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Mastering Concurrency Programming with Java 9 - Second Edition

Mastering Concurrency Programming with Java 9 - Second Edition

Spring Security - Third Edition

Spring Security - Third Edition

Mobile Web Weekly 162

How to Build an Android App using Cordova & Vue.js — Rather than learn Android development from scratch, put your JavaScript skills to use with Cordova and Vue.js to build a basic ‘to do’ app.

Leveraging the Web Perf Metrics That Affect User Experience

A 40-min talk looking at the metrics and platform APIs that enable user-centric performance measurement and how developers can use this data to improve end-user experiences.

The Browser Hacker's Guide To Instantly Loading Everything — A snappy 25-min talk on modern techniques to improving page loading performance from the front-end perspective, particularly from a mobile POV.

Estimating CPU Per Query With Weighted Linear Regression — It's sometimes impossible to answer what's consuming resources like CPU, IO, & memory in a complex software such as a database. This ebook explains how a specialization of ordinary linear regression answers seemingly unsolvable database questions.

'Please Make Google AMP Optional' — Discontent around Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project doesn’t appear to be fading away.

How to Build a Mobile Product Catalog App Using Angular, Ionic and Cosmic JS

Create a Sliding Item Animation with a Directive in Ionic 2 / 3 — How to create a sliding item animation in Ionic 2+.

Aspect Ratio Boxes — CSS tips for making aspect-ratio friendly boxes.

The Xamarin Forms Approach to Cross Platform Mobile Apps — Xamarin.Forms provides a Microsoft-flavored approach to writing UI code once and running it everywhere.

Testing PhoneGap Apps — A slide presentation from PhoneGap Day EU on testing your PhoneGap apps.

A New Vue for NativeScript — Learn about the new Vue.js integration with NativeScript

Using CodePush with NativeScript — Sebastian Witalec demonstrates how a NativeScript mobile app can utilize CodePush to allow for automatic updates outside of the app store update process.

dutier: A Small (1KB) Centralized State Management Solution for JS Apps — A simple functional component state management solution inspired by Redux.

react-native-webview-messaging: React Native WebView Wrapper with Messaging API

A Decade of Decadence, Apple iPhone and My Mobile Web Memoir — Once Yahoo’s sole mobile web developer, Tomomi Imura briefly reflects on how she’s seen things advance.


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