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UX Design Weekly 144 - Better Brainstorming, Designers Code of Ethics, Dark Side of Friendly Design




ARTICLES IDEO's secret to better brainstorming sessionsIDEO developed a brainstorming strategy that relies on three simple words: the phrase "How might we. " A Designer’s Code of Ethics Mike Monterio writes about the designer's responsibility for the work they put into the world. The Dark Side Of "Friendly" DesignFriend-washing can be disingenuous and bad for business. How to switch your career to product designLearn from 6 Dropbox designers with different backgrounds Three Exercises to Teach Your Team EmpathyExercises teams can conduct to help foster a more empathetic environment. If You're a Junior Designer, Join an Established UX TeamWorking on a large, established UX team helps her gain experience on a regular basis. A Primer on Android navigationA good foundation for understanding common navigation principles on Android. TOOLS & RESOURCES Colors - Canva's Design WikiEverything you need to know about colors. AbstractAbstract, the GitHub for designers, is now in beta. Read more about the release here Cargo 2Tools to design and build unique websites PSD to Sketch Design ConverterConvert your Photoshop design to a Sketch file for free. Empathy PromptsIdeas to help consider inclusive design principles when making things for others to use. MarklyShare and organize designs over Google Drive. MEDIA Sprinting from Google - True North PodcastWhat Design Sprints really are and addressing their detractors. For more, read The Design Sprint hammer. Design Thinking FAQA selection of books for each stage of the design thinking process. Adam Alter: Why our screens make us less happyWhy all those hours you spend staring at your screen might be making you miserable and what you can do about it. Design to Match the Medium (Jakob Nielsen)Consider the the strengths and weaknesses of each platform when presenting information. UX PORTFOLIO Matt SouzaMatt is a Dallas based designer who has a great case study on redesigning JCPenney’s mobile apps.

UX Design Weekly 145, Designing interactive experiences, Designing The Perfect Slider




ARTICLES Designing interactive experiences The ‘what, when and how’ of interactive prototyping. Send me problems, not wireframesWhy a good designer would probably prefer to not get them from you. Designed Degradations: UX Patterns for Hostile Environments. Excellent designs can circumvent the existence of "unhappy" conditions as well as the influence of other low-performance designs. How to improve your empathy to be a better designer10 ways to improve your empathy. Nailing the Whiteboard Design ChallengeA guide for approaching the onsite whiteboard challenge. Designing The Perfect SliderA primer on when, how and why use sliders to encourage exploration. TOOLS & RESOURCES Most Common UX Design Methods and TechniquesCommon methods and techniques used by UX designers. ContrastA macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios. Empathy Map CanvasAn updated version from Dave Gray. Read more about it here. FlowA typeface built for wireframing. Supernova StudioTurn Sketch designs to working native apps in minutes. Read more about it here. Design ResourcesSelect websites, tools, assets, and readings for working in and learning about design. MEDIA Buzzfeed's VP Design, Cap Watkins - High Resolution PodcastCap talks how to apply design to any business challenge and how companies can create a culture that empowers their best people. Rethinking Design ThinkingA group of UX experts telling front-line tales from the product design trenches. UX PORTFOLIO Pol KuijkenPol is designer who shows a portfolio of case studies from a Google interview design exercise and a passion project. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Why a Toaster Is a Design TriumphBreville’s "A Bit More" button highlights an obvious but still unseen problem with electric toasters for more than a century. “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary. ”— Elon Musk

UX Design Weekly 149




ARTICLES To those new to designAdvice by Dylan Wilbanks to become the next great designer. Also check out Letter to a Junior Designer. Thoughts on Skeuomorphic Menu Systems  The tradeoffs and benefits of pseudo-realistic menu design. Designing The Perfect Feature Comparison TableAll of the fine details that make a perfect, accessible and helpful feature comparison table. How to craft a standout portfolioTop design agencies share what they're looking for in a portfolio. Also check out 8 tips to survive a portfolio presentation. Why Permission Priming is Good UXSome of the worst and best examples of permission priming habits. Storytelling in DesignWhat it actually means to be a designer-storyteller. 5 fun ways to test wordsHow to tell if your writing is any good. SPONSOR Usability Testing: How to Ask the Right QuestionsUsability testing is a critical part of the user-centered design process. Learn how to ask users the right questions by following the tips in our article, Usability Basics: User Testing Questions. This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads. TOOLS & RESOURCES Desktop Kit by Facebook DesignSketch Template of UI Elements Found in macOS. Sketch for DesignrsA growing collection of the best Sketch resources. The A11Y ProjectA community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier. Vector EmojiCommon Emojis recreated in vector. Digital and Computer ArtsStories behind your favorite projects and designers. Material Design UI KitMaterial Design UI kit by UXPin, available in Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator. Sound Effects for UILifetime supply of sounds for a UX designer. UX BOOK VIŠE O KNJIZI. UX PORTFOLIO Simon Pan - Uber Case StudyWe've featured Simon's portfolio before but he just added a new case study for his work at Uber that is worth checking out. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Product GraveyardCommemorating the most memorable products that have gone away. “A good user experience isn't necessarily that far removed from a poor user experience. It can be small, subtle differences that can have a huge impact. ”— Nathanael Boehm

