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Naučite PHP, MySQL i JavaScript: razvoj dinamičkih veb strana korak po korak prevod 6. izdanja

Naučite PHP, MySQL i JavaScript: razvoj dinamičkih veb strana korak po korak prevod 6. izdanja

PHP mikroservisi

PHP mikroservisi

Laravel Daily 63, 3 tools to generate Laravel Migrations, Testing Laravel Middleware

REVIEW: 3 Tools to Generate Laravel Migrations from Existing Database

Recently I’ve found a few interesting tools that help generate Laravel migrations automatically from your already existing database schema. In theory it looks very cool, but we decided to test them – I asked a colleague to actually try them all out with real demo-projects.

[DEMO] Generate Laravel adminpanel in 10 minutes - how Larancer was created

Live-demo of how you can easily generate your adminpanel with As an example, we take a freelance management project called Larancer, which is available for free on Github:

Conditional Eloquent Where Clauses

Think of each Eloquent model as a powerful query builder allowing you to fluently query the database table associated with the model. So, basically you can use every Query Builder methods in your Eloquent model.

11 Courses to Help You Master PHP Frameworks

In this course, Jason Lewis will show you how to build a functioning content management system (CMS) with the Laravel PHP framework. You’ll understand some of the tasks and problems that are common to so many web development projects and explore different possible solutions to them. 

Is Laravel 5.1 LTS actually being supported?

Is Laravel 5.1 LTS actually being supported? (self.laravel) What's the deal with support on the LTS version? I don't see anything about updates on the Laravel site, and any googling I do for it just shows me articles and release notes from when it was first released.

Laravel v5.3.25 is released

Laravel has released v5.3.25 which includes two new validation rules, the ability to set the file permissions in the Filesystem, and a fluent builder for SlackMessageAttachmentField. The two new validation rules included in v5.3.

Laravel Collections Make PHP Development Awesomeactivate

Laravel provides a lot of amazing tools out-of-the-box and collections are one of them. The collection class within Illuminate\Support is basically a wrapper that allows you to work with and manipulate arrays of data.

Testing Laravel Middleware

It’s widely accepted that high-level integration tests alone do not make for a good test suite. Ideally each individual component of your application should have unit tests, which test that component in isolation.

Review of Test-Driven Laravel

I’ve been programming for close to a decade, and I’m constantly trying to find ways so to improve my skill set to be able to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology. The one area I’ve always wanted to improve in has been testing.


You want a blog, right? And you want to use the Wordpress backend? But you dislike Wordpress themes, and REALLY dislike creating them? Then this is for you my friend... This package provides the tool-set to sync WP posts from the WP DB and into your Laravel DB (or wherever you want it to go).

JSON Web Token Tutorial: An Example in Laravel and AngularJS

With the rising popularity of single page applications, mobile applications, and RESTful API services, the way web developers write back-end code has changed significantly.

Overriding Laravel Elixir Configs

Laravel Elixir is fantastic for your Laravel projects and it comes with defaults that “just work” within a Laravel application. It works so well that I like to use it for managing all my asset processing even in apps that are not on Laravel.

Quick Tip: The Convenient Magic of Eloquent Observers

If you’ve used Eloquent on medium to large projects before, you may have encountered a situation where you want to take action when something happens to your models. Eloquent provides a convenient way to do so.

Make PHPStorm your new home - Configuring and using Xdebug locally

We assume that you use PHPStorm on a daily basis, and this guide will help to debug your code locally using the IDE. A remote debugging guide will come in the future. Intuition and hunches are great— you just have to test them out. When a hunch and a fact collide, the fact wins.


This package checks if the application resources are running as they should and creates a service status panel. It has the following main points: But you can add anything else you need!

How I refactor to collections

Refactoring to Collections is a great book by Adam Wathan where he demonstrates, how you can avoid loops by using collections. It sounds great from the beginning, but you need to practice it, in order to be able to use it in your own projects. This is why I refactored some of my older projects.

Laration - A simple way to visualize your configs

Some times during our development work we need to check wheter a config has been defined, and in most of the times we just jump to the file, which means to seek the file, open it and change it (or just see the value and leave it as it was). Laravel provide us a really simple way to find the configs.

Store your translations in the database with Laravel translation loader package

Laravel has built-in support for localization using arrays stored in language files and in 5.4 they are adding the ability for JSON based language files.

Quickly Dumping Laravel Queries

When you are building an application and utilizing Eloquent it’s very easy to hit the N+1 problem. This is where you select a model and then later use lazy loading to fetch child records.

Laravel Spark -Pre-populating Custom Registration Fields

The Laravel Spark documentation explains how to add additional registration fields. If left at that, the new fields will appear on the page, but the input tag cannot simply be pre-populated with value="some value".

Use Laravel Shift for your next upgrade

I’ve had an eye on since it first made it’s way across my twitter feed some time ago. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting and talking with it’s creator Jason McCreary at a few conferences over the past year.

New Book: Laravel Up and Running

Matt Stauffer who has been blogging about Laravel since the 5.0 release, the host of the Laravel Podcast, and partner and technical director at has been working on a new Laravel book, Laravel: Up & Running, published by O’Reilly.

How terrible code gets written by perfectly sane people

When I found out I would be working on porting an old Python codebase to Node, I was slightly excited. These kinds of projects always give you more creative freedom than the ordinary code maintenance gig, and something about the challenge of rewriting other people’s code makes it fun as hell.

Learn VIM while playing a game

VIM Adventures is an online game based on VIM's keyboard shortcuts (commands, motions and operators). It's the "Zelda meets text editing" game. It's a puzzle game for practicing and memorizing VIM commands (good old VI is also covered, of course).


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