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Osnove veštačke inteligencije i mašinskog učenja

Osnove veštačke inteligencije i mašinskog učenja

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Mašinsko učenje uz PyTorch i Scikit-Learn

Mašinsko učenje uz PyTorch i Scikit-Learn

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Machine Learning Top 10 Articles for May 2017.

Machine Learning Top 10 Articles for May 2017.

Between April and May, we’ve ranked nearly 1,900 Machine Learning articles to pick the Top 10 stories that can help advance your career. (0.5% chance to be picked in the list)

Rank 1

Visual Attribute Transfer through Deep Image Analogy. Courtesy of Microsoft Research

………. [ Pdf Paper ]

………. [ Source code on Github ]

Rank 2

Why Momentum Really Works. Courtesy of Gabriel Goh

Rank 3

Deep Neural Network from scratch. Courtesy of Florian Courtial

Rank 4

Big Picture Machine Learning: Classifying Text with Neural Networks and TensorFlow. Courtesy of Déborah Mesquita and freeCodeCamp

Rank 5

Phase-Functioned Neural Networks for Character Control. Courtesy of Daniel Holden, Animation Researcher at Ubisoft Montreal

………. [ Paper on Pdf ]

………. [ Video ]

Rank 6

A novel approach to neural machine translation. Courtesy of Facebook AI Research

………. [ Sequence-to-Sequence Toolkit, 2,028 stars on Github ]

………. [ Pdf Paper: Convolutional Sequence to Sequence Learning ]

Rank 7

Learning Deep Learning with Keras. Courtesy of Piotr Migdał

Rank 8

Make your own music with WaveNets: Making a Neural Synthesizer Instrument. Courtesy of Jesse Engel, Researcher at Google Brain

Rank 9

Can you improve lung cancer detection? 2nd place solution for the Data Science Bowl 2017. Courtesy of Julian de Wit

……….. [ Official Competition on Kaggle ]

Rank 10

OpenAI Baselines: DQN. Reproduce reinforcement learning algorithms with performance on par with published results.

………. [ Open Source Code, 908 stars on Github ]



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