UX Design Weekly 150, dark UX, guide to drawing, Bringing Sketch and After Effects closer together




ARTICLES Designers are using "dark UX" to turn you into a sleep-deprived internet addict When is design too engaging for users' own good? A quick beginner’s guide to drawing6 drawing exercises to get you started right now. Are app reviews worth reading?What Dropbox writer, Jon Saito, learned from reading thousands of app reviews. Design Principles: a guide to less shitty feedbackWhy you need design principles, how to set them, and use them. Toolkit of a Product Designer Picking the right tools for a better design workflow. The Airbnb Tool That’s Changing UI DesignUber, Google, Instacart, and others are all adopting Airbnb’s prototyping tool, Lottie. Conversation Design: Speaking the Same LanguageSix principles of human conversation for Voice User Interface design. TOOLS AND RESOURCES Bringing Sketch and After Effects closer togetherTwo new animation workflow tools from UX Motion Design at Google. Modern Pictograms for LottieFor more, check out this collaboration with the The Noun Project on open-source animated icons. Interface font familyA font for highly legible text on computer screens. Free User Experience Templates To UseA collection of templates that use free tools like Google Docs or Draw. io as the platform. Incoming Feedback by HotjarInstant visual feedback for your website or app. MEDIA Animation at WorkRachel Nabors guides you through the anatomy of web animations, patterns, and communication decisions across teams. Working with Non-Designers — Users Know PodcastHow designers can talk to people who aren't designers. UX PORTFOLIO Zarya FarajZarya is a product designer specializing in the design of data-heavy enterprise tools and consumer applications. LAST BUT NOT LEAST The State of DesignBla bla bla bla blaaa blaaa bla blaa blaaaaaa bla bla bla blaaa bla bla blaa bla? “It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. ”— Henry David Thoreau BOOK: UX DESING FOR MOBILE Get proficient in building beautiful and appealing mobile interfaces (UI) with this complete mobile user experience (UX) design guide. BOOK 

UX Design Weekly 151




ARTICLES How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Design Thinking  Breaking down design thinking and why it works. How to choose a user research methodA quick rundown of how to decide on what your research goals are, and what techniques you can use to achieve those goals. Psychological approach to Design How psychology can help to create better products. Design Is Inherently An Unethical IndustryWhat role do designers play in an industry ruled by A/B testing and optimization? Tracking User Behavior with Big DataBy building user behavior models to capture data on business objectives, we can detect pain points in the user experience. How to present design decisionsA 5 step framework to prepare to explain design decisions. TOOLS AND RESOURCES Sketch - Libraries (Beta)Designers can now share Symbols across Sketch documents and have them update to be always kept in sync. STUDIOA next generation design tool for digital products. Now UI KitA free responsive Bootstrap 4 kit. Dovetail 2Turn raw qualitative data into insights, and share research with your team. Augmented Reality - iOS HIGApple released their Augmented Reality Human Interface Guidelines. MEDIA UX at Scale Virtual Summit14 live webinars on how top design leaders scale prducts and UX processes from Salesforce, Airbnb, Google, and many more. History of IconsA visual brief on icon history through different UI and OS. UX PORTFOLIO Min ZhouMin is a product designer that just joined Instagram after interning their a year earlier. UX JOB Sr. UX / Visual Designer at Aha! (Remote)Help change the way people innovate and deliver beautifully designed experiences in a fast-paced, user-centric environment. LAST BUT NOT LEAST 50 Things You [Probably] Forgot To DesignA list of things that you might have forgotten to design. UX Design for Mobile  MORE “Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design. ”— Charles Eames

UX Design Weekly 152, A Unified Theory for Designing Just About Anything, Mastering the Power of Nothing




