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CompTIA Security+: SY0-601 vodič za sertifikaciju

CompTIA Security+: SY0-601 vodič za sertifikaciju

Popust cena: 2200 rsd

Zaštita od zlonamernih programa (Malware analysis)

Zaštita od zlonamernih programa (Malware analysis)

Popust cena: 2100 rsd

Hacker Noon is a place where people actually read, 30 MOST READ Tech Stories of Q1, 2019

30 MOST READ Tech Stories of Q1, 2019

Since you opened this email, you already know that Hacker Noon is a place where people actually read.

When considering features for Hacker Noon 2.0 (coming soon…), it is very exciting to imagine how software can drive our goals. What’s our critical number when it comes to deciding story quality?

Before we dive into this quarter’s top stories…Shoutout to our investors of the week! Cheers to those who make it possible for us to build a better tech site:

  • Paul Otto, the world’s best poker coach, is making crypto investable at F5Crypto.
  • C++ engineer during the day, Thomas Guieu has a growing investing experience in multiple sectors.
  • Avinash Reddy Desireddy is a Tech Enthusiast with innovative ideas, who is tuning his career to become a VC.
  • Greg Hausheer is the Founder of software development and design firm Lightmatter.

How many minutes, hours, days, or even months have people spent actually reading each story? This is a measure of quality. Quality stories deserve more curation and distribution. Time reading is information we want to publicly provide, for the benefit of both our writers and readers.

Four Startup Engineering Killers by Nemil Dalal 

Startup engineering is different from any other type of software engineering. It demands short- and medium-term productivity, relative to the “right way” of building systems. It values people who are able to iterate quickly and are comfortable with hacky code. It rewards pragmatism in technology choices versus picking the most hyped — or most stable — technology.

The Product Owner — Scrum’s great Success and Failure by Sunil Jolly 
You don’t have to have a “Product Owner” to be Agile. There’s a complaint about Agile development which is: “Scrum is so well known and so widely used, that people often mistake Scrum for Agile development.” It’s a fair criticism. The prime example of this is the “Product Owner” role.

Top Software Development Trends in 2019 by Ryan Roy
The growth of every industry majorly depends on the innovations introduced in that field. No static industry can see such remarkable results and this is the hard work of full-stack developers that we can view some awesome changing trends in this industry.

The reports of bitcoin environmental damage are garbage by Robert Sharratt 
I write this article because I’m sick of being confronted by people, even others in crypto, about crypto allegedly being an environmental disaster. It isn’t. That is an egregious lie.


A hacker intercepted your Wi-Fi traffic and stole your contacts, passwords, and financial data. Here’s how. by Patrick F. Wilbur 
Whats the recipe for a public Wi-Fi network? 1. Use absolutely no encryption at all, or 2. Use a pre-shared key and tell everyone (no different than #1). Public Wi-Fi is intentionally insecure and susceptible to several modes of attack.

Operating System for Penetration Testing in a Nutshell; Kali Linux vs Parrot Security OS by PALAKOLLU SRI MANIKANTA 
An overview of the two most popular operating systems used by most of the security professionals.


Gaming the lottery: How one winner used math to overcome the odds by Bryn Solomon 
Each week for the last 6 years (2012–2018), I was playing the lottery to win. Not just hoping to win — playing with a ‘positive expected value’ (a mathematical expectation to win rather than lose, on average, over time). In June 2018 this particular window of opportunity closed, so I’ve decided to share more about the winning model and reveal some closely guarded secrets from the clandestine world of professional gambling.


How I learned 15 programming languages, and why your kids will too by Crypterium
A simple tale of a programmer yet a good intro read to the world of tech for regular readers. The story shows the importance of believing in your dreams and significance of strong family relations.

Major Programming Trends to Prepare for in 2019 by Constantin 
Some of the major programming trends to prepare for to help you stay at the top of your game in 2019 — as well as a look back at the key programming themes of 2018.

3 Programming Languages to Learn in 2019 by Tim Han
If you are new to the coding world, I recommend these languages.

Programming in Rust: the good, the bad, the ugly. By Brenden Matthews
This post is about my experience learning Rust by solving every CtCI problem live on Twitch, an unfinished project.

