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Android weekly 215




ARTICLES & TUTORIALS How not to become a public enemy - Part 1 (blog. karumi. com) Here are some important tips to consider when creating an open source library. How to Load Heavy Libraries on Splash Screen (szagurskii. com) In this post Savelii Zagurskii showcases a solution for the situation where a developer has an external library which is very slow to load and initialize. Connecting your App to a Wi-Fi Device (android-developers. blogspot. com) Whether you’re building an app for a remote viewfinder, to set up a connected light bulb, or to control a quadcopter, if it’s Wi-Fi based you will need to connect to a hotspot that may not have Internet connectivity. Hello, Ticker (medium. com) The team at Robinhood open sourced their gorgeous ticker text control. Diving into Doze Mode for Developers (www. bignerdranch. com) This post covers Doze Mode in more detail, the changes that are coming with Android Nougat and what you can do to correctly adapt to Doze Mode. MVVM + RxJava: Common Mistakes (upday. github. io) MVVM + RxJava is a great formula for an app architecture making it scalable and maintainable. Here are a few lessons learned along the way. Is your app Aware? (medium. com) Roberto Orgiu examins the new Awareness API, which combines 7 different feeds managing both the battery drain and the used memory. The evolution of the repository pattern (hannesdorfmann. com) In this blog post Hannes Dorfmann gives you a brief history of the Repository Pattern and discusses why it could lead to over abstraction and over engineering. Getting the most out of Crashlytics (medium. com) With these three tips, we can obtain a greater ROI from our crash reporting implementation and gain more insights into the application. RxJava SyncOnSubscribe (www. littlerobots. nl) There's a trick to create() an observable that supports backpressure in a proper way. It turns out that there’s a helper class called SyncOnSubscribe that does this. But how do you use it? A deep dive into Android View constructors (blog. danlew. net) Dan Lew often sees confusion around Android View constructors. In this article he tries to answer all your questions. Dagger 2 on production — reducing methods count (medium. com) There are several articles that show how to start working with DI. Here Mirek Stanek shares his more advanced experiences with Dagger 2 after almost two years of having this in a production app. Building a Reactive Mindset (upday. github. io) Here’s another way of explaining reactive programming: this time with Donald Duck and his nephews. ConstraintLayout – Part 8 (blog. stylingandroid. com) Should we actually be using ConstraintLayout in “real” projects yet? The short answer is “No”, but firmness of that “No” is diminishing with each release. Backpressure (stackoverflow. com) David Karnok documents the meaning of backpressure in Reactive extensions. LIBRARIES & CODE Ticker (github. com) An Android text view with scrolling text change animation Ferro (github. com) Simple and powerful MVP library for Android NEWS Improvements for smaller app downloads on Google Play (android-developers. blogspot. com) Google Play is investing in improvements to reduce the data that needs to be transferred for app installs and updates, while making data cost more transparent to users. Final Developer Preview before Android 7. 0 Nougat (android-developers. blogspot. com) Google has released Developer Preview 5, the last milestone of this preview series.

Android weekly 219




Articles, tutorials, design, jobs, libreries, code, videos, podcast ARTICLES & TUTORIALS     Android: Bottom sheet (medium. com) Emrullah Lüleci demonstrates how easy it is to add the new Material style bottom sheets to your apps.   DI 101 — Part 1 (medium. com) Roberto Orgiu introduces the dependency injection pattern and how to implement it using Dagger.   Android Security: Welcome To Shell (Permissions) (doridori. github. io) Does a shell started from an application have the same permissions as a shell started via adb? Dorian Cussen answers the question!     Lessons from converting an app to 100% Kotlin (medium. com) Here are some big wins for switching to Kotlin from Java + well known libraries.   Rewriting Android Priority JobQueue – Lessons Learned (www. birbit. com) Earlier this year Yigit Boyar decided to rewrite the internals of the Android Priority JobQueue, which is a task queue he wrote at Path to provide a decent offline experience in the app.   Trello Android Schema Upgrades (tech. trello. com) Dan Lew shares a technique for SQLite schema updates in the Trello app.   Animating the text↔dots transition on password field (twitter. com) New password visibility toggle on TextInputLayout is great, but Nick Butcher decided both the button and the text transition should be animated!   Introducing Android code style guidelines at Buffer (overflow. buffer. com) Joe Birch shares the new code style for the Android App at Buffer.   Building UserScope with Dagger 2 (frogermcs. github. io) Miroslaw Stanek goes through all scenarios to try and implement production ready UserScope in Dagger.   Using Java 8 Lambda expressions in Android (mayojava. github. io) Lambda Expressions are one of the most important features added to Java 8. Here's Mayowa Adegeye's take on how they're enabled for Android development.   Developing for Android Wear — A Noob’s perspective (medium. com) Moyinoluwa Adeyemi shares a beginner's introduction to writing apps for Android Wear.   Remote config with Firebase (segunfamisa. com) Segun Famisa shows how to implement Firebase's Remote config, which allows you to update your app without necessarily deploying a new version.   SPONSORED     Don't Get Frustrated - Get Hired (www. hired. com) Sick of pushy recruiters, and dead end interviews? Try Hired to hear from over 4,000 companies, and get personalized career support so you only talk to relevant companies.   DESIGN   Updates in Material design guidelines (material. google. com) The August 2016 release of the material design spec includes several new sections, and a couple updated ones.   JOBS   Android Engineer (San Francisco, CA) Yelp connects consumers with great local businesses. We’re looking for Android developers who love creating delightful, compelling experiences for millions of people and thrive in taking ownership of the product they work on. We're building new products and investing in our Android infrastructure.   Build the best banking app in the world at Mondo (London, UK) We want to make banking feel magical for millions of Android users - with NFC, Android Pay, Widgets, Intents and more. You'll build a product that you and everyone you know will use literally every day. Join our small, friendly, ambitious team - we can help you relocate to MondoHQ in London.   Senior Android Engineer at Capital One UK (Nottingham) Come and help us Reimagine Money & Inspire Life. Still founder led with a belief that great engineering, technology and information will transform our industry, we are one of the UK's top credit card providers supporting millions of customers.   Senior Android Engineer - Help us build an SDK (Distributed Team) We at PSPDFKit care about great software. Our framework ships in many of the top-ranked apps on Google Play and we are also building our own app at pspdfkit. com/viewer. Do you know your way around Android, Java, Kotlin, JNI? Come join us in pushing the boundaries of what Android devices can do!   LIBRARIES & CODE   Auto-value-firebase (github. com) AutoValue extension for creating Firebase Database objects   Icicle (github. com) An annotation based tool for saving and restoring instance states   ReadMoreTextView (github. com) A Custom TextView with trim text   Android-priority-jobqueue (github. com) A Job Queue specifically written for Android to easily schedule jobs (tasks) that run in the background, improving UX and application stability.   NEWS   Support Library Revision History (developer. android. com) Lots of updates in Android Support Library 24. 2. 0, including the v4 Support Library split into several smaller modules.   VIDEOS & PODCASTS     Innovating on material design (www. youtube. com) In this video we take a look at what the material design principles are, and some example apps that innovate on those principles to create great experiences.   Junit4 tricks with Parameterized Enclosing tests (fragmentedpodcast. com) In this mini fragment Kaushik talks about some cool Junit 4 tricks using Parameterize, Enclosing test runners.   Espresso Idling Resource - An Introduction (caster. io) To understand how Espresso idling resources work, Chiu-Ki Chan will step through the basic Espresso idle loop and show how to enhance that with a custom idling resource.   Android Dialogs: Florina Muntenescu (www. youtube. com) While in Berlin for Droidcon Berlin, Huyen has a chat with Florina Muntenescu, Android developer of upday, to learn about the MVVM architecture   Android Dialogs: Jeroen Mols (www. youtube. com) While in Berlin for Droidcon, Huyen catches up with Jeroen Mols, Android developer for Philips, and ask him all about connected devices.   SPECIALS   How I Got to be an Android Dev And What I Learned From It(www. zdominguez. com) Zarah Dominguez shares her experience of becoming an Android developer.