ARTICLES A Unified Theory for Designing Just About Anything A theory for designing stuff based on contexts, architecture, mechanics and poetics. Flat UI Elements Attract Less Attention and Cause UncertaintyFlat interfaces often use weak signifiers which more user effort than strong ones. How to Design a Form Wizard How to best use wizards and when not to. The most overlooked growth hack: designing for emotionsEmotional design is the secret sauce of many successful products. Mastering the Power of NothingHow to use whitespace in user interface design. SPONSOR NomNom: A better way to build customer-driven productsSearch, organise and share all your customer feedback and user research in one place. This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads. UX Design for Mobile  MORE TOOLS AND RESOURCES App Ratings — Time Well SpentHow much screen time in apps left people feeling happy, and how much time left them in regret. IconshockOver 2 million free icons in 400+ icon sets over 30 styles. Alembic for Sketch: Easily extract a color palette from Sketch imagesA Sketch plugin to extract a color palette from your images. Mastermind by Baron FigA large desk pad that fits in with your desk and features dot grid paper and tear-away pages Little UI DetailsA collection of little tips from Steve Schoger to improve your visual design skills with the little details that make a big difference. MEDIA Becoming Jared Spool — Mixed Methods PodcastHow Jared built the enviable career he's now so well known for and what's inspired him to do it. Expertise — Users Know PodcastWhat it means to truly be an expert in something, and how hard it can be to believe you are one. UX PORTFOLIO Jeff HilnbrandJeff is a Product Designer at Facebook whose portfolio features his works, writing, talks, and more. LAST BUT NOT LEAST The state of UX according to autocompleteThe difference between UX and UI is still one of the most searched topics of all time. “If you can design one thing you can design everything. ”— Massimo Vignelli

UX Design Weekly 153




ARTICLES Optical Effects in User Interfaces (for True Nerds) How to make optically balanced icons, correct shapes alignment, and perfect corner rounding. The teapot model: how to explain a fuzzy design process to anxious clients. Hypothesising your way towards a better way to explain what is going on. Design tools are running out of trackA deep dive into the current state of design tools and where they should be headed. Designing for Human Attention As designers, we have to understand how to create experiences that go hand in hand with how the human brain evaluates them. Emergent Principles: A Rebel Leader’s Secret to Better Team Design DecisionsHow emergent principles move teams from good design to great. Aspire to Ever-Fatter MarkersA design career is a progression from thin markers to fat markers. SPONSOR Claim Your Free . design Domain TodayInnovative companies like Facebook (facebook. design) and Airbnb (airbnb. design), along with thousands of designers and agencies have embraced the new . design domain. Take advantage and claim your free . design domain today. Offer also includes 1 year free email hosting (WHOIS privacy and SSL certs are always free!). TOOLS AND RESOURCES iPhone XiOS Human Interface Guidelines for the iPhone X. Material Design Awards 2017Recognizing best-in-class designs from around the community XRespond – Virtual Device LabA virtual device lab for designing, developing and testing responsive websites. Jira Cloud for Sketch IntegrationShare from Sketch to Jira Cloud. CanvasFlip : Visual InspectorChrome extension for designers to make temporary edit in websites without coding Build with SketchA modular vector tool for coders and curious designers. MEDIA About Face - UIE PodcastHow About. com changed its design process and became Dotdash. In Depth PodcastA new podcast on design and technology by Eli Schiff & Mike Rundle. UX Design for Mobile  MORE UX PORTFOLIO Mengdi ZhangMengdi is a UX designer at VMware. His portfolio features case studies as well as showing his love for other formats of art. LAST BUT NOT LEAST How to Become a Successful DesignerDann Petty gives you 10 steps to becoming a successful designer. “Good design doesn't date. ”— Harry Seidler





ISSUE 168 Big UX fail this weekend due to bad design. The Hawaiian missile alert turned out to be a false alarm. The reason? Someone clicking the wrong button. ARTICLES Designers Finally Have A Seat At The Table. Now What?  Companies are finally listening to designers. Here’s what designers need to do now. Tiny WinsThe big benefits of little changes. How building a design system empowers your team to focus on people — not pixels. A look into the creation of HubSpot's new Design Language. Designing Friction For A Better User ExperienceHow friction can be an efficient part of the UX designers’ toolkit to help with understandability or even improve the user experience. Use these top 10 tips when you design for formsSome best practice in form design. UX and Psychology go hand in hand — Introduction to human attentionHuman attention from a psychologist’s and a UX Designer’s view. Design Studios, When Done Well, Change Organizations For The Better Design studios can be a game-changing event when designers use the technique. TOOLS AND RESOURCES The best UX and design conferences in 2018A complete list for designers looking for events and conferences to attend this year. Future Of Design by NEAThe results are in for NEA's survey about how design operates in the tech ecosystem. Sketch IconsA Sketch plugin that allows you to import a set of icons and automatically apply a color mask. The Mockup ClubThe best free design mockups. MEDIA Design Systems Virtual Summit 201813 live webinars with case studies from Atlassian, Salesforce, IBM, Airbnb, Linkedin, and more. HeyDesignerDaily curated newsfeed for designers, product managers, and developers. UX PORTFOLIO James StephensJames is a product designer focused on social good and meaty problems. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Multiplicative IdiocyYou are in a design meeting with multiple attendees, some of whom make bad decisions. “The ultimate inspiration is the deadline. ”— Nolan Bushnell