Best Coding Languages to Learn in 2019 by Rafi Zikavashvili 
From a developer’s perspective, a programming language is a tool and choosing the right one will influence one’s career, economic prospects, and future happiness.


Top Python Web Development Frameworks to Learn in 2019 by PALAKOLLU SRI MANIKANTA
A quick overview of trending frameworks in python and what you should need to learn if you want to start your career in web development using python.

R vs Python: What’s The Difference? by Muammer Hüseyinoğlu 
The challenge under ten categories.

Are your Python programs running slow? Here’s how you can make them 7x faster by Rishabh Agrawal
We all know that Python is much slower than statically-typed programming languages like C, C++, Java and some dynamic languages too like JavaScript and PHP. Let’s look at the reasons why Python is much slower compared to these languages and what can we do to increase its execution speed.


Surviving Crypto Winter — Part Three: Why Privacy Coins Will Rule the Next Bull Run by Daniel Jeffries 
Welcome to part three of the Surviving Crypto Winter series. This time, I profile the an entire category of projects: privacy coins.

3 Moments in History that Explain the ICO Bubble by Haseeb Qureshi
When the bubble finally popped last year, the “market cap” of all crypto fell over $700B, an 85% drop from its peak in January — steeper than the dotcom bubble’s 78% crash. The media gawked at this collapse, and as usual, proclaimed this was the nail in the coffin for cryptocurrencies.

As Cardano Gears up for Shelley, here’s Three Things You Need to Know by Elliot Hill 
As the end of Q1 2019 approaches, Shelley’s progress marches on relentlessly. But for the uninitiated, navigating the shift into a new phase of Cardano’s development may appear overwhelming. Here are three key areas you’ll need to know about Shelley, ahead of its release.


Quantum Entanglement & Simulated Reality by Rob Adamson 
Einstein and Bohr had a great debate at The Solvay Conference in Belgium in 1927. Here was a gathering of some of the most intelligent people on Earth.


How It Feels to Learn Data Science in 2019 by Thomas Nield 
Seeing the (Random) Forest Through the (Decision) Trees.


Is a Shared Database in Microservices Actually an Anti-pattern? By Roman Krivtsov 
If you look at books, blog posts and tweets about microservices architecture (there are already millions of them), you’ll see that everyone declares nearly the same idea — microservices must be independent. That completely makes sense. In words. In reality? Not so much.


Thinking of Self-Studying Machine Learning? Remind yourself of these 6 things by Daniel Bourke 
I’m a self-taught Machine Learning Engineer; here’s what I’d tell myself if I started again.


How my Friend Got an Internship at Tesla After Only 8 Months of Coding by Michaël Trazzi 
“Hey, you’re Elon’s best friend now, huh?” I asked my friend, who has been interning at Tesla for the past 3 months. “You have no idea. For a few hours, my desk was like five meters from Elon’s.” “No fucking way” I shouted. “It’s true. The first day they were like ‘here is your desk’. I literally freaked out. I think Elon could have read my code if he wanted.”


Not All Marketplaces are Created Equal: Tales of a Marketplace Founder by Dave Lu 
One thing I’ve clearly learned over the years building marketplaces like eBay, Luxe and Pared is that not all marketplaces are created equal. Marketplaces have evolved over time.


Zoho Mafia: 22 Companies Founded by Former Zoho Employees by Naveen DA 
This could be the first time you are coming across the term Zoho Mafia, but it’s an entity that creates more than 6,000 jobs in Chennai alone and earns more than $500 million in revenue.


Product Management skills NO ONE talks about ;) by Taruna Manchanda 
Let me tell you a secret that the product management industry is hiding from you, or maybe not saying it out loud — we don’t care ‘too’ much about the hard skills. And what hard skills? Writing a PRD? Doing user interviews? Understanding UX? Knowing business and tech?


The worst career advice I ever received by Nick Caldwell
Chaos isn’t a ladder to climb. It’s unwise to manage your career through the randomness of the universe, decisions made by other people, and org chart Brownian motion. Even when your manager, company, and peers have your best wishes in mind, you still must manage your own career with intent.

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