Android weekly 234




ARTICLES & TUTORIALS Guide to ConstraintLayout (medium. com) This post guides you on how to use ConstraintLayout in comparison to RelativeLayout or LinearLayout, what you should look for and what are the new awesome features, with plenty of examples. React Native Express (www. reactnativeexpress. com) A step-by-step introduction to the cross-platform React Native framework that goes deeper than the React Native documentation and provides live examples. Managing Android Virtual Devices during test session (medium. com) Kamil Krzyk presents a solution for handling AVDs during our Android test sessions at Azimo using fastlane. You don’t have to use WeakReference to avoid memory leaks (medium. com) In this post by Said Tahsin Dane you'll learn why you can live without WeakReferences and still avoid memory leaks. Effective Java for Android (medium. com) Here's a cheat-sheet that gives an overview and applies the tenets of the Effective Java book to Android development. Scheduling tasks in Android made easy (blog. hypertrack. io) In this blog post by the Hypertrack team you'll learn about the options when scheduling a task in Android. You'll learn about AlarmManager, Handler and JobScheduler and that all of them have a separate interface. Eventually they'll introduce a library named Smart-Scheduler that makes scheduling a task very easy. How to create beautiful text stickers for Android (medium. com) While messengers and bots are on the rise sticker graphics will get more and more important. And everyone love stickers! In this post you'll learn how to put some text on some graphics. Elite Worship (blog. sqisland. com) Chiu-Ki Chan shares steps we can take to make the Android developer community more equitable. Product Flavors for Android Libraries (medium. com) Product flavors is a powerful feature of the gradle plugin in Android Studio and is used mostly when building apps. In this post Sahil Dave shows how to add product flavors to libraries as well. Keyframes: Delivering scalable, high-quality animations (code. facebook. com) Facebook shares Keyframes, a library that is able to export and play back After Effects animations while addressing the a set of constraints specific to mobile devices. SQLDelight: Getting Started (medium. com) Tony Owen wanted to try out SQLDelight, a library (and IntelliJ plugin) that generates Java models based off of SQL statements. It took a bit to understand the concepts, so here’s his getting started guide. Your ViewHolders are Dumb. Make ’em Not Dumb (medium. com) Jon F. Hancock proposes that we write smarter ViewHolders. He starts with a dumb ViewHolder and an Adapter that has too much work to do, then refactors it step by step. An Introduction to Icon Animation Techniques (www. androiddesignpatterns. com) Alex Lockwood's blog post covers several different techniques that you can use to create beautiful icon animations. The best way to learn is by example, so as you read through the post you’ll encounter interactive demos highlighting how each technique works. OkLog 2. 0 — improved Android network logging (medium. com) OkLog 2. 0 is now able to show all of the network request and response data that is printed to logcat by OkHttp’s own Logging Interceptor, which OkLog is inspired and based on. How to Build an Android App for Fire TV (Part 4) (medium. com) Mario Viviani takes a closer look into the Presenter class to define the look and feel of the Leanback-enabled app without editing the underlying data structure. LIBRARIES & CODE PageFlip (github. com) 3D Style Page Flip on Android. Could have some more unit tests but everything including the example looks ok. Smart-Scheduler (github. com) A utility library for scheduling periodic and non-periodic jobs efficiently. Be sure to check the introductory blog post. PageLoader (github. com) In many applications you'll have to load data and this little helper view enables you to quickly develop a loading screen. There are already plenty of solutions out there and this particular library could have more unit tests - but since open source is hard we say: nice work by Arie Ridwansyah. fastlane-plugin-automated-test-emulator-run (github. com) fastlane plugin dedicated for Android platform. Wraps gradle task/shell command used for launching instrumented tests. Provides start of single AVD before test run, waits for boot, kills emulator and deletes from hdd after tests are finished or disturbed. Keyframes (github. com) A library for converting Adobe AE shape based animations to a data format and playing it back on Android and iOS devices. VIDEOS & PODCASTS Ben Oberkfell: Fingerprint Authentication (www. youtube. com) While in NYC for Droidcon NYC, Huyen learns about the fingerprint authentication API from AMEX Android engineer and GDG St. Louis organizer, Ben Oberkfell. Exploring RxJava 2 for Android (realm. io) Jake’s talk from GOTO Copenhagen 2016 will explore the what and why of RxJava 2’s changes. You’ll learn how both libraries and applications can migrate to supporting RxJava 2, and how to interop between the two versions. TheContext Podcast (github. com) Artem & Hannes talk with Felipe Lima about React Native, a cross platform solution to build native mobile apps using JavaScript and React, and how React Native is used at Airbnb.                                            