UX DESIGN WEEKLY 169, Designers who play with words




ARTICLES Subverted DesignDesigners have lost their way. Making sense of our shifting priorities. What Went Wrong In Hawaii, Human Error? Nope, Bad Design  Don Norman examines how poorly designed software spread panic in Hawaii–and offers tips for avoiding such incidents in the future. Also check out Jared Spool's take on the situation. Designers who play with wordsHow to use writing in your design and process. The Things Junior UX Designers Should Do More Of (Not Just Design)A few tips that growing designers should take into consideration during their first year on the job to accelerate career growth. All great interfaces have one thing in commonWhy great interfaces need time to grow. Drag and Drop for Design SystemsDefining UX patterns for drag and drop across components. TOOLS AND RESOURCES Laws of UXGuidelines for designers to consider when building UIs. AdeleRepository of publicly available design systems and pattern libraries. CompetitorsUX patterns organized by industry. UserGuidingA free user onboarding tool to create quick, hassle-free, and interactive guides for users. LoomChrome Extension for a one-click screen recorder. Proximity School of DesignPractical training and advice to help you become a better designer. UX PORTFOLIO Luke WardaLuke is a London based designer working at Burberry. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Apple. com's Visual HierarchyApple. com has retained the same layout structure for over twenty years. “To push the boundaries, you need to know where the edges are. ”— Mark Boulton

UX DESIGN WEEKLY 177, Really Bad Design Exercises




ARTICLES Really Bad Design Exercises Design exercises can be really awful, if you let them. My 6-point microcopy checklist for non-UX writersUse this checklist to make your writing clear and to the point. Creating User-friendly forms Some tips to make your forms easier to use. Immersive Design: The Next 10 Years of InterfacesA look into what happens when we design beyond a screen. A Primer to Web Accessibility for DesignersQuick wins to make your designs more inclusive. Getting co-creative with researchWhen we invite users (and our teammates) into the generative side of design, everyone benefits. Where Digital Product Design is GoingThe digital product design industry needs leaders who put empathy, inclusion, and a humanistic vantage into all parts of the work they do. SPONSOR Claim Your Free . design Domain TodayInnovative companies like Facebook (facebook. design) and Airbnb (airbnb. design), along with thousands of designers have embraced the new . design domain. Get your free . design domain. TOOLS AND RESOURCES Supernova StudioConvert Sketch into iOS, Android and React apps in minutes. For more, check out Introducing Supernova. Adobe XD + SketchSketch designs and assets now automatically convert into XD files.   macOS UI LibraryA comprehensive macOS UI Library the team at Sketch used to build their app. Photoshop 101 Email CourseA free email course with 7 daily tutorials, downloadable templates, and a cheat sheet. Hopefully, the Ultimate Guide to a Flat Icon SetTips and tricks when designing flat icons. UI Faces – Avatars for design mockupsWhen you need avatars for design mockups. MEDIA Steve Portigal – User Defenders podcastThe importance of rapport-building and how a little empathy can go a long way in field research. Interaction 18 Gallery - AirtableAll the content about Interaction 18 in a concise format. UX PORTFOLIO Kellyn LoehrKellyn has worked tools for aerial drone photography, security services for WiFi routers and more. UX JOB UX Designer at Dealer Market Exchange - Anywhere / RemoteEnvision and design products for desktop, web, mobile web, native mobile, tablet, wearables, VR, AR and AppleTV. LAST BUT NOT LEAST The ability to feel empathy—or not—is shaped by your genesGenetics explain a significant chunk of differences in abilities to understand others’ emotions. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. ”— Aristotle

