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Python Weekly 223




Articles, Tutorials and Talks Episode #39: Getting your first dev job as a Python developer (part 1) How often do you meet people who are looking to get into the software development space? Do they ask you for advice? Maybe they want to know your story of how you got started and landed that first big job. Maybe they want to know what they should be doing right now. This episode of Talk Python To Me is the first in a two part series that attempts to bring a wide spectrum of thoughts on this discussion. Why Python 3 exists Or, the whole unicode/str/bytes thing was done for a reason. The Dilemma of giving Christmas Gifts This post gives a game theoretic explanation as to why we exchange gifts. On twitter @alexip tweeted "'Let's agree not to give each other presents for Christmas' is just another case of the prisoner's dilemma #gametheory". This post builds on that and investigates the premise fully in an evolutionary context investigating different values of how good it feels to give and receive a gift. Build optimization models and turn them into full featured applications with Gurobi and Anaconda In this talk, we will cover: why choose Gurobi as your solver, why choose Python as your programming language, why choose Anaconda as your analytics platform, how Gurobi and Python can be used together to build models and applications, and an overview of useful Python resources including: Spyder and Jupyter for development, Pandas to help you manage data and Bokeh to help you visualize your results      Using gopy to connect to PostgreSQL from Python without psycopg2 gopy allows you to write code in Go and then dump it to a C library that can be used in Python 2. x. Podcast. __init__ Episode 36 - Eric Holscher on Documentation The first place we all go for learning about new libraries is the documentation. Lack of effective documentation can limit the adoption of an otherwise excellent project. In this episode we spoke with Eric Holscher, co-creator of Read The Docs, about why documentation is important and how we can all work to make it better. Bottle Security Checklist A security checklist, covering the basics, that can be used as a reference when developing Bottle-based applications. Announcing sophy: fast Python bindings for Sophia Database Sophia is a powerful key/value database with loads of features packed into a simple C API. In order to use this database in some upcoming projects I've got planned, I decided to write some Python bindings and the result is sophy. In this post, I'll describe the features of Sophia database, and then show example code using sophy, the Python wrapper. How To Deadlock Your Python With getaddrinfo()  Visualizing NBA Player Statistics My Christmas Gift  Creating NBA Shot Charts Books Python GUI Programming Cookbook Python GUI Programming Cookbook follows a task-based approach to help you create beautiful and very effective GUIs with the least amount of code necessary. This book uses the simplest programming style, using the fewest lines of code to create a GUI in Python, and then advances to using object-oriented programming in later chapters. If you are new to object-oriented programming (OOP), this book will teach you how to take advantage of the OOP coding style in the context of creating GUIs written in Python. Throughout the book, you will develop an entire GUI application, building recipe upon recipe, connecting the GUI to a database. In the later chapters, you will explore additional Python GUI frameworks, using best practices. You will also learn how to use threading to ensure your GUI doesn't go unresponsive. Python Anti-Patterns The Little Book of Python Anti-Patterns and Worst Practice. Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries Lektor A flexible and powerful static content management system for building complex and beautiful websites out of flat files -- for people who do not want to make a compromise between a CMS and a static blog engine.   ispy ispy is a python tool for monitoring the output of terminals and processes. joblib Python function as pipeline jobs. In particular, joblib offers: transparent disk-caching of the output values and lazy re-evaluation (memoize pattern), easy simple parallel computing, logging and tracing of the execution. Panda3D Panda3D is a game engine, a framework for 3D rendering and game development for Python and C++ programs.   MusicSAUR Music synchronization using browsers and a Python server - great for LAN systems! TwitterPiBot A Python based bot for Raspberry Pi that grabs tweets with a specific hashtag and reads them out loud. pyrobuf A Cython alternative to Google's Python Protobuf library. tqdm A fast, extensible progress bar for Python. Remix Echo Nest Remix is the Internet Synthesizer. Make amazing things from music, automatically. Turn any music or video into Python, Flash, or Javascript code.

Python Weekly 224




Worthy Read Development and Deployment of Cookiecutter-Django via Docker - Real Python django Let’s look at how to bootstrap a Django Project pre-loaded with the basic requirements needed in order to quickly get a project up and running. Further, beyond the project structure, most bootstrapped projects also take care of setting up the development and production environment settings, without troubling the user much – so we’ll look at that as well.   Book Review: Web Scraping with Python The book is terrific and manages to cover a lot of important scraping topics in just 140 pages. The author provides enough information so that by the end of the book you've got an arsenal of techniques and code for scraping a variety of websites. At the same time, the book avoids getting bogged down on any one topic.   Beautiful, fully-customizable choropleth maps in Python + matplotlib + basemap (with ipython notebook in github repo) The U. N. world population prospects data set depicts the U. N. ’s projections for every country’s population, decade by decade through 2100. The 2015 revision was recently released, and I analyzed, visualized, and mapped the data (methodology and code described below).   Integrating Facebook Login in AngularJS App with Satellizer Satellizer, an easy to use token-based authentication module for AngularJS, simplifies the process of implementing authentication mechanism in AngularJS, The library comes with built-in support for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, Bitbucket, Yahoo, Twitch, and Microsoft (Windows Live) accounts.   Serializing Authenticated User Data With Django REST Framework I have a user-agnostic set of data: data that has nothing to do with the user viewing the site. I want to make that data somewhat personal by adding attributes (fields) to the data that suit an authenticated (logged-in) user. Django REST framework easily allows me to serialize the data model. The serialized data has fields corresponding with data model fields.   Your Django Story: Meet K. Rain Leander K. Rain Leander is a systematic, slightly psychic, interdisciplinary developer evangelist with a Bachelor’s in dance and a Master’s in IT. An epic public speaker, she has disappeared within a box stuffed with swords, created life, and went skydiving with the Queen. Seriously. Rain is an active technical contributor with RDO manager, OpenStack, Django Girls, and Project DO.   Disabling Migrations While Testing If you have a large Django 1. 7+ project with a lot of migrations running test even with --keepdb can be slow just because the new migration framework has to order the migrations even if there is nothing to do.   Python Module of the Week for Python 3 Over the last several years since my book, The Python Standard Library by Example, was published many folks I’ve talked with at conferences or by email have asked when I would be updating the content for Python 3. I’ve been putting off that work, mostly because of other projects. I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally started updating the content and intend to publish updates weekly.   Elements of Python Style This document goes beyond PEP8 to cover the core of what I think of as great Python style. It is opinionated, but not too opinionated. It goes beyond mere issues of syntax and module layout, and into areas of paradigm, organization, and architecture. I hope it can be a kind of condensed "Strunk & White" for Python code.   Pymux: a tmux clone in pure Python A terminal multiplexer (like tmux) in Python  Jobs Principal Engineer at Antal International Networks Bangalore, Karnataka, India Design and develop core server side components for consumer facing site as well as for backend logistics. Game Developer - Python at Adeptstation Technologies Vadodara, Gujarat, India Projects docker-autocompose - 31 Stars, 1 Fork Generate a docker-compose yaml definition from a running container import_from_github_com - 19 Stars, 0 Fork Python module finder/loader from github, like in golang New-Year-Tower-Light - 16 Stars, 2 Fork IoT Tower alert we did this last night of 2015!! Job-Parser - 15 Stars, 7 Fork small web parser that gets all the top jobs and visualizes the various salaries for each position django-sequences - 12 Stars, 0 Fork Generate gap-less sequences of integer values. PenBox - 10 Stars, 6 Fork A tool that has all the tools , penetration tester's repo GoFeather - 9 Stars, 0 Fork Alternate Go mode for Sublime Text 3 PyFladesk-rss-reader - 7 Stars, 0 Fork simple rss reader by PyFladesk Mosaicer - 7 Stars, 1 Fork A quick and dirty mosaic generating program