Android Weekly 241




ARTICLES & TUTORIALS Case Study. Master/Detail Pattern Revisited (goneremote. io) In this article, Lucas Urbas showcases a classic design pattern – Master/Detail. He goes from Material design mockups to the actual code needed. Layouts & Resources - Android Tutorials pt. 4 (medium. com) Rafael Toledo continues his introductory series, This post is about the res folder, found in path app/src/main/res. Tracking app update sizes (medium. com) Android Developer Advocate Wojtek Kaliciński shares some tips & tricks to keeping track of your APK file size. Continuous Integration with Android (medium. com) Continuous integration with CircleCI and UI testing with Firebase. Writing your first Android Things driver (www. novoda. com) Xavi Rigau takes a look at what it takes to write a new peripherals driver for Android Things. Reactive Apps with Model-View-Intent - Part 2 (hannesdorfmann. com) In this blog post Hannes Dorfmann continues the journey towards “Reactive Apps” by introducing the Model-View-Intent pattern to build Reactive Apps. Simple Things – Part 3 (blog. stylingandroid. com) Mark Allison turns attention towards creating the weather station app by looking at how to display the temperature using the Four 14-segment alphanumeric displays on the Rainbow HAT. How modularization affects build time of an Android application (medium. com) Before making a decision to split code base by feature, or by layer to possibly improve build times, Nikita Kozlov decided to experiment and collect some data and share the results. Exploiting Android Seams for Testing and Flexibility (www. philosophicalhacker. com) In this post, the Philosophical Hacker highlights some Android-specific code seams that we can leverage to make our applications more testable and flexible. LIBRARIES & CODE Reptar (github. com) A collection of useful RxJava 2. X classes Toasty (github. com) The usual toast, but with added capabilities Google-Actions-Java-SDK (github. com) Unofficial Google Actions Java SDK - for Android engineers and all Java lovers NEWS Welcoming Fabric to Google (firebase. googleblog. com) Fabric is moving to Google, into the Firebase product. TOOLS AndroidWiFiADB (github. com) ntelliJ/AndroidStudio plugin which provides a button to connect your Android device over WiFi to install, run and debug your applications without a USB connected. AndroidAssetStudio (github. com) Roman Nurik has released a major update to his Android Asset Studio tool. Refactoring Across Multiple Code Repositories with Gradle and IntelliJ IDEA (engineering. linkedin. com) This post is about working with code that lives in many separate code repositories, while still being productive and efficient in the process!

Android weekly 250, Android O




O-h yeah! What we look forward to in Android O (www. novoda. com) The team at Novoda poured over the Android O documentation to find out what new feature tickles their fancies the most. JUnit 5: Dynamic Tests (blog. stylingandroid. com) Mark Allison continues his series on JUnit 5, showing how to further simplify things and reduce boilerplate. Flying Solo with Android Development (hackernoon. com) Are you a solo dev? Here are some tips on how to avoid isolation and stay connected with community. Ok Google, Charge $2 for Coffee (medium. com) This post shows how to use Google Home to activate the Square Contactless Reader and take a real Apple Pay transaction backed by a Square Cash virtual card. Introduction to SpringAnimation with examples(www. thedroidsonroids. com) Dynamic-animation is a new module introduced in revision 25. 3. 0 of the Android Support Library. It provides a small set of classes for making realistic physics-based view animations. Rewriting Uber Engineering’s Rider App with Deep Scope Hierarchies(eng. uber. com) Uber rewrote their rider apps and subdivided the app into a deep hierarchy of dependency injection scopes to allow more features to be written without knowledge of one another. Reducing networking footprint with OkHttp, Etags & If-Modified-Since(android. jlelse. eu) You have many options to reduce networking usage of your Android app. Low-hanging fruit is the use of If-Modified-Since or Etags headers. It’s already included in OkHttp3, you will just have to enable it. It’s time to kiss goodbye to your implicit BroadcastReceivers (medium. com) If you want to target Android O and its shiny new features AND you have registered implicit BroadcastReceivers in your AndroidManifest, read this article. Random Musings on the O Developer Preview 1 (commonsware. com) Each time Google releases a new developer preview, Mark Murphy rummages through the API differences report and the high-level overviews, to see if there are things that warrant more attention from developers. Writing Concise Code with Kotlin and RxJava (pspdfkit. com) Ribeira dos Caldeirões shows how using RxJava with Kotlin can be far more concise and readable than with Java. SPONSORED     Nevercode - Continuous Integration for Mobile Pros (nevercode. io) Save time and build Android apps with just a few clicks. Automate UI, Unit & Instrumentation tests for every commit and distribute to Slack, HockeyApp, TestFairy or Google Play. Trusted by Sainsbury's, Toyota and Pearson. Get started for free.     Deliver in-app customer service with Zendesk (www. zendesk. com) Special offer for Android Weekly readers: save $177 with coupon "DEV238". With Zendesk's Mobile SDK, you can join Rovio Games and Swiftkey in bringing rich, native, in-app support to your app quickly and easily. Try it out today.                  