UX DESIGN WEEKLY 233, Achieving God Mode in Digital Design and more




ARTICLES Achieving God Mode in Digital DesignAn abstract, simple but powerful way of thinking about systems based on how we perceive the world around us. The Place of UXA few concepts can facilitate a deeper discussion by drawing meaningful distinctions between the role of UX designers, user research, and how far knowledge about the user should permeate the organization. Reflections on Business, Design, and Value  We will never be able to talk about the value of design using ROI because we’re not really talking about design, but the output of design. Sympathy vs. Empathy in UXThe majority of UX professionals practice sympathy instead of empathy for their users. What’s Wrong with Dot Voting ExercisesWhat not to do and what to watch out for next time you decide to use dot voting. About to start your first UX design job?A few unteachable “soft skills” that have little to do with design, can be cultivated with some coaching, and will help you out throughout your career. SPONSOR 25% Off Design Thinking CourseGain experience with techniques from each phase of the design thinking process and create a fantastic case study for your portfolio. Sign up for the course, become a design thinking practitioner and showcase your skills to future employers! TOOLS AND RESOURCES Design Critique CoachRandom questions about your design decisions to prep you for your next design critique. Productdesign. tipsProduct design tips delivered via your browser. Design SuiteThe design thinking suite to create great user experiences. Koa11yAutomatically detect accessibility issues on webpages. UX PORTFOLIO Alex LakasAlex is a product designer at LinkedIn. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it HertzCar rental giant Hertz is suing over a website redesign from hell. “Confusion and clutter are the failure of design, not the attributes of information. ”— Edward Tufte Thanks to this issue's sponsor:   If you know anyone that might enjoy UX Design Weekly, please share this issue with your friends and colleagues. 101 princip za dobar UX dizajn Više o knjizi i korpa za naručivanje.





ARTICLES In Search of the Ultimate User Experience The next evolution of UX: the human experience. Why I love ugly, messy interfaces — and you probably do tooIn some cases, a cluttered interface does an incredible job of solving their users’ problems. Enemies of UX and how to kill them Using data and testing to counter the highest paid person’s opinion. What the hell is design thinking anyway?Andy Budd attempts to define the term “design thinking. ” Difficult Designs Are Better (for Humanity)Expand your users’ cognitive abilities and make them think harder. Create complex interaction flows and clever, non-obvious interfaces. Does Your Site Pass the Honeycomb Test?Seven handy questions anyone can ask to evaluate a user’s experience. Product Design & The Asshole ContingencyNot all users act with the best intentions so we need to embrace reality and plan for the worst. Also, check out Compassionate UX for when design decisions aren’t thought through. TOOLS & RESOURCES GravitA free browser-based app for vector graphics and UI design. TechiesTechies is a portrait project focused on sharing stories of underrepresented in the tech industry including many designers. MEDIA The User’s JourneyAn excerpt from Chapter 5 of Donna Lichaw’s new book, The User’s Journey: Storymapping Products That People Love. The Little Book of Design Research EthicsA practical guideline by IDEO to a wide range of situations in which it’s crucial to build relationships of trust. UX PORTFOLIOS Allie MillerAllie is a UX researcher who shows her past projects broken down into project challenges, the research approach/methods used, key learnings, and impact. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Hollywood MockuuupsYour favorite movie scenes turned into editable mockups. “There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence. ”— Massimo Vignelli





If you subscribe to the weekly emails and didn’t get this issue (or the last), check your spam/junk folder (long story short – my web host changed IP addresses). You can ensure you get every issue by adding the email as a safe sender. On to this week’s best UX links. ARTICLES Design for Humanity An interactive essay exploring the past, present, and future of anthropomorphic design. “Should Designers Code?” fetishizes tech over other crucial design skillsPeter Merholz writes that the idea that a designer who codes is a “full-stack designer” demonstrates the shallowness of most thinking about design as a practice, and a skill set. How To Take Charge Of A UX Kickoff MeetingA look at how to run a useful kickoff meeting by asking the right questions and shaping the conversation. Practicing Empathy in Product DesignThere are a thousand big and small ways to practice empathy as part of a product design and development process. How Facebook’s Big Bet On Chatbots Might Remake The UX Of The WebWith chatbots, Facebook wants to turn Messenger into a one-stop shop for everything from booking flights to reading news. Designing for Young Adults (Ages 18–25)The millennial generation exhibit unique behaviors and approaches to digital interfaces. They are confident and error prone, and they have high expectations of websites. Designing complex productsTips for mangaging the complexity of people and designing complex products. TOOLS & RESOURCES Introducing the new FramerPrototyping tool Framer had a big update this week by introducing auto-code: an all-new way to visually design with code. Bots UI kit for Messenger PlatformA simple and fully customizable Sketch UI kit to helps you design and showcase your Facebook Bots. Save to GoogleA Chrome extension to save webpages and images from Google Image Search that can be used for design inspiration. Typography tips for a better user experienceA list of 5 easy ways to improve the typographic quality and effectiveness of any website, email, or digital product design. MEDIA Designing at FacebookGet a sneak peak in to the design process at Facebook from F8, Facebook’s Developer Conference. Rapid Prototyping Made Easy with Origami StudioA demonstration, also at F8, of Origami Studio, Facebook’s free and internal prototyping tool that will release later this year. UX PORTFOLIOS Camilo RojasCamilo is a UX Designer whose portfolio shows the design challenge, process, deliverables and results. LAST BUT NOT LEAST The UX-factor: why I don’t care where or what you studiedIt doesn’t matter what your background is, as long as you love design, care about people and have clever ideas. “Good design goes to heaven; bad design goes everywhere. ”— Mieke Gerritzen