Python Weekly 230




NewsPEP 0515 -- Underscores in Numeric LiteralsThis PEP proposes to extend Python's syntax so that underscores can be used in integral, floating-point and complex number literals. This is a common feature of other modern languages, and can aid readability of long literals, or literals whose value should clearly separate into parts, such as bytes or words in hexadecimal notation.   Articles, Tutorials and TalksApplied Data Science in PythonEver tried to get into data science or machine learning, but struggled with getting your tech stack working, or found the maths off-putting? Curious about the limits of what your laptop or desktop really are when it comes to Big Data and predictive analytics? Ever wondered if these tools were really accessible to a general developer? This talk will provide attendees with a walkthrough on getting set up for this work, and an overview of a good tech stack / software ecosystem for beginning work. We'll cover some of the standard data sets in machine learning, and how to apply interesting algorithms. Random Forests and neural networks will be included, but with a minimum of fuss and jargon.  Raspberry Pi MCP3008 Python Library with TonyD!This talk covers working on a Python library for the MCP3008 analog to digital converter with the Raspberry Pi. It also discusses the structure of python libraries, how to talk to SPI devices, and details on publishing a library to the Python package index. Episode #45: The Python Testing Column, Now a ThingWhat is the role, the core purpose of writing tests for you application? Should you write more unit tests and fewer integration tests, or is it actually the other way around? You may have heard of the test pyramid with unit tests building the foundation. In this episode we talk about a variation on that theme called the test column.  Podcast. __init__ Episode 43 - WSGI 2. 0The Web Server Gateway Interface, or WSGI for short, is a long-standing pillar of the Python ecosystem. It has enabled a vast number of web frameworks to proliferate by not having to worry about how exactly to interact with the HTTP protocol and focus instead on building a library that is robust, extensible, and easy to use. With recent evolutions to how we interact with the web, it appears that WSGI may be in need of an update and that is what our guests on this episode came to discuss.  How to Verify Phone numbers in Python with the Twilio Lookup APIIn this post, we're going to learn how to deal with valid and invalid numbers using the Twilio Python library. This code could work in any context whether you use it to look up customer numbers in your production Django app or just have a basic script you want to run to check numbers in a local database.  Polyglot PyCharm for Rich Web Front-ends Part 2In this second installment of Polyglot Python with PyCharm, we go further in showing PyCharm driving modern web frontend development, and how JavaScript can be used Pythonically. This session builds on the basics introduced earlier and goes deeper into new ways to develop for the browser. Exploratory data analysis and interactive figures with PlotlyIn this post, I will show how to build a scatter plot matrix that is “spiked” with some boxplots to highlight some useful statistics. I will proceed step by step. First I will explain how to prepare the dataset for plotting. Then I’ll explain how to plot a scatterplot and a boxplot using basic plotly syntax. Finally, I’ll show you how to put all the pieces together to build the final plot. If you want to jump straight to the plotting, just skip the Getting to know the dataset and Simplification of the dataset sections and go to Isolated Scatterplot. Writing breakout clone with micropythonComplete guide to create a Time Series ForecastCoverage. py with Ned Batchelder (PTP012)Newton's method with 10 lines of PythonAuto-scaling scikit-learn with SparkBooksLearning Scrapy This book covers the long awaited Scrapy v 1. 0 that empowers you to extract useful data from virtually any source with very little effort. It starts off by explaining the fundamentals of Scrapy framework, followed by a thorough description of how to extract data from any source, clean it up, shape it as per your requirement using Python and 3rd party APIs. Next you will be familiarised with the process of storing the scrapped data in databases as well as search engines and performing real time analytics on them with Spark Streaming. By the end of this book, you will perfect the art of scarping data for your applications with ease. Python Jobs of the WeekSoftware Engineer at WattTimeAs WattTime's first full-time software engineer, you'll help us extend and scale our platform to support our next wave of partners: smart thermostats and smart buildings! You'll start with our well-tested Python platform that connects real-time electricity grid data to IoT devices. You'll get to work across the stack: from optimizing the backend with Postgres, Celery, and Pandas, to crafting customer-facing features with Django Rest Framework and your favorite front-end tools.  Senior Software Engineer at Windsor CircleWe are seeking a Senior Software Engineer who will be responsible for architecting and building the interconnect to many SaaS data stores in the e-commerce marketplace using SOAP and REST based APIs.  Responsible for the primary design and frameworks used for transforming, storing, and extracting data from our centralized database hub for marketing purposes. Assist in designing and building the Company's own RESTful API supporting JSON and XML data exchange for integration with our front end UI. Code reviews, guidance to other engineers.  Interesting Projects, Tools and LibrariesRecords: SQL for HumansRecords is a very simple, but powerful, library for making raw SQL queries to Postgres databases. This common task can be surprisingly difficult with the standard tools available. This library strives to make this workflow as simple as possible, while providing an elegant interface to work with your query results. twtxttwtxt is a decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers. vprofvprof is a Python package providing rich and interactive visualizations for various Python program characteristics such as running time and memory usage.  maybeSee what a program does before deciding whether you really want it to happen. Routerhunter-2. 0Testing vulnerabilities in devices and routers connected to the Internet. asciimaticsA cross platform package to do curses-like operations and create ASCII art animations. pyqA tool to search for Python code using jQuery-like selectors. OlafManage multiple requirements files. This is useful if you like to keep requirements. txt and requirements_dev. txt seperate, but then discover that you can no longer run pip freeze > requirements. txt to pin your project's version requirments. Musichaosmusichaos is a tool to tidy up the chaos in your local music library on a file basis.  redis-memory-analyzerRedis memory profiler to find the RAM bottlenecks. ZappaZappa makes it super easy to deploy all Python WSGI applications on AWS Lambda + API Gateway. Think of it as "serverless" web hosting for your Python web apps. python3-in-one-picLearn python3 in one picture. New ReleasesPython 3 is Coming to ScrapyScrapy with beta Python 3 support is finally here with Scrapy 1. 1. 0rc1 release. This is a huge milestone for all you Scrapy users (and those who haven't used Scrapy due to the lack of Python 3). Scrapy veterans and new adopters will soon be able to move their entire stack to Python 3 once the release becomes stable. Keep in mind that since this a release candidate, it is not ready to be used in production. Anaconda 2. 5 This release includes the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) optimizations (version 11. 3. 1) for improved performance. While we have supported MKL-enabled versions of numpy, scipy, scikit-learn and numexpr for several years as our commercial "MKL Optimizations" product, we are now making these packages available for free for everyone, and they are included by default in the standard Anaconda installers. See the changelog for the full list of changes, fixes and updates.