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ARTICLES AND TURORIALS Android O: Fonts – Part 1 (blog. stylingandroid. com) Mark Allison shows how easy Android O makes using custom fonts in your apps. There's also a chance for a backport in the support libraries. Testing Views in Isolation with Espresso on Android (www. novoda. com) Ataul Munim shows how and why you should use Espresso to test your custom Views on an Android device. Test Driving away Coupling in Activities (www. philosophicalhacker. com) The Philosophical Hacker shows how our tests can tell us that code within Activitys have tight coupling and how test driving the functionality leads to a design that has looser coupling. Squeezing Performance from SQLite (medium. com) In this post by Jason Feinstein you'll learn how to optimise performance for sqlite insertions. Share the Cache (emuneee. com) In this post you'll learn how to share files from a cache like Glide with other apps using the FileProvider API. What I Learned at This Week's Tech Conference (www. linkedin. com) After attending Droidcon Boston, Brandi Shailer realized that whatever your challenge, the answer is… it’s all about community. Physics-based Animation (developer. android. com) Google's Android developer documentation now includes a guide for using the new physics-based animation system. How Developers Stop Learning: Rise of the Expert Beginner (www. daedtech. com) First in a two part series, this post sets the stage by describing how individual developers opt into permanent mediocrity and reap rewards for doing so. Android O and the Implicit Broadcast Ban (commonsware. com) One of the more controversial changes in Android O — for apps with a sufficiently-high targetSdkVersion — is the effective ban on implicit broadcasts. Mark Murphy takes a deeper dive into what this means and why we are here. DroidCon Boston 2017 Recap (adavis. info) This was the first year for the DroidCon Boston Conference.  Annyce Davis shares a few highlights of the event. Creating Accessible Android Products at LinkedIn (engineering. linkedin. com) This post from Renato Iwashima provides an overview of how he began the journey to improve accessibility in LinkedIn’s Android apps A nice combination of RxJava and DiffUtil (android. jlelse. eu) Erik Hellman shares how to use RxJava to execute DiffUtil calculations on a background thread. Mockito 2. x over PowerMock Migration Tips and Tricks (www. linkedin. com) Hazem Saleh shares some tips & tricks to move your Mockito 1. x tests to the newer 2. x release. Shared Element Transition with RecyclerView and Scenes - Part 4(www. thedroidsonroids. com) In this blogpost you'll learn how to show details layout with shared element transitions using the scene framework. SPONSORED   Build Mobile Apps with NativeScript & Angular (www. telerik. com) Building native Android and iOS mobile apps has never been easier with NativeScript and Angular. Create fast and attractive cross-platform apps using a single code set composed of web technologies such as JavaScript and CSS on an Angular base. Sign up for a free video course until April 30, 2017.     Deliver in-app customer service with Zendesk (www. zendesk. com) Special offer for Android Weekly readers: save $177 with coupon "DEV238". With Zendesk's Mobile SDK, you can join Rovio Games and Swiftkey in bringing rich, native, in-app support to your app quickly and easily. Try it out today.     Nevercode - Continuous Integration for Android Pros(nevercode. io) Cloud-based CI/CD platform for small teams and enterprises that value comprehensive options to build, test and deploy mobile apps. Specify test targets, parameters and devices for every instrumentation test and deploy straight to Google Play. Trusted by Toyota & Sainsbury's. Get started for free.   TOOLS Anbox - Android in a Box (anbox. io) Anbox puts the Android operating system into a container, abstracts hardware access and integrates core system services into a GNU/Linux system. Every Android application will behave integrated into your operating system like any other native application Shape Shifter v0. 2. 0 is now live! (plus. google. com) Alex Lockwood has released Shape Shifter v0. 2. 0, a HUGE update with a TON of new features. The most significant improvement is that it is now possible to morph paths with different amounts of subpaths.        

Android weekly 261, Adaptive Icons and more




Adaptive Icons and more (blog. stylingandroid. com) Here are some details from Mark Allison on working with the new Adaptive Icons coming in Android O. Gang of Four Patterns in Kotlin (dev. to) In this tutorial by Lovis Möller you'll learn about several classic Gang of Four patterns and how they can be implemented in Kotlin. Some of them are similiar to a repository by Dariusz Baciński we've published a few month ago but if you haven't seen it check out the article you might get some more context about the pattern and what makes Kotlin special. From Westinghouse to Android Instant apps (tech. buzzfeed. com) Steve Peterson describes how the BuzzFeed app was one of the early adopter of Instant Apps. Musings on Kotlin Ranges (blog. danlew. net) Here are a few interesting aspects of Kotlin ranges, some of which Dan Lew found to be less-than-intuitive. Introducing Graywater for Android (engineering. tumblr. com) Tumblr Engineering introduces Graywater, a framework for decomposing complex items in a RecyclerView list in order to improve scroll performance, reduce memory usage, and lay a foundation for a more composition-oriented approach to building lists. Making the Domain Android App Instant (tech. domain. com. au) Zarah Dominguez's short intro to making the Domain app an Instant App. ItemDecoration - Avoid adding dividers to the view layout (medium. com) In this three part series by Riyaz Ahamed you'll learn how ho to properly add dividers to a ListView while maintaining a great performance. Functional Programming for Android Developers — Part 3 (medium. com) In the last post, we learned about immutability and concurrency. In this one, Anup Cowkur looks at Higher Order Functions and Closures. Random Musings on the O Developer Preview 3 (commonsware. com) Here are Mark Murphy's notes on O Developer Preview 3 (ODP3). How to speed up your slow Gradle builds (android. jlelse. eu) Josh Burton compiled the tips from the Google I/O 2017 session into a handy list for easy reference. Common Design Patterns for Android (www. raywenderlich. com) Instead of leaving tons of confusing comments in your code, a much better approach is to adopt common design patterns. This article will introduce a few common design patterns for Android that you can use while developing apps. Predicting your app’s monetization future (medium. com) Ignacio Monereo explores lifetime value (LTV), introducing predictive analytics, suggesting a simple formula for calculating LTV, and explaining how you can get a value you can use for planning. Reactive selfies with Camera2 API on Android - Part 1 (techblog. badoo. com) In this two part tutorial Arkady Gamza will tell you how to use RxJava with the Camera2 API to get selfies from the camera. Build a smart doorbell with Twilio and Android Things (www. twilio. com) Great tutorial by the Twilio dev team on how to build a smart doorbell using Android Things and leveraging a little Node. js/Express server and their service. Re-animation (medium. com) Nick Butcher updated his article on path morphing since Version 25. 4 of the Android Support Library back-ported it all the way back to Ice Cream Sandwich.                    

