/view?

Whats something every Laravel programmer should read/view? (self.laravel) Videos, documents, books. Really interested what I'm missing out. Laravel related only please.

Laravel + ElasticSearch + React

You can also edit the, etc. Yeah! Now everything is working fine!Let’s go to Laravel. The package I use is Elasticquent, to install, follow the steps here: the provider, alias and publish.

Export data to Excel or CSV in Laravel 5.3

In some big applications need export to excel or csv functionality is required. This article explains export excel or CSV data from database table. For doing this i used ‘maatwebsite/excel’  library. Simply follow below steps. Open composer and add below line of code.

Free Video Course: Docker for Development

Chris Fidao put together a free mini-series on using Docker for Development with Laravel. The series is ten individual videos covering all the basics to get up and running. This includes how to use and build multiple containers, networking, and persisting data, as well as a development workflow.

An opinionated tagging package for Laravel apps

There are a lot of quality tagging packages out there. Most of them offer the same thing: creating tags, associating them with models and some functions to easily retrieve models with certain tags. But in our projects at Spatie we need more functionality.

[Slides] Forum PHP: Create Symfony apps as quickly as with Laravel and keep your code framework-agnostic

Founder and CEO at Member of the Symfony core-team, creator of API Platform and contributor to more than 100 open source projects including the PHP language, Zend Framework, Doctrine, Sonata and Prestashop.

What's in store for PHP performance?

PHP 7.0 made significant improvements in terms of performance and memory use for real applications. Many applications deliver twice the throughput with much less memory just without any changes to the application code.


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