Python Weekly 231




NewsPyData London 2016 Call For ProposalsPyData welcomes presentations focusing on Python as well as other languages used in data science (e. g. R, Julia). Presentation content can be at a novice, intermediate or advanced level. Talks will run 30-40 min and hands-on tutorials will run 90-120 min. Announcing the Keynote Speakers for PyCon 2016Articles, Tutorials and TalksPython for Live MusicAt Les Chemins de Traverse we explore ways of "augmenting" acoustical musical instruments with new possibilities offered by computers. For doing so, we need ultra-low latency real-time audio processing programs. Pretty much the typical situation where python should *not* be used, right? Wrong. We've recently included python (with a strong use of Olivier Bélanger's wonderful pyo module) in our set of tools for realizing the musical ideas we have in mind. This talk will expose why we came to consider python as a very interesting option for our realtime audio systems and how we use it on stage, with code and sound samples. Raspberry Pi & Python I2C Deep Dive with TonyD! A video that does deep dive into the I2C protocol and how to use it from Python with a Raspberry Pi. Episode #46: Python in Movies and EntertainmentWhat did you experience the last time you watched a movie in a theater? Were you captivated by fast-paced action and special effects? Deeply moved by the characters that came to life during those two hours when the outside world just melted away? Yeah, movies are still magical. What was likely not top of mind was all the work that went into that movie, from the editing of the audio and video, the special effects, renderings, and coordination of maybe 100's of creative professionals. It turns out that Python plays a key role in coordinating all of this production work and that's what this episode is all about. Join me as I talk with Rob Blau from Autodesk about Python in the movies and entertainment business. Signal Processing with GW150914 Open DataThis ipython notebook (or associated python script GW150914_tutorial. py ) will go through some typical signal processing tasks on strain time-series data associated with the LIGO GW150914 data release from the LIGO Open Science Center (LOSC). Calling C Libraries from Numba Using CFFIThe python CFFI library provides an easy and efficient way to call C code from within a function jitted (just-in-time compiled) by Numba. This makes it simple to produce fast code with functionality that is not yet available directly in Numba. As a simple demonstration, I wrap several statistical functions from the Rmath library. Sense2vec with spaCy and GensimIf you were doing text analytics in 2015, you were probably using word2vec. Sense2vec is a new twist on word2vec that lets you learn more interesting, detailed and context-sensitive word vectors. This post motivates the idea, explains our implementation, and comes with an interactive demo that we've found surprisingly addictive. Episode 44 - Airflow with Maxime BeaucheminAre you struggling with trying to manage a series of related, interdependent batch jobs? Then you should check out Airflow. In this episode we spoke with the project's creator Maxime Beauchemin about what inspired him to create it, how it works, and why you might want to use it. Airflow is a data pipeline management tool that will simplify how you build, deploy, and monitor your complex data processing tasks so that you can focus on getting the insights you need from your data. A recommendation system for blogs: Content-based similarity (part 2)In this second post in a series of posts about a content recommendation system for The Marketing Technologist (TMT) website we are going to elaborate on the concept of content-based recommendation systems. In the first post we described the benefits of recommendation systems and we roughly divided them in two different types of recommenders: content-based and collaborative filtering. The first post also described the prerequisites in order to set-up both types of recommenders. In this article we take our first steps in content-based recommendation systems by describing a quantified approach to express the similarity of articles. Ian Cordasco - Betamax (PTP013)Testing apps that use requests without using mock. Making Python on Hadoop Easier with Anaconda and ClouderaThis post will show you how to install and configure the Anaconda parcel, as well as provide an example of training a scikit-learn model on a single node and then using the model to make predictions on data in a cluster. Technical writing with sphinxPython Mocking 101: Fake It Before You Make ItIntroducing Dask distributedBooksSpark for Python Developers To begin with, you will learn the most effective way to install the Python development environment powered by Spark, Blaze, and Bookeh. You will then find out how to connect with data stores such as MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Hadoop. You'll expand your skills throughout, getting familiarized with the various data sources (Github, Twitter, Meetup, and Blogs), their data structures, and solutions to effectively tackle complexities. You'll explore datasets using iPython Notebook and will discover how to optimize the data models and pipeline. Finally, you'll get to know how to create training datasets and train the machine learning models. Interesting Projects, Tools and LibrariesLaboratoryA Python library for carefully refactoring critical paths (and a port of Github's Scientist)BigchainDBA scalable blockchain database. It combines the key benefits of distributed DBs and traditional blockchains, with an emphasis on scale. It is built on top of an enterprise-grade distributed DB, from which BigchainDB inherits high throughput, high capacity, a full-featured NoSQL query language, efficient querying, and permissioning. curses-menu A simple Python menu-based GUI system on the terminal using curses. Perfect for those times when you need a GUI, but don't want the overhead or learning curve of a full-fledged GUI framework. dynaconfThe dynamic configurator for your Python Project. It can read settings variables from a set of different data stores such as python settings files, environment variables, redis, memcached, ini files, json files, yaml files and you can customize dynaconf loaders to read from wherever you want. Thunder Thunder is a library for analyzing large-scale spatial and temporal data. It's fast to run, easy to extend, and designed for interactivity. It is built on Spark, a new framework for cluster computing. Thunder includes utilities for loading and saving different formats, classes for working with distributed spatial and temporal data, and modular functions for time series analysis, factorization, and model fitting. Analyses can easily be scripted or combined. It is written against Spark's Python API (Pyspark), making use of scipy, numpy, and scikit-learn. watson-word-watcherA proof of concept using IBM's Speech-to-Text API to do quick-and-dirty transcriptions. GeosPyHighly optimized geolocation inference package for spatial approximation. isignA tool and library to re-sign iOS applications, without proprietary Apple software. For example, an iOS app in development would probably only run on the developer's iPhone. isign can alter the app so that it can run on another developer's iPhone. Apple tools already exist to do this. But with isign, now you can do this on operating systems like Linux. gwpy Package for analysing and characterising gravitational wave data in python. pocket-cliPocket-CLI is an application for reading / listing and managing your GetPocket. com articles from the terminal. hyperophyperop is a small library for representing really, really, ridiculously large numbers in pure python. It does so using hyperoperations. Js2PyJavaScript to Python Translator & JavaScript interpreter written in 100% pure Python. famA simple Python ORM for CouchDB and Couchbase Sync Gateway. spellbookSearch and store command lines. django-field-historyA Django app to track changes to a model field.

Python Weekly 235




News SciPy 2016 Call for Talk and Tutorial Proposals Major topic tracks include: Scientific Computing in Python, Python in Data Science, and High Performance Computing. Mini-symposia will include the applications of Python in: Earth and Space Science, Engineering, Medicine and Biology, Social Sciences, Special Purpose Databases, Case Studies in Industry, Education, Reproducibility. Join Scrapinghub for Google Summer of Code 2016 It's that time of year again! Google Summer of Code 2016 applications are upon us and we welcome any and all students who are interested in open source and web scraping. For those just hearing about this program, Google Summer of Code provides stipends ($5500 for a successfully completed project) to students who are interested in writing code for open source projects. This is our third year participating in this prestigious program and we're excited to announce projects around Scrapy, Portia, Splash, and Frontera.   Articles, Tutorials and Talks A Concrete Introduction to Probability (using Python) A post by Peter Norvig that covers the basics of probability theory, and show how to implement the theory in Python 3.   Episode #50: Web scraping at scale with Scrapy and ScrapingHub What do you do when you are working with an amazing web application that, for whatever reason, doesn't have an API? One option is to say I wish that site had an API and give up. Or, you could use scrapy, an open source web scraping framework from Pablo Hoffman and scrapinghub. com and create your own API! In this episode , we'll talk about how to do this, when it makes sense, and even when it's allowed.   Diving Into Other People's Code This post will walk you through an exercise in diving into someone else's code. The goal will be to make an arbitrary change to the code of the Spyder Python IDE, a project I have never touched before in my life, and learn just enough about it to accomplish what I want without getting bogged down. You will learn how to approach problems without the rigour taught in formal education, and instead with guesswork, experimentation, and insight learned in a professional environment. You will see first-hand the joys, sorrows and frustrations trying to navigate the project, culminating in a working (if rough) patch adding a feature to a large, unfamiliar codebase. Raspberry Pi & Bluetooth LE pt. 3 with Tony D! This talk demonstrates creating a custom BLE service on a Feather M0 Bluefruit board and then reading data from it over BLE with a Raspberry Pi 3 & Python code. Podcast. __init__ Episode 48 - PyData with Ian Ozsvald and Emlyn Clay  Ian Ozsvald and Emlyn Clay are co-chairs of the London chapter of the PyData organization. In this episode we talked to them about their experience managing the PyData conference and meetup, what the PyData organization does, and their thoughts on using Python for data analytics in their work. Image Processing 101 This article goes through some basic building blocks of image processing, and shares some code and approaches to basic how-tos. All code written is in Python and uses OpenCV.   Scientific Python for Raspberry Pi A guide to setting up the Python scientific stack, well-suited for geospatial analysis, on a Raspberry Pi 3. Develop a Python application with Carina This tutorial describes how to develop a Python web application locally on VirtualBox and deploy it on Carina with Docker Compose. Diagnosing Heart Diseases with Deep Neural Networks Deep-Q learning Pong with Tensorflow and PyGame Has your conversion rate changed? An introduction to Bayesian timeseries analysis with Python. Scalable Machine Learning in R and Python with H2O Exploring SSTI in Flask/Jinja2 Python for geospatial data processing      Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries match Match makes it easy to search for images that look similar to each other. Using a state-of-the-art perceptual hash, it is invariant to scaling and 90 degree rotations. Its HTTP API is quick to integrate and flexible for a number of reverse image search applications. Kubernetes and Elasticsearch allow Match to scale to billions of images with ease while giving you full control over where your data is stored. Match uses the awesome ascribe/image-match under the hood for most of the image search legwork. SecPi A Raspberry Pi based home alarm system. pseudo Pseudo takes an algorithm / a simple program and generates idiomatic code for it in Python, JavaScript, C#, Go and Ruby. rop_compiler An open source, multi-architecture ROP compiler written in python. venv-update Quickly and exactly synchronize a large python project's virtualenv with its requirements. megaman megaman is a scalable manifold learning package implemented in python. It has a front-end API designed to be familiar to scikit-learn but harnesses the C++ Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors (FLANN) and the Sparse Symmetric Positive Definite (SSPD) solver Locally Optimal Block Precodition Gradient (LOBPCG) method to scale manifold learning algorithms to large data sets. On a personal computer megaman can embed 1 million data points with hundreds of dimensions in 10 minutes.   hazelnut A pythonic library to parse /proc/meminfo. SimpleSQLite SimpleSQLite is a python library to simplify the table creation and data insertion in SQLite database. redis-astra Redis-astra is Python light ORM for Redis. JSRat-Py An implementation of JSRat. ps1 in Python so you can run the attack server from any OS instead of being limited to a Windows OS with Powershell enabled. New Releases Pandas 0. 18 This is a major release from 0. 17. 1 and includes a small number of API changes, several new features, enhancements, and performance improvements along with a large number of bug fixes. PyPy 5. 0 Twisted 16. 0

