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Learning PHP 7 High Performance

Learning PHP 7 High Performance

CakePHP 2 Application Cookbook

CakePHP 2 Application Cookbook

Node.js weeky 162

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6 of the Most Exciting ES6 Features in Node v6 LTS

With an updated version of V8 under the hood, there’s now major support for something near and dear to many JavaScript developers’ hearts: ES6.

Using Buffers to Share Data Between Node.js and C++


Learn how to share data between Node and C++ using Buffers - in order to work with the same data in both languages, in a performant way.

Advances in Core-Dump Debugging for Node

The LLNODE project has moved under the Node.js organization. It provides a plugin to the LLDB debugger so JavaScript stacks and heap objects can be analyzed from a core dump.

New Course: React Native (feat. Redux) ...Build Mobile Apps in JS

Use the same skills you use on the web to build cross-platform, native applications in JavaScript!

The Mysterious Fiber Bomb: A V8 Debugging Story

A look at how a team investigated an odd performance issue with one of their Node apps that was pegging the CPU at 100% usage but remaining responsive to requests.

Token-Based Authentication with Node

A detailed tutorial looking at a test-first approach to token-based authentication in a Node app, using JSON Web Tokens and Postgres.

Node.js At Scale: Understanding The Event Loop

A thorough, practical look at how Node’s event loop works, how you can leverage it to build fast apps, and how to solve common problems.

The History of Node.js on a Timeline

A quick link driven history of Node.js from 2009 until the present day.

In brief

Node Weekly is curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooperpress.


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