Android weekly 270




SOLID Android analytics with RxJava2 (medium. com) In this article Aris Papadopoulos will explain how to properly create an Analytics system while following the SOLID principles and using RxJava2 for the heavy lifting. Time for non-Time Lords – Part 1 (blog. stylingandroid. com) Programming time in Java is hard to get right. Mark Allison begins a new series on making things just a bit easier and more likely to be correct. Android Things – LEDs, GPIO on the Rainbow Hat (blog. blundellapps. co. uk) This post will show you how to use the LEDs of the Rainbow hat peripheral by using the GPIO protocol which can come in handy for numerous other sensors and peripherals. Kotlin From Scratch: Variables, Basic Types, and Arrays (code. tutsplus. com) In this first tutorial in the Kotlin From Scratch series, you'll learn about the language basics: comments, variables, simple types, arrays, and type inference.   Exploring Nearby Connections 2. 0 (medium. com) The new API for Nearby Connections greatly improves upon the the first version by having offline support, higher-bandwidth operations and lower latency. Caren Chang shares some examples of how to use this new API. Buddybuild - a mobile-focused CI & CD that "just works"(www. buddybuild. com) Buddybuild is a CI, CD and user feedback platform built specifically for iOS and Android developers. Thousands of companies, like Slack, Meetup and Mozilla trust buddybuild with their mobile development because it allows them to focus on what's important - building apps users love. Sign up today 30+ Bite-Sized Pro Tips to Become a Better Android Developer (blog. aritraroy. in) On your quest of becoming a better Android developer, here are some bite-sized pro tips from my experience to aid you in the journey. Android Dagger, Butterknife and MVP (proandroiddev. com) Part 2/3 on how to make Dagger, ButterKnife, and Model-View-Presenter (MVP) work together in harmony by Vandolf Estrellado. How to make complex requests simple with RxJava in Kotlin (blog. mindorks. com) Intersting post by Tamás Kozmér how to make complex API requests simple using RxJava and Kotlin. You will learn how to create a model constructed from multiple requests. Two-Way Data Binding on Android: Observing Your View with XML (www. bignerdranch. com) Great article by the guys over at Big Nerd Ranch about leveraging BindingAdapters to create a two way data binding with XML. Save your backend from a responsive UI using RxJava (medium. com) In this article by Ricardo Belchior you'll learn how to buffer certain actions (and thus taking off load from your backend) using RxJava. Libraries and code emptyview (github. com) A view that displays states of screen like loading, error, empty etc. droidbot (github. com) A lightweight test input generator for Android. Similar to Monkey, but with more intelligence and cool features! android-clean-architecture-boilerplate (github. com) An android boilerplate project using clean architecture. It is written 100% in Kotlin with both UI and Unit tests. ArcSeekBar (github. com) Do you need a curved seek bar? Then ArcSeekBar by Marcin Moskała will be your friend. NEWS Next-generation Dex Compiler Now in Preview (android-developers. googleblog. com) Google is investing in making improvements in the dex compiler and they've just announced that the next-generation dex compiler, D8, is now available for preview as part of Android Studio 3. 0 Beta release. Android Things Developer Preview 5 (developer. android. com) Google has released Developer Preview 5 of Android Things. One of the biggest changes is that it's now based on Android O. Android Studio 3. 0 Beta 2 is now available (androidstudio. googleblog. com) Android Studio 3. 0 Beta 2 is now available in the Canary and Dev channels. TOOLS App Store Screenshot Generator (www. appstorescreenshot. com) Create Beautiful Screenshots for iOS and Android in Minutes Copyright © 2017 Android Weekly, All rights reserved.                            

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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS The art of staging a rollout (medium. com) A broken experience could scare them away forever, so how do you carefully roll out new features and make sure your app is solid on all devices? Sebastiano Gottardo shares his thoughts on how to do it. Some useful insights on Instant apps (medium. com) Vuong Pham shares some insights on Instant Apps. Using Espresso to Test Opening Links (collectiveidea. com) It would be smart to have a test for wherever your app opens a link to a browser or call, to make sure it continues working and nothing breaks it in the future. Victoria Gonda shows how this is possible with Espresso. Live, Online Kotlin Talk with Big Nerd Ranch(attendee. gotowebinar. com) Join Josh Skeen 12/13 as he provides a forum for you to have a discussion about Kotlin right from the comfort of your computer. Attendees will get a snip it from Josh’s KotlinCon and DroidCon London talks. FREE Event- Seats limited - register today. Learning Kotlin by Mistake (engineering. udacity. com) Nate Ebel shares some tips and tricks that he's learned writing Kotlin code and how he got better over time. Paper Signals: A Voice Experiment (papersignals. withgoogle. com) Paper Signals are build-it-yourself objects that you control with your voice. To get you started, we made some example signals. Try building one of these, or invent your own. Comprehensive Bug Reporting SDK for Mobile Apps(try. instabug. com) Instabug bug reporting SDK allows mobile developers receive detailed bug reports from users and testers In-App directly. Instabug attaches screenshots, screen recordings, device details, and repro-steps, with each bug report to minimize debugging time and avoiding tracing weird bugs. Free Trial! Kotlin Collections Inside. Part 1 (www. runtastic. com) Andrew Khrystian does a deep dive on collection in Kotlin. Multi-Threading Like a Boss in Android With RxJava 2 (blog. gojekengineering. com) In this article, Aritra Roy talks about how he leveraged the true multi-threading capabilities of RxJava making complex app development process simple, easy and fun again. Oreo Notifications: Channels – Part 1 (blog. stylingandroid. com) While there aren’t widespread changes to Notifications as there have been in previous Android versions, there are some significant one, and Mark Allison starts off by looking at Notification Channels. Representing View State with Kotlin Data Classes (medium. com) In this article, Craig Russell describes how to use Kotlin’s data classes to represent the view state of an Android Architectures Component ViewModel. Kotlin on the Backend (medium. com) Kotlin isn’t just for Android. In fact, you can use Kotlin anywhere you’re already using Java, which makes it a great option for server-side development. Tyler Barber writes about how it can be used. LIBRARIES & CODE RoboPOJOGenerator (github. com) IntelliJ IDEA/Android studio plugin: Json to Java and Kotlin POJO (GSON, Logan Square, Jackson, FastJSON, AutoValue, Moshi) avdo (github. com) Vector Drawable & Animated Vector Drawable optimization tool NEWS Android Things Developer Preview 6 (android-developers. googleblog. com) Google has released Developer Preview 6 for #AndroidThings. Support for WebView, TextureView, and OpenGL is now possible across all supported devices. New APIs enable control of local device settings and over-the-air updates. Kotlin 1. 2 Released: Sharing Code between Platforms(blog. jetbrains. com) JetBrains released Kotlin 1. 2. This is a major new release and a big step on their road towards enabling the use of Kotlin across all components of a modern application. VIDEOS & PODCASTS Getting to 100% Kotlin (www. youtube. com) While in NYC for Droidcon NYC, Huyen sits down with Dan Kim, Android developer at Basecamp and huge Kotlin nerd, to chat about… Kotlin: both learning Kotlin and making the way to 100% Kotlin   What's New in the Android 8. 1 Developer Preview (www. youtube. com) Dan Galpin highlights many of the the changes in the Android 8. 1 Developer Preview, now available to developers on supported devices.   Building a layout from Scratch using ConstraintLayout (www. youtube. com) Rebecca builds a layout in Android Studio using the new ConstraintLayout. She also covers some common errors that people make when building their layouts. Covers Barriers, Guidelines and Chains.   Android Developers Backstage: Instant Apps (androidbackstage. blogspot. com) In this episode, Chet and Tor talk with Patrick Baumann from the Instant Apps team. They cover everything from Instant to Apps. A/B Test Like a Pro (www. youtube. com) A series of 4 videos on using Firebase to A/B Test like a Pro.   Conversations with Miguel and Simina (fragmentedpodcast. com) In this episode of Fragmented, Donn makes the pilgrimage to Microsoft Connect 2017, talks to Miguel De Icaza and Simina Pasat.   Advanced Retrofit (academy. realm. io) In this talk from Mobilization Conference, Maciej Puchalski describes advanced concepts, along with a little introduction to the library.   Voice Experiments: Paper Signals (www. youtube. com) Paper Signals is an experiment that explores how physical things can be controlled with voice. You can build one of the examples to track things like weather, Bitcoin, and rocket launches. Or get the code to invent your own Paper Signal.