Python Weekly 236




Articles, Tutorials and Talks Genomic Data Visualization in Python From deep sequencing to insights. Pandashells: Data Science with Python on the Command Line This post demonstrates how to use Pandashells to accomplish a variety of common data processing, analysis, and visualization tasks on the command line. First, it presents the commands according to the tasks you're going to accomplish so the commands are short and you can skip to the tasks you're interested in. Then, at the end of this post, it provides an example of chaining several commands to prepare a dataset for predictive modeling. Episode #51: SigOpt: Optimizing Everything with Python You've heard that machine intelligence is going to transform our lives any day now. This is usually presented in a way that is vague and non-descript. In this episode, you'll meet Patrick Hayes the CTO at SigOpt whose goal is to accelerate your machine learning by "optimizing everything".   Scipy Lecture Notes One document to learn numerics, science, and data with Python. Podcast. __init__ Episode 49 - VPython with Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood Wouldn't it be nice to be able to generate interactive 3D visualizations of physical systems in a declarative manner with Python? In this episode we spoke with Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood about the VPython project which does just that. They tell us about how the use VPython in their classrooms, how the project got started, and the work they have done to bring it into the browser. Scrapy Tips from the Pros: March 2016 Edition This month's edition of the Scrapy Tips from the Pros series covers how to use a cookiejar with the CookiesMiddleware to get around websites that won't allow you to crawl multiple pages at the same time using the same cookie. It also shares a handy tip on how to use multiple fallback XPath/CSS expressions with item loaders to get data from websites more reliably. Rapid API Prototyping with Bottle. py This post shows you how to launch rapidly a REST API with Bottle. py Analyze a Time Series in Real Time with AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis and Amazon DynamoDB Streams This post explains how to perform time-series analysis on a stream of Amazon Kinesis records, without the need for any servers or clusters, using AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis Streams, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon CloudWatch.  We demonstrate how to do time-series analysis on live web analytics events stored in Amazon Kinesis Streams and present the results in near real-time for use cases like live key performance indicators, ad-hoc analytics, and quality assurance, as used in our AWS-based data science and analytics  RAVEN (Reporting, Analytics, Visualization, Experimental, Networks) platform at JustGiving. Churn Prediction with PySpark using MLlib and ML Packages The prediction process is heavily data driven and often utilizes advanced machine learning techniques. In this post, we'll take a look at what types of customer data are typically used, do some preliminary analysis of the data, and generate churn prediction models - all with PySpark and its machine learning frameworks.   Token-based authentication with Django and React This tutorial will show you how to create a simple React app that uses Django Rest Framework's token authentication to grant or deny users access to certain pages. Functional Programming: Concepts, Idioms and Philosophy Finally, Real-Time Django Is Here: Get Started with Django Channels  Tidy Data In Python  Raspberry Pi & Python Internet 'Thing' pt. 1 with Tony D! Using Selenium and Python to screenshot a javascript-heavy page Python Jobs of the Week Full-Stack Python/Django developer at Forward Partners We're looking for a highly skilled Python / Django developer who can help make our entrepreneurs idea become a reality. You will build MVPs, offer expert technical advice and make suggestions for innovations through working in an agile fashion as a founding member of the companies we invest in. Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries pyship Create statically linked python for easy desktop application distribution. py1040 A U. S. personal income tax calculator. try Awesome cli tool to try out python packages - It's never been easier! Deviot Deviot is a plugin based in stino for Sublime Text 2 & 3 to IoT development using PlatformIO ecosystem and supporting ~200 boards! concierge concierge is a small utility/daemon which is intended to help humans to maintain their SSH configs. Dplython The goal of this project is to implement the functionality of the R package Dplyr on top of Python's pandas. DiskCache DiskCache is an Apache2 licensed disk and file backed cache library, written in pure-Python, and compatible with Django. Performance and correctness are features with dozens of cache benchmarks, 100% test coverage, and hours of stress testing in production. There are no external dependencies like memcached or redis which simplifies development and deployment while maintaining faster cache lookups than industry standard solutions. variational-text-tensorflow TensorFlow implementation of Neural Variational Inference for Text Processing. nlib Python Library of Numerical Algorithms. Karta Karta is a simple to use package for spatial analysis in Python. It streamlines processing vector and raster data. Numscrypt Numscrypt is a port of a small part of NumPy to Transcrypt using JavaScript typed arrays.   visual-analogy-tensorflow Tensorflow implementation of Deep Visual Analogy-Making. New Releases PyCharm 2016. 1

