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PHP 8 objekti,obrasci i praksa objektno orijentisan pristup

PHP 8 objekti,obrasci i praksa objektno orijentisan pristup

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Laravel daily, Vue.js, Instagram in Laravel, Firebase Auth

How it Works: Laravel + Vue.js AdminPanel Generator

My guest-post on Laravel News where I present our new Vue+Laravel generator and explain in details what code is actually generated and why. Offtopic: we're pretty satisfied with the initial launch, already 10+ paying customers and 200+ free trials in progress.

Did you know about laravel/ideas?

GitHub issues for discussing feature ideas for the Laravel framework. Already 200+ issues and 700+ closed! However, if you are proposing a new feature, you should be willing to code the feature if possible.

Why should you use Vue.js when using Laravel

If you have used a recent Laravel version, you would notice it usually comes with Vue bundled in with other tools like bootstrap and jQuery. You would also notice in Laravel documentation that they gave a small introduction to using Vue components. Is this a sign that Laravel loves Vue?

Create API Authentication (Passport) in Laravel 5.6 — Confirm account + notifications (Part 2)

We will learn to create deactivated accounts and then confirm and activate by email, in the authentication system with Laravel API Authentication Passport. In first step, we add two columns active and activation_token also we add thesoftDeletes trait in database/migrations/xxxx_create_users_table.

Integrating Instagram API in Laravel 5.6

In this tutorial, i’ll show you how to integrate Instagram API in Laravel App. We won’t be using any Instagram PHP wrapper library.

Tidy up Your Tests with Class-Based Model Factories

As you begin writing automated tests, one of the first questions you will find yourself asking is "how do I make it clear what this test is accomplishing?" It is important for tests to have a natural and logical flow that any future developer can follow, but that is easier said than done.

Laravel Firebase Auth

If you authenticate with Firebase in your app, authenticating with your API is very easy, as the Firebase token is a JWT. All we really need to is implement a Guard with a user function that returns an Authenticatable object.

Deploy Laravel sites with Ploi - Built by Developers, for Developers.learning

Ploi is a free service which we can use to deploy our Laravel/PHP sites.

Deploy a RESTful API using Laravel and Docker

You can manage a RestFull API in the fastest, simplest and funniest way! and with open source code dependencies. However you can contribute for a better performance, the goal is to focus on the code avoiding the configurations and having docker installed.

Modular approach in Laravel Application

Laravel is a great framework, not only because of the elegant syntax, rapid development tool but also because of the ecosystem & open source packages available for it. These packages help a lot to reduce the development time.

Building a realtime analytics dashboard for a Laravel application

In today’s world, it’s important for website administrators and webmasters to have useful data regarding issues such as the performance of their sites. This helps them to be proactive in tackling issues with their sites.


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