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Learning PHP 7 High Performance

Learning PHP 7 High Performance

Mastering Laravel

Mastering Laravel

Laravel, TOP 15 LaravelDaily Articles and Videos in 2017

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Need Opinion: Laravel Bootstrap Theme Downloader [VIDEO]

A draft of a package to download front-end themes into Laravel app. Would you use such a package? Please evaluate the idea, and based on the feedback we will proceed (or not) on the actual usable package release in 2018.

TOP 15 LaravelDaily Articles+Videos in 2017


Another year gone by, so it’s time to to some recap – what articles were the best in 2017? Gathered this statistics from three sources where we publish content: this blog, QuickAdminPanel blog and our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Braintree Payments in Laravel: The Ultimate Guide

Braintree is one of the most popular ways to accept payments online, in this article we take a deep look how it works in Laravel framework. In this tutorial we will create a few Braintree demos, so please create your testing account at Braintree, and let’s dive right in.

Dependency Injection in Laravel: Notifications Example [VIDEO]

Explaining the complicated Dependency Injection topic with simple example of Laravel Notification system.

Filter Eloquent relationships "on-the-fly", when you need it

I find more and more Eloquent functions that are rarely used, so continue posting these short tips on the blog. Here’s the next one. Simple Eloquent relationship goes like this.

Redirect after Login or Register: Add your own Method

In Laravel’s Auth system you can customize a few most important things – one of them is a variable $redirectTo – where to take the user after login/registration. But there’s even more to customize. Which means – after registration, user is redirected to /home.

Laravel-related articles from all the web

The Best of Laravel News 2017

Here’s a look at the most popular articles we wrote this year, including the major release of Laravel 5.5, command line tips, Vue.js tutorials, bash tricks, and of course, popular Laravel tutorials. 1.

Generate beautiful RESTful Laravel API documentation with Swagger

Do you document your API application? Without a proper API documentation, your peers or coworkers have no idea how to discover the API endpoints and their usages.

How to Send Emails in Laravel

In this article, we're going to explore the Mail API in the Laravel web framework. Laravel takes advantage of the popular SwiftMailer library, which is easy to use and comes with a variety of email drivers to choose from.

Send SMS Messages in Laravel using AWS SNS

Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a full-featured notification service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). SNS provides a way to quickly and reliably send messages to a large number of subscribers. With SNS you can send Mobile Push Notifications, emails and Worldwide SMS messages!.

Laravel 5.5 package development from scratch

First of all I want to thank Cristian Tăbăcitu for his cool article about package development.My article is just an extension of his article. Here I will cover all steps of creating, maintaining and using packages. I will be using my laravel-boolean-softdeletes package as an example.

Getting Started With React in Laravel 5.5

By default, the newest versions of Laravel ship with scaffolding for the JavaScript framework Vue.js. This is great for getting started quickly… if you plan on using it. Another popular choice for front-end JavaScript is Facebook’s React.

Public and Private API with Laravel

Let’s get started with some of the back end configuration. We will be re-organizing API routes and removing the login route.

Free Video Course: Scaling your Laravel applications on Forge

Bootstrap CSS has just released its last beta release (beta 3) of the new version 4 codebase. There are a few breakin…

Laravel eloquent Lazy Vs. Eager Loaded

The Eloquent (ORM) in laravel is working amazingly and provide very simple ways for accessing to the database. In this article we will understand about what is lazy and eager loading in Laravel eloquent and how it’s works in the background.

Three ways to fix the https error for .dev and .app domains in Chrome

Most of our development is done on Vagrant so even though we have Homestead Grasshopper to help us with setting up the websites, we noticed after the latest Chrome update that we were required to use https for all .dev and .app domains.

Auto posting to social network in Laravel

Manually post to social networks is probably better than to use an automated method. But, if you post many new topics every day, automated post is practically inevitable. In Laravel, You need a package for your web application to auto posting website content to social network.

Developing RESTful APIs with Lumen (A PHP Micro-framework)

TL;DR: In this tutorial, I'll show you how easy it is to build and secure an API with Lumen. Check out the repo to get the code. Lumen is an open-source PHP based micro-framework created by Taylor Otwell in 2015. Lumen is designed for building lightning fast micro-services and APIs.

How to Work with Laravel as a Front-End Dev

In this article, I’ll be explaining the front-end aspect of Laravel.

Sentry Logging in Laravel

This was pretty easy to hook up. Lets dive in… Note: You can add some additional fields to the LineFormatter. See the “Customization” section below.

Laravel v5.5.28 released

Happy holiday!

Laravel on AWS: a reference architecture

It’s not an easy task to set up durable architecture for your web application. And if you try to build it as you go, you’ll soon get tired of clicking around the AWS console.


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