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NewsMake qutebrowser the most future-proof vim-like browser!A crowdfunding campaign with the goal of adding support for QtWebEngine to qutebrowser. QtWebEngine is based on Chromium and in very active development - support for it will fix dozens of qutebrowser bugs related to QtWebKit. Articles, Tutorials and TalksEpisode #52: EVE Online: MMO game powered by PythonYou may have played Eve Online as it's one of the first major MMOs released in 2003. But did you know that Python is at the core of the game, playing a critical role in the backend infrastructure as well as a major role in the client side game itself! On this episode, you'll meet Kristinn Sigurbergsson from CCP games to dig into Python at Eve Online.  Python Virtual Environments - a Primer In this article, we'll show how to use virtual environments to create and manage separate environments for your Python projects, each using different versions of Python for execution, as well as how Python dependencies are stored and resolved. Podcast. __init__ Episode 50 - Transcrypt with Jacques de HoogeAny programmer who has dealt with a website for any length of time knows that writing JavaScript isn't always the most enjoyable. Wouldn't you rather write that code in Python and just have it work on your website? In this episode we learn about Transcrypt with its creator Jacques de Hooge. Transcrypt is a Python to JavaScript transpiler that embraces the JavaScript ecosystem while letting you use the familiar syntax of Python for writing your logic, rather than trying to shoehorn a Python runtime into your browser. Building a Location Aware Web App With GeodjangoPostgreSQL has excellent support for geographical data thanks to the PostGIS extension, and Django allows you to take full advantage of it thanks to GeoDjango. This tutorial shows you how to use GeoDjango to build a web app that allows users to search for gigs and events near them. Implementing Python for DrRacketThis paper presents an implementation of Python for Racket and the DrRacket IDE. This allows Python programmers to use Racket libraries and vice versa, as well as using DrRacket's pedagogic features. In particular, it allows architects and designers to use Python as a front-end programming language for Rosetta, an IDE for computer-aided design, whose modelling primitives are defined in Racket.  Measuring size of objects in an image with OpenCV In this post, you will learn how to measure the size of objects in an image using Python and OpenCV. Catching bogus Python asserts on CIIt's easy to accidentally write Python assert statements that always evaluate to true. Here's how to avoid this mistake and catch bad assertions as part of your continuous integration build. PyData Amsterdam 2016 VideosWinning Reversi with Monte Carlo Tree SearchMisleading modelling: overfitting, cross-validation, and the bias-variance trade-offRaspberry Pi & Python Internet 'Thing' pt. 2 with Tony D!Comprehensions in Python the Jedi wayBooksBioinformatics with Python Cookbook Using the hands-on recipes in this book, you'll be able to do practical research and analysis in computational biology with Python. We cover modern, next-generation sequencing libraries and explore real-world examples on how to handle real data. The main focus of the book is the practical application of bioinformatics, but we also cover modern programming techniques and frameworks to deal with the ever increasing deluge of bioinformatics data. Python Jobs of the WeekFullstack Python/Django Developer at GeneAdviser We are looking for a Python/Django backend developer to work in a small and dedicated team headed by our CTO. Initially the focus will be on building the secure ordering platform but products using data science and bioinformatics are planned in the long term.  Interesting Projects, Tools and LibrariesYosaiA Security Framework for Python Applications. It features authentication, authorization, and session management from a common, intuitive API.  pytraderpytrader is a cryptocurrency trading robot that uses machine learning to predict price movements at confidence intervals, and sometimes execute trades. FeatherFeather: fast, interoperable binary data frame storage for Python, R, and more powered by Apache Arrow. wireless-network-reproductionWireless Network Reproduction (aka WNR) is a network emulator which allows developers to exactly reproduce any kind of terrible network condition on your own mobile device, or even Android/iOS emulators running on Mac OS. rq-schedulerA light library that adds job scheduling capabilities to RQ (Redis Queue)channels-examplesThis is a repository of simple, well-commented examples of how to implement a few different site features in Django Channels. missingnoMissing data visualization module for Python. CrackMapExecA swiss army knife for pentesting Windows/Active Directory environments. elevationGlobal geographic elevation data made easy. Elevation provides easy download, cache and access of the global datasets SRTM 30m Global 1 arc second V003 elaborated by NASA and NGA and SRTM 90m Digital Elevation Database v4. 1 elaborated by CGIAR-CSI. pyrillaIt a is lightweight software audio mixer for Windows and Mac OS X for game developers built on top of great Gorilla Audio library. The aim of this project is to provide simple statically compiled audio mixer for different systems (Linux support planned in near future) that has no external dependencies and can be easily installed with with pip. python-unitypackA library to deserialize Unity3D Assets and AssetBundles files (*. unity3d). text2imageGenerating Images from Captions with Attention. We introduce a model that generates image blobs from natural language descriptions. The proposed model iteratively draws patches on a canvas, while attending to the relevant words in the description.

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NewsDjangoCon US 2016 Call for Proposals Articles, Tutorials and TalksUsing AlexaPi on Raspberry Pi ZeroLearn how to use AlexaPi tool to turn a Raspberry Pi Zero into an Amazon Echo-like device. Ask the Pi questions and Amazon's Alexa voice service will respond with answers!Podcast. __init__ Episode 50 - Pyjion with Brett Cannon and Dino ViehlandIn an attempt to improve the performance characteristics of the CPython implementation, Dino Viehland began work on a patch to allow for a pluggable interface to a JIT (Just In Time) compiler. His employer, Microsoft, decided to sponsor his efforts and the result is the Pyjion project. In this episode we spoke with Dino Viehland and Brett Cannon about the goals of the project, the progress they have made so far, and the issues they have encountered along the way. We also made an interesting detour to discuss the general state of performance in the Python ecosystem and why the GIL isn't the bogeyman it's made out to be. Introduction to Linear Programming with Python and PuLPLinear Programming, also sometimes called linear optimisation, involves maximising or minimising a linear objective function, subject to a set of linear inequality or equality constraints. It has great applications in the field of operations management but can be used to solve a range of problems. In this series of posts, we explore some linear programming examples, starting with some very basic Mathematical theory behind the technique and moving on to some real world examples. We will be using python and the PuLP linear programming package to solve these linear programming problem.  Data Normalization in PythonIn this post we'll be digging into some MLB payroll data. In particular I'm going to show you how you can use normalization techniques to compare seemlingly incomparable data! Interactive Data Analysis with Python and Excel  I have written several times about the usefulness of pandas as a data manipulation/wrangling tool and how it can be used to efficiently move data to and from Excel. There are cases, however, where you need an interactive environment for data analysis and trying to pull that together in pure python, in a user-friendly manner would be difficult. This article will discuss how to use xlwings to tie Excel, Python and pandas together to build a data analysis tool that pulls information from an external database, manipulates it and presents it to the user in a familiar spreadsheet format. Planning Bus Trips with Python & Singapore's Smart Nation APIsThis post will explore one dataset: the LTA Data Mall, by Singapore's Land Transport Authority. This dataset provides both offline geographical data on roads & public transport, as well as real-time data on things like bus arrivals and taxis. Using this dataset, the Python programming language, and basic programming and data-science techniques, we will build a trip planner to find the shortest bus commute from A to B, but powered by real data and bounded by real-world limitations. Raspberry Pi & Python Internet 'Thing' Pt. 3 with Tony D!In this episode we add a DHT temperature & humidity sensor to the Pi and have it dynamically render its data in a chart on the webpage. Using Django signals for database loggingThis article presents a database logging solution inspired from the Observer Design Pattern, which uses Django signals, sent from various sources in a unified fashion. A practical introduction to Functional Programming for Python codersPage ranking my twitter network using PythonScalable and resilient Django with KubernetesInteresting Projects, Tools and LibrariesCaravelCaravel is a data exploration platform designed to be visual, intuitive, and interactive. TFLearnTFlearn is a modular and transparent deep learning library built on top of Tensorflow. It was designed to provide a higher-level API to TensorFlow in order to facilitate and speed-up experimentations, while remaining fully transparent and compatible with it. lda2vecThe lda2vec model tries to mix the best parts of word2vec and LDA into a single framework. word2vec captures powerful relationships between words, but the resulting vectors are largely uninterpretable and don't represent documents. LDA on the other hand is quite interpretable by humans, but doesn't model local word relationships like word2vec. We build a model that builds both word and document topics, makes them interpreable, makes topics over clients, times, and documents, and makes them supervised topics. fbtftpfbtftp is Facebook's implementation of a dynamic TFTP server framework. It lets you create custom TFTP servers and wrap your own logic into it in a very simple manner. Facebook currently uses it in production, and it's deployed at global scale across all of our data centers. JavaScripthon JavaScripthon is a small and simple Python 3. 5+ translator to JavaScript which aims to be able to translate most of the Python's core semantics without providing a full python-in-js environment, as most existing translators do. It tries to emit code which is simple to read and check and it does so by switching to ES6 construct when necessary. This allows to simplify the needs of polyfills for many of the expected Python behaviors. ActivFlowActivFlow is a generic, light-weight and extensible workflow engine for agile development and automation of complex Business Process operations. Developers can emphasize towards mapping the Business Process model as ActivFlow workflow without having to worry about implementing the core workflow processing logic. The generic implementation of the workflow engine manages the automation of the Business Processes from start to finish as per the defined configuration. ZeepA modern/fast python SOAP client based on lxml / requests. PyFunctionalPython library for creating data pipelines with chain functional programming. pandas-summaryAn extension to pandas dataframes describe function. python-lambdaA Python library to assist in developing functions for AWS Lambda. RouteSploitThe RouteSploit Framework is an open-source exploitation framework dedicated to embedded devices. It consists of various modules that aids penetration testing operations. AjguDBAjguDB is a graph database (graphdb) written in Python with Gremlin querying. django-serial-formsConstructible, introspectable serializers and forms. New ReleasesNumPy 1. 11. 0 This release supports Python 2. 6 - 2. 7 and 3. 2 - 3. 5 and contains a number of enhancements and improvements.  Anaconda 4. 0 Django bugfix releases issued: 1. 9. 5 and 1. 8. 12