ARTICLES Design and the Self  Irene Au's talk from UX Week 2016 about designing great products by going beyond things like fear, greed, attachment, and ego. Is this my interface or yours? General guidelines on when to use "my" or "your" when dealing with perspective in an interface. How Default Settings Rule the WorldThe designers who decide defaults have immense, potentially life-saving power. Prototyping Happiness: A Designer’s GuideLearning a prototyping tool and animating your ideas leads to more time designing and solving problems. 3 Myths About The Future Of UX Some of the biggest misconceptions about where our Oculus Rifts and Hololens systems will take us next. How Tools Have Shaped the Role of the DesignerToday we’re designing and building highly interactive experiences with a range of tools that allow us to work seamlessly across a variety of platforms & device types. SPONSORED LINK Create a UserTesting account and get $500 worth of test credits for free!UserTesting is offering UX Design Weekly readers an exclusive 5 free test credits! Watch videos of users speaking their thoughts on your site, app, or prototype. You can test on any device at any stage of development. To redeem: Create a free account and enter the gift codeUXDESIGNWEEKLY when reviewing your test order. Gift code valid until 8/10/2017. TOOLS & RESOURCES Gravit - The Most Complete Design Platform Create and share designs with this lightweight tool in your browser. Product PagesCurated directory of the best product pages. Also check out Store Pagesand Pricing Pages. Researching Design SystemsNotes by Dan Mall on some of the most popular design systems out there. Interface LoversQuestions for designers in this new publication on Medium. The first guest is Benjamin De Cock, User Interface Designer at Stripe. MEDIA Katie Dill - Hacking UI PodcastKatie Dill, Director of Experience Design at Airbnb, talks about managing designers as a design experiment, why the user experience should be important to every employee, and more. An Interview with Jesse James GarrettJesse James Garrett talks about where UX has been and where it’s headed, how designers can be more successful within their organizations, and more. Working with Pictures eBookA tiny book ($10) by Christina Wodtke to teach you the kind of drawing you need to work well. Elevating design through educationJoin Designer Hangout and Aarron Walter for a discussion on design education, designing for emotion and building design teams. Also check out Aarron on DN FM talk about the future of product design. UX PORTFOLIOS Lucian RaduLucian is a product designer in Barcelona with a clean portfolio with selected case studies. UX JOBS User Experience Designer at Wallaby Financial (Pasadena, CA)Work with me to create amazing user experiences that help consumers make smarter financial decisions and save money. User Experience Designer at Forum One (Alexandria, VA)Help define the structure of sites and apps for organizations doing important work around the world. LAST BUT NOT LEAST It’s Ugly, But It Works: On Designing for UsabilityThere are some massively popular sites that are really ugly but they work because they do exactly what people need. “Everyone's rewarded for making new things. We should be rewarded for improving old things. ”— Amber Case





ARTICLES What You See is What You Use If you want something to be seen and used, don’t make people look for it. WTF is Experience Design? An explanation of what is experience design with examples and GIFs. The Anatomy Of A Great UX Design LeaderSeven key traits the best UX design leaders share. The future of UX designTo stay relevant, UX design must re-define its role and responsibilities in large product organizations. The 6 Fundamental Principles of Interaction Between Products and UsersAn overview of factors that facilitate discoverability. Product Listing UX: Use Synchronized Hover Effects & Unified Hit-Areas76% of sites have a list item design where it’s unclear to users exactly what can be clicked, and where they will then be taken if clicked. Three Exercises to Teach Your Team EmpathyExercises teams can conduct to help foster a more empathetic environment. SPONSORED LINK Find Your Top DesignersSee why top startups depend on Toptal to connect them with elite designers, hand-picked to match their needs. Work with top designers on an on-demand basis. TOOLS & RESOURCES UX Research ToolsA spreadsheet of various UX tools and their features. Principle 2. 0Principle is a year old and to celebrate they released a new version with components to make it easier to edit files with a large number of artboards. How to design for childrenPrinciples that create a common language that describes how to make great digital experiences for children. Anatomy of a Pattern in a Pattern LibraryIn order for design system users to do their best work, a pattern library should present other important info besides the UI pattern. MEDIA AMA with Aaron IrizarryJoin Aaron Irizarry, Director of User Experience, Nasdaq Product Design. in a discussion about leading design teams and design culture at Nasdaq. John Lax - Hacking UI PodcastJon Lax, Director of Product Design at Facebook talks about questions that he asks every designer at Facebook and some tips for aspiring design managers. Reviewing the Design of Pokémon GO - Designer Review PodcastDiscussing the design patterns, interactions, user onboarding, UX and visual styles of Pokémon GO. UX JOBS User Experience Designer at Bankrate Credit Cards (Pasadena, CA)Create amazing user experiences that help consumers make smarter financial decisions and save money. LAST BUT NOT LEAST The Design TeamA comic series that follows the story of a junior designer that just moved to SF. “Talk to one user - start jumping to a solution. Talk to 5+ users - start understanding the problem. ”— Luke Wroblewski