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Android Accessibility Tutorial: Getting Started(www. raywenderlich. com) With so much of the population experiencing decreased vision, hearing, mobility, and cognitive function, you should do your best to give everyone the best experience in your apps that you can. Victoria Gonda shows you how. The Android Version Ratchet (commonsware. com) Mark Murphy examines how the coming enforced minimum sdk versions on the Play store may cause issues for anyone using the support libraries and supporting old Android versions. Are you interested in building mobile games people want?(medium. com) Google Play apps and games is on Medium. Learn about user experience design principles to help you build Android games that people want and discover how human factors affect gamer behaviour. A month of Android Accessibility (tech. instacart. com) Recently Maksim Golivkin and his team took a month to improve the accessibility of their Android app and serve a wider range of customers. Understanding RecyclerView Part 1: The Basics (android. jlelse. eu) A beginner’s guide to recyclable lists on Android by Nilesh Singh. Android Essentials: Bootcamp by Big Nerd Ranch(www. bignerdranch. com) Network with developers from Fortune 500 companies at our California location. Get help with specific projects. Immerse yourself in this 5-day training. Registration closes Jan 25! Sonarqube code coverage for Kotlin on Android with Bitrise (android. jlelse. eu) If you use Sonarqube for continuous inspection, Peter-John Welcome shows how to set it up to work with Kotlin Android code as well. Mastering Shadows in Android (android. jlelse. eu) Mert Şimşek shares some details on adding shadows to your UI based on Material Design guidelines. gradle scripts for Kotlin lovers (medium. com) It's been announced that Kotlin DSL will be the de facto gradle default, and StefMa took a deeper look at how to use it. He ran into some basic problems that he shares in this post. My favorite examples of functional programming in Kotlin(medium. freecodecamp. org) One of the great things about Kotlin is that it supports functional programming. Marcin Moskala discusses some simple but expressive functions written in Kotlin. Using Android Fragments in 2018 (medium. com) Daniel Novak knows there are dozens of frameworks and approaches that are trying replace Fragments, but he gives some valid reasons to use them in 2018. How Voice UIs change our lives (chatbotsmagazine. com) Mirek Stanek digs into what is so revolutionary in Voice UIs and what the real benefits are of having voice-controlled devices. Enabling ProGuard in an Android Instant App (medium. com) There are techniques for reducing APK size, but there’s one thing that’s absolutely essential for Instant Apps — removing unused code with ProGuard. Wojtek Kaliciński shows you how. Functional Programming for Android Developers — Part 4(medium. freecodecamp. org) In the last post, Anup Cowkur presented higher order functions and closures. In this one, he talks about functional error handling. 6 magic sugars that can make your Kotlin codebase happier — Part 3(medium. com) Piotr Ślesarew introduces code association and how to use the delegation mechanism of the Kotlin language to make it simple and short, and then more about writing your own DSL. Refactoring utility classes with Kotlin : Shared Preferences (medium. com) Krupal Shah shows how Java Shared Prefs utility classes can be rewritten elegantly using Kotlin. This post is intended for anyone including beginners who want to play around Kotlin. VectorDrawable Gradients – Part 2 (blog. stylingandroid. com) We now have gradient support in API24 and later. In this short series of posts, Mark Allison takes a look at how to use them. Libreries and code CrepeCake (github. com) A compile-time AOP engine like AspectJ but easier to use in android application development. Shot (github. com) Shot is a Gradle plugin that simplifies the execution of screenshot tests using Screenshot Tests For Android by Facebook. videochatguru-android (github. com) VideoChatGuru is an open-source solution written entirely in Kotlin, based on a WebRTC implementation. Copyright © 2018 Android Weekly, All rights reserved.  

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Creating Animations With MotionLayout for Android(code. tutsplus. com) The MotionLayout widget allows you to animate its contents declaratively using just XML. In this tutorial, Ashraff Hathibelagal shows you how to add it to your Android Studio projects and create a few different animations with it. When is “when” exhaustive? (medium. com) Ataul Munim discovered something about using 'when' in Kotlin, and a new trick he learned related to it from the open source Plaid project. Android Studio - Taming the interface (jeroenmols. com) Not only can anything in Android Studio be controlled with a keyboard shortcut, it offers many more simple tricks to make you more productive. Jeroen Mols wraps up this series with some additional shortcuts. Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery for you(www. bitrise. io) Bitrise automates build, test and deployment for Fox, InVision, Grindr, PagerDuty and the community of 40K+ developers. Craft powerful workflows with 170+ integrations and run the same config locally with our CLI. Sign up to Bitrise and deploy your Android app in minutes. Find An Android Job Through Vettery (www. vettery. com) Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Interested? Submit your profile, and if accepted onto the platform, you can receive interview requests directly from top companies growing their mobile dev teams. (Online Talk) How Kotlin Interoperates with Java(attendee. gotowebinar. com) Attendees can connect with the author of Kotlin Programming in this online discussion. Free, signed copies of the book will be given away. Limited seats. Learn more & register. Becoming Google Certified Associate Android Developer (medium. com) Here are some tips from Ogunyeiwa Sodiq Opeyemi to becoming a Google Certified Associate Android Developer. Maintainable Architecture – Daily Forecast (blog. stylingandroid. com) Mark Allison continues building a maintainable, testable, layered weather app to demonstrate a well-architected app. Cloud Continuous Integration on Android with Kotlin Project (proandroiddev. com) This article shows you how to add Continuous Integration (CI) with tests, a code coverage report, and to display CI and coverage reports in the README. md file of the project. Moving Your Gradle Build Scripts to Kotlin (pspdfkit. com) In this blog post, David Schreiber-Ranner introduces Kotlin in yet another area of Android development: Gradle build scripts. Data Driven Testing with KotlinTest (proandroiddev. com) In this article Stephen Samuel covers how to write data-driven tests using the KotlinTest library while also introducing some nice extra features. Reactive patterns using Transformations and MediatorLiveData (medium. com) One tool to implement some of the reactive concepts is LiveData. This blog post by Jose Alcérreca will help you avoid traps and use some patterns to help you build a more reactive architecture using LiveData. Delegate your Lifecycle to Kotlin (blog. blueapron. io) In this post by Prem Nirmal you'll learn how to leverage Kotlins property delegation to eliminate null checks in Fragments when dealing with lifecycle events. KDispatcher simple and light-weight event bus for Kotlin (medium. com) In this introductionary blog post by Alexander Minkin you'll learn how to use the event bus library. There are more popular event buses (like Otto or EventBus from Greenrobot) in Android country but this one has been written in and especially for Kotlin. LIBRARIES & CODE pickle (github. com) A code generating implementation of Cucumber testing for Android   kotlintest (github. com) A flexible and comprehensive testing tool for Kotlin.   SdkSearch (github. com) Jake Wharton's Android app and Chrome extension for searching the Android SDK documentation written in Kotlin.   ketro (smilecs. github. io) Simple and sane Retrofit LiveData request library for Kotlin. Propagate errors to the parent fragment/activity without losing your sanity.   KDispatcher (github. com) Simple and light-weight event dispatcher for Kotlin NEWS Android Studio 3. 2 Beta 4 now available(androidstudio. googleblog. com) Android Studio 3. 2 Beta 4 is now available in the Beta channel. Updating your games for modern Android (android-developers. googleblog. com) Updating your games to target the latest API level ensures that your users can benefit from these improvements, while still allowing your games to run on older Android versions. Women Techmakers: Want to attend the Firebase Summit on October 29th?(goo. gl) Want to attend the Firebase Summit on October 29th, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic? Women Techmakers is now offering the Firebase Travel Grant for this year's event! Apply today thru August 20th            