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NewsPyCon Australia 2016 Call for Proposals    PyGotham 2016  Call for ProposalsArticles, Tutorials and TalksWhat's New In Python 3. 6This article explains the new features in Python 3. 6, compared to 3. 5. Episode #53: Python in Visual StudioWhat's your favorite Python editor? That is one of the questions I always ask at the end of the episode. This week I want to shine a light on a fantastic answer to that question for Windows developers: Visual Studio. On this episode, you'll meet Steve Dower, from Microsoft's Python Tools for Visual Studio team. He's here to tell us all about it. We also cover Python on Windows, CPython, the 2016 BUILD conference and more.  Podcast. __init__ Episode 52 - Hypothesis with David MacIverWriting tests is important for the stability of our projects and our confidence when making changes. One issue that we must all contend with when crafting these tests is whether or not we are properly exercising all of the edge cases. Property based testing is a method that attempts to find all of those edge cases by generating randomized inputs to your functions until a failing combination is found. This approach has been popularized by libraries such as Quickcheck in Haskell, but now Python has an offering in this space in the form of Hypothesis. This week, the creator and maintainer of Hypothesis, David MacIver, joins us to tell us about his work on it and how it works to improve our confidence in the stability of our code. Intro to Machine Learning & NLP with Python and WekaIn this tutorial, you'll be briefly introduced to machine learning with Python (2. x) and Weka, a data processing and machine learning tool. The activity is to build a simple spam filter for emails and learn machine learning concepts. Raspberry Pi Internet Radio with Flask The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how you can build a radio that can stream audio from the internet using a simple web interface to operate it. Using Anaconda with PySpark for Distributed Language Processing on a Hadoop ClusterIn this post, we'll use Anaconda to perform distributed natural language processing with PySpark using a subset of the same data set. We'll configure different enterprise Hadoop distributions, including Cloudera CDH and Hortonworks HDP,  to work interactively on your Hadoop cluster with PySpark, Anaconda and a Jupyter Notebook. Raspberry Pi & Python Internet 'Thing' pt. 4 with Tony D!In this video we use SocketIO to do real time updates from the server to the web page and vice-versa. Making Ember and Django play nicely together: a to-do app walkthrough    Debugging of CPython processes with gdbVisualize Foursquare Location HistoryControlling USB devices with Python and libusb NYC subway mathRevisiting NBA Career Predictions From Rookie PerformanceBooksDesigning Machine Learning Systems with PythonThis book will give you a solid foundation in the machine learning design process, and enable you to build customised machine learning models to solve unique problems. You may already know about, or have worked with, some of the off-the-shelf machine learning models for solving common problems such as spam detection or movie classification, but to begin solving more complex problems, it is important to adapt these models to your own specific needs. This book will give you this understanding and more. Composing ProgramsComposing Programs is a free online introduction to programming and computer science. In the tradition of SICP, this text focuses on methods for abstraction, programming paradigms, and techniques for managing the complexity of large programs. These concepts are illustrated primarily using the Python 3. Python Jobs of the WeekPython/Flask fullstack / backend developer at Freelancer. comWe have an application that was built using flask. It was written a couple of years ago and we need to update the code so that it integrates into some of our current infrastructure.  Once this is done, we will be looking to build out and add more features. Lead Developer at Live Better WithThe Lead Developer will work closely with the CEO to improve the current product whilst also building new, innovative digital products and features to help the company continue to grow globally at a rapid rate. The role of Lead Developer is a broad, high visibility, high impact position and one suited to a truly innovative, ambitious technology executive. The opportunity ahead is significant, and the incoming candidate will have the chance to make the key decisions required to position the business for aggressive growth over the next 12 - 18 months. Interesting Projects, Tools and LibrariesVoltronVoltron is an extensible debugger UI toolkit written in Python. It aims to improve the user experience of various debuggers (LLDB, GDB, VDB and WinDbg) by enabling the attachment of utility views that can retrieve and display data from the debugger host. By running these views in other TTYs, you can build a customised debugger user interface to suit your needs. deepjazz Deep learning driven jazz generation using Keras & Theano!PyGame Learning EnvironmentPyGame Learning Environment (PLE) is a learning environment, mimicking the Arcade Learning Environment interface, allowing a quick start to Reinforcement Learning in Python. The goal of PLE is allow practitioners to focus design of models and experiments instead of environment design. Awesome PythonAwesome Python is a community effort. The primary listings are based on the official Awesome Python list at GitHub. There are additional features such as search autocomplete, a better UI, tracking projects' popularity & activity, and comparing by those etc. Also other features are in pipeline. haxor-newsA Hacker News CLI with auto-completion, output highlighting, and comment filtering. youtube-dlSmall command-line program to download videos from YouTube. com and other video sites. telepotPython framework for Telegram Bot API. drf-url-filtersA django app to apply filters on drf querysets using query params with validations using voluptuous. Qlearning4kQlearning4k is a reinforcement learning add-on for the python deep learning library Keras. Its simple, and is ideal for rapid prototyping. New ReleasesMicroPython 1. 7This release adds the MicroPython cross-compiler that can generate . mpy files (pre-compiled bytecode) which can be executed within any MicroPython runtime/VM.  The ESP8266 port is also vastly improved thanks to a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign.  This port now has an alternative event loop implementation to allow proper Berkeley sockets using lwIP built from source, and a greatly improved network module. Many extension modules are now enabled (ujson, ubinascii, uctypes, uhashlib, urandom, uheapq, ure, uzlib) and the machine module includes Timer, Pin, PWM, ADC, I2C, SPI, and basic UART.  Bignums are supported, along with 30-bit precision floating point, and normal error messages. There is FatFS support and uos. dupterm. Many other improvements and bug fixes have been made to the core and other ports.  

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Articles, Tutorials and TalksHow to Create an AI for Video Games Learn how to create a video game AI using a convolutional neural network to play Google's Dinosaur run and other video games!Implementing Threads for MeasurementsLearn what are the differences between a thread and a process in Python. Developing a Single Page App with Flask and Vue. js This post is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up a basic CRUD app with Vue and Flask. Data Retrieval and Cleaning: Tracking Migratory Patterns In this post, we walk through investigating, retrieving, and cleaning migratory bird data. Itertools in Python 3, By ExampleMaster Python's itertools module by constructing practical examples. We'll start out simple and then gradually increase in complexity, encouraging you to think iteratively. Intro to Python Image Processing in Computational PhotographyComputational photography is about enhancing the photographic process with computation. While we normally tend to think that this applies only to post-processing the end result (similar to photo editing), the possibilities are much richer since computation can be enabled at every step of the photographic process. Beyond Numpy Arrays in PythonIn recent years Python’s array computing ecosystem has grown organically to support GPUs, sparse, and distributed arrays. This is wonderful and a great example of the growth that can occur in decentralized open source development. However to solidify this growth and apply it across the ecosystem we now need to do some central planning to move from a pair-wise model where packages need to know about each other to an ecosystem model where packages can negotiate by developing and adhering to community-standard protocols. With moderate effort we can define a subset of the Numpy API that works well across all of them, allowing the ecosystem to more smoothly transition between hardware. This post describes the opportunities and challenges to accomplish this. How to easily do Topic Modeling with LSA, PSLA, LDA & lda2VecThis article is a comprehensive overview of Topic Modeling and its associated techniques. Creating a Cryptocoin Price Ticker with Django 2. 0 — Part OneIn this tutorial, we’re going to create a simple cryptocoin price ticker page using Django 2. 0, Celery, Redis and Channels. Blazing fast tests in DjangoSlow tests not only waste developers time on waiting but also make it difficult to follow TDD best practices (such as red-green testing). If it needs minutes or even longer to run test suit, it leads to infrequent whole suit run. Which in its turn leads to late bugs discovery and fix. In this post, I'll tell how to speed up tests of your Django application. Also, I'll describe what kills your tests performance.  Understanding Time Series Forecasting with PythonThis article is the first of a few designed to show everything (or almost everything) you need to know about time series. It discusses what they are, how deal with them, how to choose forecast models and apply them to a real problem. Best practices with pandas (video series)Diving into GraphQL and Neo4j with PythonHow I automated my job search by building a web crawler from scratchHow to create a custom token on Stellar network in PythonImplementing Seam Carving with PythonData is beautiful: Traffic accidents in the UK Interesting Projects, Tools and LibrariesRouterSploit Exploitation Framework for Embedded Devices. scyllaAn intelligent proxy pool for humanities. spotify-playlist-generatorA scheduled Python script that scrapes new song titles and builds 