ARTICLES How To Design Emotional Interfaces For Boring AppsBy using positive stimuli we can make users feel more excited, less distracted, and ultimately happier. Brutalist design is the bad influence we all needBrutalism has brought back a touch of irreverence and confidence that is lacking in most mainstream designs. 3 Awesome User Onboarding Flows for Web Looking at the onboarding flow for Dropbox, Netflix and Canva. Increasing an Organization’s UX Design MaturityThe ingredients to help UX design leaders gain their executive and key stakeholder buy-in. Getting the most out of design critiquesHow to share your work and make it count. Rapid UX Research at Google How to conduct impactful user research in a short space of time. How Designers (Should Not) Apply For JobsCompanies are looking to hire designers with a sense of purpose, on top of skills. Multivariate vs. A/B Testing: Incremental vs. Radical ChangesRadical redesigns are best tested using an A/B experiment, while multivariate tests support incremental improvements to a design. TOOLS AND RESOURCES Design Systems RepoA frequently updated collection of Design System examples, articles, tools and talks. toothpaste. coffee30 days of innovative challenges. Museum of WebsitesA hand-curated gallery of how famous internet companies have changed over time. MEDIA 13 Podcasts Every Designer Should Listen ToA list of great design podcasts to help you focus, gain inspiration, and stay entertained while you design. UX PORTFOLIO Ryan MiglavsRyan is a freelance interactive designer in Portland who has worked with clients like Nike and the Smithsonian. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Stop calling these Dark Design Patterns or Dark UXSome designs are just dishonest, deceitful, corrupt, and unethical. “Good design is like a refrigerator—when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks. ”— Irene Au





ARTICLES Delicious Digital Design Process A guide how to survive in the digital design competitive world. Reframing Your Impact as a Design LeadHow to figure out your path as a design lead when you no longer have craft to point to. Dear Ueno: how to be brave and start all over again (as a UX designer)?Some helpful advice on how to evolve to a UX career. How To Improve Your Design Process With Data-Based PersonasWhat do data-driven personas look like, and how do you make one? Designing (and Learning From) a Teachable MachineUX insights on designing simple, accessible interfaces for teaching computers. Scrolling and AttentionPeople scroll vertically more than they used to, but new eyetracking data shows that they will still look more above the page fold than below it. SPONSOR Measure the Impact of Your UX with Data"If only my stakeholders understood the value of UX. ” Sound familiar? Grab a seat at The Quantitative UX Blueprint Masterclass & learn how to identify key project metrics and make the business case for UX. The free class is happening May 1st at 1pm EDT: don’t miss it.  Register for the Masterclass now. This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads. TOOLS AND RESOURCES 100 example UX problemsA list of common UX problems to challenge and inspire designers. Envoy DesignStories and ideas from designers that challenge the workplace status quo. UX folioBuild a beautiful UX portfolio quickly and easily. User research tool boxOver 270 user research tools. Plant The version control app and plugin for Sketch has a new update to maximize productivity. Want Figma API inspiration? Since the release of Figma Platform, people have created everything from style guide generators, PDF export and more. MEDIA Data is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - Users Know PodcastKate and Laura talk about some good approaches to treating your users' data a little more respectfully. Concluding the Design Process – The Design Review PodcastChris and Jon talk about some of the issues that impact the part after you figure out what the design should entail. UX PORTFOLIO Leanna LeungLeanna is a product designer at Atlassian in San Francisco. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Good Designer, Bad DesignerWhat separates good designers from bad designers “Look at usual things with unusual eyes. ”— Vico Magistretti

UX Design Weekly: Expect Change in Your Design Career, Five Traits of Great User Researchers, Design Craf