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ARTICLES & TUTORIALS Mocking is not rocket science: MockK advanced features(blog. kotlin-academy. com) Last month, the Kotlin mocking library MockK introduced many powerful features and Oleksiy Pylypenko shares them with you. The state of Jetification in early 2019 (plus a bonus Gradle plugin)(proandroiddev. com) Miłosz Lewandowski describes the Jetifier tool which helps you migrate to AndroidX even when your dependencies still use the older Android Support libraries. Receive Actionable Feedback with Instabug’s SDK(try. instabug. com) Instabug helps you collect user feedback through detailed bug reports, automated crash reports, and in-app surveys, allowing you to debug and iterate faster. Get started for free with one line of code and get 20% off any plan with offer code AndroidWeekly2019. One-liner Intent/Bundle extras extractor in Kotlin! (proandroiddev. com) Shk Schneider shares a nice and simple extension to Activity and Fragment for cleaning up getting extra values from intents. Find Your Next Android Job With Hired (www. hired. com) Hired is the #1 job marketplace for Android Developers. We use cutting-edge technology to match you with the world’s most innovative companies. Simplify your job search - create 1 profile and unlock thousands of opportunities on Hired. Android 9, Kotlin i Android Studio 3. 2 u jednoj knjizi VIŠE O KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE   Using Navigation Architecture Component in a large banking app (medium. com) In this more advanced post, David Vavra shares how he integrated the navigation components into a multi-module, single-activity architecture with ViewModels, and how he solved a couple gotchas. Exploring the View Pager 2 (joebirch. co) ViewPager has been with us in the Android world for some time, but now we have the alpha release of View Pager 2. Joe Birch takes a look into exactly what’s so different about this iteration. Android Studio Project Marble: Apply Changes (medium. com) A deep dive into how the Android Studio team built Apply Changes, the successor to Instant Run @JvmOverloads for Android Views (zsmb. co) The @JvmOverloads annotation is a convenience feature in Kotlin for interoperating with Java code, but Márton Braun shows one specific use case on Android where it shouldn’t be used carelessly. Five tips to get your code base in shape (jeroenmols. com) We have bugs that haunt us, crashes at inconvenient times and sometimes 

Da li ste možda zaboravili šta sve može Android telefon




Ako ste ljubitelj gadžeta, Android je verovatno najbolji operativni sistem za vaš smartphone.   Da li ste možda zaboravili šta sve može Android telefon?   Na primer, možete da pozovete omiljenu osobu pomoću jednog klika. Ako nemate najnoviji Androidov program, Jellybean, onda jednostavno možete da dodate kontakt na vaš Home ekran.    Jednostavno pritisnite i držite prst na praznom prostoru ekrana, a kada se pojavi meni, izaberite Shortcuts > Contact. Zatim možete da skrolujete kroz listu kontakata i izaberete osobu koju želite da dodate na Home ekran.   Ako imate Jellybean, onda kliknite na dugme menija i izaberite widžete u gornjem desnom uglu ekrana, pređite na sledeću stranicu i izaberite Contact. Tada ćete biti upozoreni da izaberete željenu osobu iz liste kontakata.

GNotes ili kako da sinhronizujete Android Note sa Gmail




GNotesOsnovne osobine aplikacije su:- sinhronizuje zabeleške sa Gmail- organizuje zabeleške preko notebook/folderKreiranje rukom pisane zabeleške. Pretraživanje zabeleški. GOOGLE PLAY ZA PREUZIMANJE GNOTESMolimo vas za mišljenje. Ostavite komentar.

Kako da bezbedno isključite ugrađene aplikacije na Android uređaju




Mnoge aplikacije na Android uređaju se pokreću automatski i funkcionišu u pozadini čak i bez vaše dozvole.   Većina tih aplikacije je nepotrebna i uzaludno troši bateriju ili koristi Internet podatke. Ove aplikacije možete bezbedno da isključite koristeći postojeće funkcije vašeg Android uređaja.   Naravno postoji i mnogo aplikacija koje vam mogu pomoći da isključite ugrađene aplikacije, ali neke od njih nije preporučljivo koristiti. Ako isključite neku važnu aplikaciju može doći do blokiranja ili čudnog ponašanja vašeg Android telefona.   Funkcije koje su ugrađene u Android uređaj pomoći će vam da bezbedno isključite samo one aplikacije koje mogu da budu isključene.   Uradite sledeće:   Otvorite Apps na vašem Android uređaju i iz liste izaberite Settings. Kada se otvori ekran Settings, skrolujte dole do odeljka Device, i izaberite opciju Apps. Pomerite područje Sorting app u levo da biste pristupili odeljku All apps. Po standardnom podešavanju ovaj odeljak nije prikazan zato što istovremeno mogu da se prikažu samo tri odeljka. Izaberite aplikaciju koju želite da isključite, i kliknite na Disable. Na ekranu će se prikazati prozor sa upozorenjem. Samo kliknite na OK da biste potvrdili isključivanje aplikacije. Isključena aplikacija će biti pomerena na dno liste. Da biste je ponovo uključili, otvorite ekran App info za aplikaciju i izaberite opciju Enable.