Python Weekly 384, Breast cancer classification with Keras and Deep Learning




Articles, Tutorials and TalksBreast cancer classification with Keras and Deep Learning In this tutorial you will learn how to classify breast cancer in histology images using Keras, Deep Learning, and Python. How to monitor your air quality with this DIY setupWith a Raspberry Pi, low-cost gas sensors, and a remote-controlled switch, you can control the air quality in your house. Packaging PyQt5 apps with fbsDistribute cross-platform GUI applications with the fman Build System. A Complete Machine Learning Project Walk-Through in PythonA Complete Machine Learning Project Walk-Through in Python: Putting the machine learning pieces together; Model Selection, Hyperparameter Tuning, and Evaluation; Interpreting a machine learning model and presenting results10 Python File System Methods You Should KnowManipulate Files and Folders With os and shutil. ARIMA Model – Time Series Forecasting in PythonUsing ARIMA model, you can forecast a time series using the series past values. In this post, we build an optimal ARIMA model from scratch and extend it to Seasonal ARIMA (SARIMA) and SARIMAX models. You will also see how to build autoarima models in pythonModeling Telecom Customer Churn with Variational AutoencoderHow to apply deep convolutional neural networks and auto-encoders for building a churn prediction model. Monte Carlo Simulation with PythonPerforming Monte Carlo simulation using python with pandas and numpy. Build AWS CodePipeline CI/CD for your Django ApplicationIn this article, you'll learn how to setup AWS CodePipeline for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for your Django Application. Farewell to fsync(): 10× faster database tests with DockerA post about how to speed up running tests against a database, while still using as realistic an environment as possible, with a little help from Docker. Deploying completely serverless Django with Apex Up and Aurora ServerlessGuide to String Formatting with Pythonx86 vs. ARM for Web Crawling in PythonPython’s str. isdigit vs. str. isnumericPython Jobs of the WeekSolutions Developer at University of Pennsylvania You will be responsible for the custom application development, reporting, and product integration of new and existing solutions for the assigned departments. Most custom applications are developed in Python with the Django framework, and with MS SQL databases. Senior Python Engineer at dubizzleWe are looking for a Senior Python Engineer who is interested in being part of a platform that handles millions of requests per day. You will be conceiving, designing and delivering the most complex products and pushing the boundaries of perfection.   Interesting Projects, Tools and LibrariesplanetDeep Planning Network: Control from pixels by latent planning with learned dynamics. databasesAsync database support for Python. Tensorflow-CookbookSimple Tensorflow Cookbook for easy-to-use. django-pg-timepartA Django extension that supports PostgreSQL 11 time ranges and list partitioning. TheSpaghettiDetectiveAI-based failure detection for 3D printer remote management and monitoring.  m2cgenTransform ML models into a native code (Java, C, Python, etc. ) with zero dependencies. django-pivotA module for pivoting Django Querysets. VocabA lightweight online dictionary integration to the command line. No browsers. No paperbacks.

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NewsPython in Education - Request for IdeasThe Python Software Foundation Board Committee for Python in Education wants to hear how the PSF can help members of our community increase the presence of Python in education. Our first goal is to gather ideas from the community on ways the PSF can fund work to improve Python in education. We want to collect a broad spectrum of ideas and projects at all levels and in all disciplines. After the ideas phase, we will use the ideas provided to guide our request for proposals. PyCon 2020-2021 LocationNow that registration and planning are well underway for PyCon 2019 in Cleveland, the PSF is pleased to announce that the home for PyCon 2020 and 2021 will be Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! The conference will be held in the beautiful David L. Lawrence Convention Center on April 15-23, 2020 and May 12-20, 2021. Articles, Tutorials and TalksMachine Learning for EveryoneIn simple words. With real-world examples. Yes, again. PSD2 Compliant Authorization: Verifying Sensitive Actions with Python, Flask and AuthAdding two-factor authentication (2FA) to your login process increases the security of your user's data. We can extend that to validate sensitive actions like sending money from your account, changing your shipping address, or confirming a medical appointment. Even though the user should be already logged in with a username and password, we want to make sure that they authorize every payment. This blog post will show you how to secure payment actions using Python, Flask, a bit of Javascript, and the Authy API. Grok Neural Networks & Backpropagation by re-inventing them What better way to understand something than by (re)inventing/discovering it? Grok the basic intuition and math behind neural networks and error-gradient-backpropagation-based learning “the hacker’s way”!Learn Enough Python to be Useful: argparseHow to Get Command Line Arguments Into Your Scripts. The state of Python Packaging Describes where Python packaging ecosystem is today, and where the Python Packaging Authority hopes will move next. Voice Assistant Boilerplate & APIIf you’ve ever wondered, “How would I make my own voice assistant for a website?”, this is the post for you! We will be going through a step-by-step guide connecting a React boilerplate with a Python API. The functionality we will be implementing can also be deployed to other devices like a Raspberry Pi quite easily with some additional research.  How to Use Python to Analyze SEO Data: A Reference GuidePython can help eliminate repetitive SEO tasks when no tools can help you. Here are some practical Python applications for SEO. Would You Survive the Titanic?The journey on the unsinkable — what AI can learn from the disaster. Train neural networks using AMD GPU and KerasAMD is developing a new HPC platform, called ROCm. Its ambition is to create a common, open-source environment, capable to interface both with Nvidia (using CUDA) and AMD GPUs. This tutorial will explain how to set-up a neural network environment, using AMD GPUs in a single or multiple configurations. Fashion MNIST with Keras and Deep LearningIn this tutorial you will learn how to train a simple Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) with Keras on the Fashion MNIST dataset, enabling you to classify fashion images and categories. The Fashion MNIST dataset is meant to be a (slightly more challenging) drop-in replacement for the (less challenging) MNIST dataset. How to write Tendermint Applications using PythonDeploying Serverless Django with Zeit and RDS PostgresHow to build a chatbot in less than 50 lines of codePython exceptions considered an anti-pattern Python razvoj mikroservisa VIŠE O KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE Interesting Projects, Tools and LibrariesptrPython Test Runner (ptr) was born to run tests in an opinionated way, within arbitrary code repositories. ptr supports many Python projects with unit tests defined in their setup. (cfg|py) files per repository. ptr allows developers to test multiple projects/modules in one Python environment through the use of a single test virtual environment. spektralA Python framework for relational representation learning in Keras. Ludwig Ludwig is a toolbox built on top of TensorFlow that allows to train and test deep learning models without the need to write code. bert-embeddingToken level embeddings from BERT model on mxnet and gluonnlp. GPIOzero A simple interface to GPIO devices with Raspberry Pi 1Cloud Annotations TrainingCustom Object Detection and Classification Training. PythonEXEHow to create an executable file from a Python script?db-to-sqliteCLI tool for exporting tables or queries from any SQL database to a SQLite file. New ReleasesPyPy v7. 0. 0: triple release of 2. 7, 3. 5 and 3. 6-alphaDjango 2. 2 beta 1 releasedDjango security releases issued: 2. 1. 6, 2. 0. 11 and 1. 11. 19Django bugfix releases: 2. 1. 7, 2. 0. 12 and 1. 11. 20