ARTICLES Expect Change in Your Design Career. Choose Growth If you recognize that change is coming and help others along the way, you can future-proof yourself. Where to Send Users after They ‘Sign In’ or ‘Reset Password’34% of sites don’t take users to their intended path after they’ve signed in. Five Traits of Great User ResearchersAdvice for taking your UX research career to the next level. Setting the Table for Dynamic ChangeTo have both resilience and grit, you must be able to absorb it all and keep going. Better Design With Deep ThinkingDeep work allows designers to thrive by leveraging their skills to solve complex problems and create better products. SPONSOR Schedule User Interviews the Easy Way with Acuity SchedulingIt's time to say goodbye to the "What time works for you?" email ping-pong. Acuity's approach to appointment scheduling makes it easy and intuitive for users to self-book their own time slot with you, based on your real-time availability. With Acuity, all you need to do is show up at the right time. This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads. MEDIA What I mean when I say CRAFTJoel Beukelman discusses what the word “craft” means to him. Tips for New UX Designers — Users Know PodcastKate and Laura attempt to give advice to new UXers. Selected Books on DesignDesign book recommendations on different related topics. UX PORTFOLIO Justine Win Canete Justine is a Product designer at Shopify. UX JOB UX/UI Designer at Barnes and Noble Education - New York CityBarnes and Noble Education is seeking a strong UX/UI designer to create new features and products for students. LAST BUT NOT LEAST A Designer and a Nordic Guy Walk into a HallIn the world of beg, borrow, steal, and “creativity is a remix”, where, and how does one discover mastery? “Your designs are your babies. If you hire the right people, they become co-parents who can do a better job than you can with parts of the work. ”— Tim Van Damme

UX Design Weekly: Mental models for designers, Struggling Design Systems, Power of Visioning




As the year comes to an end, I wanted to say thank you for reading each week and hope you have a happy holiday. See you again in 2020. ARTICLES Mental models for designersA look at tools Dropbox design uses for solving problems, making decisions, and communicating ideas. The Loss Of Micro-PrivacyHow small design changes rewrote the rules of messaging and how we feel about one another. Product Thinking is a Lifeline for Struggling Design SystemsDesign systems often fail because we don’t treat them like products. The Power of VisioningA six-step guide to supercharging product innovation and thinking big. The Icon KaleidoscopeMicrosoft redesigning over 100 icons with new colors, materials, and finishes. SPONSOR Start 2020 with a Career Advantage!Begin the new year on a high—get 25% off UX courses for the whole of 2020! You'll save 25% on yearly access to UX design courses and the world's largest network of designers. There's no better way to give your UX career an edge in 2020. TOOLS AND RESOURCES Bravo Studio AppTurn Figma designs into native iOS & Android apps instantly. It's Centred ThatTest your skills and judge whether the dots are really in the middle of the shapes. MEDIA Leading Design London 2019Talks from Leading Design London 2019. Design Tools Today - Design Details PodcastThe state of our industry's current design tools and what those tools could look like in the years to come. UX PORTFOLIO Dennis GecajDennis is a product designer from Germany. LAST BUT NOT LEAST BATUXAn infographic rethinking Batman’s classic outfit in a user-centric way. “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. ”— Jane Goodall

UX Design Weekly: Pixars Rules of Storytelling, Login Forms, Interface Copy Impacts Decision Making




ARTICLES Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling Applied to Product Managers & UX DesignersWe constantly need to be telling stories when communicating with everyone. Don’t Get Clever with Login Forms  Create login forms that are simple, linkable, predictable, and play nicely with password managers. Interface Copy Impacts Decision MakingThe language used in interfaces influences the decisions that our users will make. 4 Reasons Why You Should Design Without Color FirstCreating your screens in grayscale before adding color forces you think clearly and prioritize right when it comes to UX design. Prioritize Opportunities, Not SolutionsA product team’s job is to create value for the customer in a way that creates value for the business. 101 princip za dobar UX dizajn Knjiga je bila jedna od 10 najtraženijih na 63. Sajmu knjiga u Beogradu 2018. VIŠE O KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE.   TOOLS AND RESOURCES Maturing User ResearchA strategy deck for someone trying to establish design research in a new time. DesignerHunt. ioA place to follow & learn from the best designers. MixedReal-time whiteboard and collaboration tools for distributed teams. MEDIA Timezon. es – 10-minute RedesignA redesign that talks about layout, alignment, typography, hierarchy, and other tactical design advice. UX PORTFOLIO Ales NesetrilAles is a product designer co-leading a design team at STRV. LAST BUT NOT LEAST How I failed Microsoft’s interview as a UX DesignerLessons learned from rejection and growth as a designer. “Art challenges technology and technology inspires art. ”— John Lasseter If you know anyone that might enjoy UX Design Weekly, please share this issue with your friends and colleagues.
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