Kako da bežično razmenjujete fajlove između računara i Android telefona




Obično kada želite da kopirate muziku, video snimke ili slike na Android telefon, potrebno je da se povežete kablom na računar.   Ako vam je dosadilo da tražite kablove i uključujete ih u računar, postoji jednostavno rešenje. Sve što vam je potrebno je da vaš računar i Android telefon budu na istoj wifi mreži.   Da biste bežično razmenjivali fajlove između vašeg računara i Android telefona, uradite sledeće:   Otvorite Play Store aplikaciju. Potražite i instalirajte aplikaciju AirDroid (besplatna je) na vaš telefon. Kada instalirate program, pokrenite ga. Videćete lozinku sa šest karaktera na dnu stranice. Zapamtite ovu lozinku jer će vam zatrebati kasnije da pristupite telefonu sa računara. Pokrenite omiljeni pretraživač i otvorite sledeću adresu: web. airdroid. com , a zatim unesite lozinku iz prethodnog koraka. Na desnoj strani prozora prikazan je model telefona i kratak rezime statusa memorije telefona. Da biste prebacili fajl sa računara na telefon kliknite na ikonicu Files. Kliknite na dugme Upload u gornjem desnom uglu novog prozora. Izaberite opciju Select Folder or Files, a zatim u prozoru Explorera izaberite direktorijum ili fajlove koje želite da prebacite. Proverite stranicu Progress status i vidite da li su fajlovi prebačeni na telefon. Kada je proces završen u koloni Progress bi trebalo da stoji obaveštenje Success. Zatvorite prozor pretraživača.

Kako da blokirate pozive i obaveštenja na Androidu




U toku radnog vremena ili nekog važnog sastanka možda biste želeli da isključite obaveštenja ili da blokirate dolazne pozive na vašem Android telefonu.   Da biste uklonili ove neželjene smetnje obično je potrebna posebna aplikacija. Međutim, ako koristite Samsung uređaj sa Android 4. 1 ili novijim operativnim sistemom možete da podesite ova podešavanja u samo nekoliko koraka.   Uradite sledeće:   Otvorite App fijoku i idite na Settings. Na ekranu Settings skrolujte dole do opcije Blocking mode i pritisnite klizač da biste uključili ovaj režim. Kliknite na tekst da biste pristupili opcijama unutar režima. Unutar režima Blocking pronaći ćete opcije za isključivanje obaveštenja i alarma. Pod opcijom Set time možete da podesite vreme trajanja režima Blocking. Na dnu stranice pronaći ćete opciju Allowed koja vam omogućava da izaberete određene kontakte koji mogu da vas pozovu u vreme trajanja režima Blocking.

Kako da daunlodujete Google Maps za Android za offline upotrebu




Veoma je korisno da na mobilnom uređaju imate Google Maps, ali ovaj program zahteva internet konekciju da bi ispravno funkcionisao.                                     Ako snimite Google Maps na vaš mobilni uređaj moći će da funkcioniše bez internet pristupa. Ovo je veoma korisno jer možete pristupiti mapama sa uređaja i kada nemate pristup internetu, a pored toga možete da isključite 3G ili 4G konekciju i tako štedite bateriju.    Da biste daunlodovali Google Maps za Android uređaj i koristili ga Offline, uradite sledeće:   Otvorite App Drawer i iz liste izaberite aplikaciju Maps. Kada se otvori aplikacija Google Maps kliknite na opciju Menu na vašem telefonu. Iz liste izaberite opciju Make available offline. Pomoću prsta, izaberite područje na mapi koje želite da bude dostupno za offline upotrebu. Kliknite na Done. Izabrano područje će biti preuzeto i bićete prebačeni na stranicu Download. Kada želite da pristupite offline mapama, kliknite na meni na vrhu app interfejsa i izaberite opciju My Places. Na ekranu My Places prebacite se na odeljak Offline i izaberite željenu mapu.

Kako da dodate interfejs Windows 8 stila na Android uređaj




Windows 8 nam je predstavio jednu fantastičnu funkciju, Modern desktop interfejs, ranije poznat kao Metro.   Modern desktop interfejs ima potpuno novi početni ekran i pločice za aplikacije. Mnogi korisnici su se bunili da ovaj interfejs ne bi trebao da pripada desktopu zbog njegove jednostavnosti i nedovoljne upotrebe prostora na ekranu, i da bi radije odgovarao mobilnim uređajima kao što su smart telefoni i tableti.   Ako ste korisnik Android uređaja, verovatno ste upoznati sa mogućnošću podešavanja urađeja. Zbog toga, ako vam se dopada Modern interfejs, možete da ga koristite i na vašem Android uređaju   Fake Windows 8 Launcher Iako ne možete da uradite ništa da biste promenili temu svih aplikacija na Android uređaju, da izgledaju kao one na Windowsu 8, možete dapromenite Launcher tako da oponaša početni ekran Windowsa 8.   Najbolja aplikacija koja će vam to omogućiti je Fake Windows 8 Launcher. Iako nije savršena replika interfejsa, odlično će oponašati Windows desktop. Fake Windows 8 Launcher možete da podešavate i omogućava vam da izaberete koje aplikacije biste želeli da prikačite za početni ekran, koju pozadinu biste želeli da upotrebite i prikazano je čak i korisničko ime u uglu ekrana. Launcher takođe funkcioniše u pejzažnoj orijentaciji.

Kako da invertujete boje ekrana na Android uređaju




Invertovanje boje ekrana na Android telefonu obezbeđuje bolju vidljivost na otvorenom prostoru kada su sunčevi zraci jaki.   Invertovanje boje ekrana je veoma korisno kada ste napolju jer nema potrebe da povećavate svetloću ekrana da biste videli sadržaj ako je sunčano vreme. Ovo je mnogo brži način da prilagodite uređaj spoljašnjim uslovima.   Ako želite da invertujete boju ekrana na Android uređaju, uradite sledeće:   Otvorite App Drawer i kliknite na Settings. Na ekranu Settings skrolujte dole do odeljka System. Kliknite na opciju Accessibility. Potražite opciju Negative colors – Reverses the colors of screen i potvrdite polje da biste je uključili. Kada potvrdite opciju, svi elementi na ekranu će biti prikazani suprotnom bojom. Ova funkcija obezbeđuje veći kontrast i bolju vidljivost na ekranu kada koristite telefon na otvorenom prostoru. Napomena: Ne možete da snimite ekran u invertovanom režimu. Svi elementi na snimku ekrana će biti prikazani uobičajenim bojama, bez obzira u kojem se režimu nalazite.
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