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NewsPyConWeb 2019 Call for ProposalsPyConWeb 2019 is the third edition of a two-day conference focusing on the Web stack of Python, taking place on May 25-26 in Munich. Everyone is very welcome to speak at PyConWeb, as a community conference we are simply looking for people willing to share the knowledge. PyCon 2019 Reminders and Information! Articles, Tutorials and TalksIncrementally migrating over one million lines of code from Python 2 to Python 3Over the last few months, we’ve explored why and how we rolled out our Python 3 migration, and how we ensured that the resulting application was reliable. In this piece, we’ll take a brief walk through the history of Python 3 in our desktop client, and then dive into the details of how we pulled off a gradual migration while allowing ongoing development. Programming Z3This tutorial provides a programmer's introduction to the Satisfiability Modulo Theories Solver Z3. It describes how to use Z3 through scripts and it describes several of the algorithms underlying the decision procedures within Z3. It aims to broadly cover almost all available features of Z3 and the essence of the underlying algorithms. Linked Lists in Detail with Python Examples: Single Linked ListsLinked lists are one of the most commonly used data structures in any programming language. In this article, we will study linked lists in detail. We will see what are the different types of linked lists, how to traverse a linked list, how to insert and remove elements from a linked list, what are the different techniques to sort a linked list, how to reverse a linked list and so on. Python Developers Survey 2018 ResultsResults of the official Python Developers Survey 2018 by Python Software Foundation and JetBrains: more than 20k responses from more than 150 countries. Keras: Multiple Inputs and Mixed DataIn this tutorial, you will learn how to use Keras for multi-input and mixed data. You will learn how to define a Keras architecture capable of accepting multiple inputs, including numerical, categorical, and image data. We’ll then train a single end-to-end network on this mixed data. Building a Jar of Memories IoT Button with Python, Twilio & AWSHow to send favorite photo memories via text with a click of a far-away button. Using Virtual Environments in Jupyter Notebook and PythonAre you working with Jupyter Notebook and Python? Do you also want to benefit from virtual environments? In this tutorial you will see how to do just that with Anaconda or Virtualenv/venv. Beating OpenAI games with neuroevolution agents: pretty NEAT!Getting Started with JupyterLabStrategy and Command Design Patterns — Wizards and Sandwiches — Applications in PythonGoodbye Virtual Environments?One Shot Learning with Siamese Networks using Keras BooksPython Flash Cards: Syntax, Concepts, and Examples Keep your coding skills sharp on the go! Python Flash Cards take a tried-and-tested method and give it a programming makeover. Eric Matthes, author of the best-selling Python Crash Course, distills essential Python programming knowledge into this 101-card deck you can use anywhere. Work through the deck in order or shuffle it up for a new study session every time. You can brush up foundational programming principles and vocabulary like data structures, logical control, and program flow, quiz yourself on Python syntax, and test your skills against exercises and challenges designed to keep you on your toes -- all in one sitting. Python Jobs of the WeekFull Stack Web Developer at Beauhurst Want to use your development skills to help the world understand the UK’s fastest-growing companies? To work with a smart, welcoming team of developers to build a fascinating product and accelerate your own learning? If you’re looking to kick-start your full-stack development career or to build on existing experience at an exciting, high-growth company then we’d love to hear from you. Interesting Projects, Tools and LibrariesRustPythonA Python-3 (CPython >= 3. 5. 0) Interpreter written in Rust. gitaManage multiple git repos side by side for sanity. Armory Armory is a tool meant to take in a lot of external and discovery data from a lot of tools, add it to a database and correlate all of related information. awesome-python-securityAwesome Python Security resources. gpu-sentryFlask-based package for monitoring utilisation of nVidia GPUs. geometerA geometry library written in Python. pylaneAn python vm injector with debug tools, based on gdb. Output A Neural Network framework in 25 LOC. XLMPyTorch original implementation of Cross-lingual Language Model Pretraining. Copyright © 2019 Python Weekly, All rights reserved.  You are receiving our weekly newsletter because you signed up at http://www. PythonWeekly. com.  Our mailing address is:  Python Weekly Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY 11209 Uvod u Python, automatizovanje dosadnih poslova VIŠE O KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE

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Articles, Tutorials and Talks Scikit-learn Tutorial: Machine Learning in Python Scikit-learn is a free machine learning library for Python. It features various algorithms like support vector machine, random forests, and k-neighbours, and it also supports Python numerical and scientific libraries like NumPy and SciPy. In this tutorial we will learn how to easily apply Machine Learning with the help of the scikit-learn library. Mask R-CNN with OpenCVIn this tutorial you will learn how to use Mask R-CNN with Deep Learning, OpenCV, and Python to predict pixel-wise masks for every object in an image. Django core no moreIf you’re not the sort of person who closely follows the internals of Django’s development, you might not know there’s a draft proposal to drastically change the project’s governance. It’s been getting discussion on GitHub and mailing lists, but I want to take some time today to walk through and explain what this proposal does and what problems it’s trying to solve. So. Let’s dive in. Machine Learning in Excel With PythonMachine learning is an important topic in lots of industries right now. It’s a fast moving field with lots of active research and receives huge amounts of media attention. This post isn’t intended to be an introduction to machine learning, or a comprehensive overview of the state of the art. Instead it will show how models built using machine learning can be leveraged from within Excel. Building a Repeatable Data Analysis Process with Jupyter NotebooksThis article describes how to create a repeatable process for analyzing data with Jupyter Notebooks. Implementing a Calculator REPL in RPythonThis is a tutorial style post that walks through using the RPython translation toolchain to create a REPL that executes basic math expressions. Fun with NFL Stats, Bokeh, and PandasAn exploration of NFL play-by-play statistics with Bokeh and Pandas. Tworoutines in Python This article describes a style of coding in Python that permits easy mixing of synchronous and asynchronous code. As part of the control software for large microwave telescopes (including the South Pole Telescope), we have been using this style of code under a Tornado / Python 2. x stack with success. Probabilistic programming proves Poland was robbed. In chess! Probabilistic programming with Pyro and conclusive proof that Poland was robbed at the 2018 Chess Olympiad. Introduction to Fraud Detection SystemsTutorial using Python library LightGBM with code samples. Generating RNN Text on SpellOr: the mystical art of turning a list of D&D spells into a much longer list of much weirder spells. I was looking for a house, so I built a web scraper in Python! — part II (EDA) This article is a follow-up on another one where I built a web scraper to look for houses for sale in Lisbon. This time, I will focus on the transformation and cleaning process of the dataset we gathered before. I will then attempt to perform some exploratory data analysis (EDA) on the dataset. My goal is to give you some examples of what can be done, and not to provide a super complex analysis. Importing Data from MongoDB to MySQL using PythonMySQL Shell 8. 0. 13 (GA) introduced a new feature to allow you to easily import JSON documents to MySQL. The basics of this new feature were described in a previous blog post. In this blog we we will provide more details about this feature, focusing on a practical use case of interest for to many: How to import JSON data from MongoDB to MySQL. The same “recipe” may be applied to import of data from other document-store databases to MySQL, as long as they are able to produce or export data to JSON. Python razvoj mikroservisa VIŠE O KNJIZI I KOPRA ZA NARUČIVANJE Interesting Projects, Tools and LibrariesDoodleMaster"Don't code your UI, Draw it !"JAXJAX is a domain-specific tracing JIT compiler for generating high-performance accelerator code from pure Python and Numpy machine learning programs. BabySploit BabySploit is a penetration testing toolkit aimed at making it easy to learn how to use bigger, more complicated frameworks like Metasploit. With a very easy to use UI and toolkit, anybody from any experience level will find use out of BabySploit. pixelhouseA minimalist drawing library for making beautiful animations in python. Anything that can be drawn can be moved. Comes with beautiful gradients, instagram-like filters, and elastic transforms. ValidXValidX is fast, powerful, and flexible validator with sane syntax. render-py A software 3D renderer written in Python. ChartifyChartify is a Python library that makes it easy for data scientists to create charts. CloudBunnyCloudBunny is a tool to capture the origin server that uses a WAF as a proxy or protection. FnordPattern Extractor for Obfuscated Code. SetSimilaritySearchAll-pair set similarity search on millions of sets in Python and on a laptop (faster than MinHash LSH). wemake-django-templateBleeding edge django template focused on code quality and security. redis-namespacenamespaced subset of your redis keyspacecelluloidMatplotlib animations made easy. cache. pyPython memoization across program runs.
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