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JavaScript Weekly 433




A 'Horrifying' (or Genius?) globalThis Polyfill — You wanted some gnarly JavaScript magic to chew on over the Easter weekend, didn’t you? Mathias doesn’t disappoint with this look at how to implement the proposed ‘globalThis’ feature using current JavaScript. It’s not easy. The Front-End Developer Handbook 2019 — This popular, detailed guide returns for another year. Updated with plenty of useful resources, learning materials and dev tools. Cloud Hosting Developers Love — Deploy high performance web apps faster and save up to 55% compared to other cloud providers. Razzle: Create Server-Rendered Universal Apps with No Config — It abstracts all the tooling for a universal app into a single dependency and leaves the decisions around frameworks, routing, and data fetching to you (think create-react-app but for any set of frameworks).  Version 3 came out just this week introducing Babel 7 support. V8's Blazingly Fast Parsing: How Lazy Parsing Works — A deep-down, technical post from the V8 team on how the JavaScript engine’s pre-parsing functionality works to prevent unnecessary parsing taking place before it needs to. Objektno-orijentisani JavaScript VIŠE O KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE Tutorials and Opinions How to Know What to Test — “Given enough time and experience, you develop an intuition for knowing what to test. ” How to Create a Multicolored Mouse Trail for Your Site — We don’t often link to visual uses of JavaScript that are just for fun but this is pretty neat. We also learn a neat trick to only run code on browsers/devices with a proper pointing device attached: matchMedia('(pointer:fine)'). matches Say Hello to Scheduled Stitch Triggers — MongoDB Scheduled Stitch Triggers enable you to run your functions automatically on a timed schedule. Get set up in under 3 minutes. How to Build a Large Vue Application — Vue is perfect as it is for small and medium-sized apps, but you might want to lean on systems to make apps more modular at larger scales. Choosing The Right Node. js Framework: Next, Nuxt, Nest? — A handy examination of the differences between three very popular server-side rendering frameworks. Rendering a Triangle with Vulkan and JavaScript — Vulkan is a new(ish) low-level graphics and compute API from Khronos (the folks who manage standards like OpenGL and WebGL). Here’s the Vulkan “Hello World” for Node. Exploring the Hidden Potential of JavaScript Arrays — Aimed more at beginners, this tour visits built-in methods like flatMap, every, some and keys that are frequently overlooked. Get the Fastest Website Deployments — Learn the most effective way to build better apps faster. Adding Numbers using Boolean Operations in JavaScript — This isn’t necessarily useful in and of itself, but if you’re not aware of how numbers are added at the binary level, you’ll learn something. Curated by Cooperpress and Peter Cooper. 'JavaScript' is a trademark of Oracle Corporation in the USWe are not endorsed by or affiliated with Oracle.

JavaScript Weekly 436




  What’s New in JavaScript — At this week’s Google I/O ’19, Mathias Bynens and Sathya Gunasekaran of the V8 team gave a fantastic 30 minute ‘state of the union’ talk on the state of JavaScript as a language and what new features are being baked in. Comlink 4. 0: It Makes Web Workers Enjoyable — Web Workers provide a way to run JavaScript out of the main thread and in the background, and they’re supported in every browser. Google’s Comlink takes away all the headaches of using them and makes it easy. Basically, you need this. Best Experience with React, Angular & Vue. js in WebStorm — With smart code completion, dozens of refactorings, and support for popular frameworks, all working out of the box, WebStorm is an IDE that makes development easier and more enjoyable. Try the new WebStorm 2019. 1. Angular Fans! Here's All The Talks from ng-conf 2019 — There’s a lotto go through here, but this is truly a one-stop shop for up to date Angular talks. Highlights include the keynote talk, how enterprises are using Angular, John Papa delivering a batch of Angular tips, and a complete workshop on using ngRx for state management. Objektno-orijentisani JavaScript VIŠE O KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE IN BRIEF: Microsoft has launched React Native for Windows, bringing the once native mobile development framework to Windows 10 desktop, Xbox, and tablet ecosystems too. Googlebot has gotten an upgrade which means it can now crawl and run all your latest ES6 JavaScript, handle Web Components, and more. A DoS vulnerability has been found in the popular Axios HTTP librarywhere a malicious server operator could gum down your client-side code. The latest version of GraalVM, a JVM-related VM from Oracle, includes a "JavaScript engine compliant with the latest ECMAScript 2019 standard"which provides a migration path for anyone using Rhino or Nashorn. To celebrate Minecraft's 10th birthday, Mojang have rebuilt Minecraft Classic in JavaScript and made it free to play. The source shows they've used Babylon. js for the 3D. Tutorials, Opinions, and Videos A Guide to Setting Up Vim for JavaScript Development — VS Code might be the most heavily used editor in our space now, but Vim has a lot going for it and this is a thorough look at setting it up for JavaScript development. AYO ISAIAH Array. from Has A Second Argument — Array. from creates a new array from array-like or iterable objects, but it can also take a second argument that’s a map function between the old value to the new. STEFAN JUDIS The Developer’s Guide to Not Losing the Metrics You Need — Gathering and storing metrics is a part of production. When adverse events occur, you need to have the metrics available to debug the problems. INFLUXDATA SPONSOR Building a JavaScript Guitar Pedalboard — This is really fun! You can play with the pedalboard for yourself (no guitar needed, there’s a musical sample available) or just learn how the whole thing was set up. TRYS MUDFORD ▶  Watch Me Build a Trading Bot — Siraj is one of the more engaging developers on YouTube and here he shows off the development of a currency trading bot using a variety of JavaScript related technologies. SIRAJ RAVAL A Guide to Node. js Logging — Learn how to improve logging in your library or app from using console. log to dedicated libraries like Roarr and Pino. DOMINIK KUNDEL NODE Structuring Vuex Modules for Relationships, Speed and Flexibility — Vuex is a state management approach for Vue. js apps. GREG BATE ▶  A Hands-On Introduction to React Hooks — A 30 minute introduction and demonstration of hooks directly from Facebook’s F8 conference and given by an experienced developer on the Instagram Web team who’s using React every day.  (P. S. This week’s React newsletter was really good!) KATHRYN MIDDLETON

JavaScript Weekly Issue 337




Node 8 Released A new major release of Node is here with many significant updates including V8 5. 8, npm 5, async_hooks, N-API. . See this week’s Node Weekly for a comprehensive roundup. Into The Great Unknown: Migrating from Mocha to Jest A ‘tale of adventure’ in moving from the Mocha test framework to Facebook’s Jest. Production Progressive Web Apps with JS Frameworks [Video] In this session from Google I/O, Addy Osmani covers PWA best practices, patterns for efficiently loading websites and the latest tools for getting fast and staying fast. Want More Insight Into Errors Than New Relic? ✅ See how Rollbar pairs perfectly with New Relic to give you greater coverage + much more insight into application errors. An Introduction to Commonly Used ES6 Features If you’re not yet using ES6 on a frequent basis, this is a thorough introduction to seven of the most useful concepts. Microjs: The List of Micro-Frameworks and Micro-Libraries It’s been around a while but has had a lot of updates recently. Meteor 1. 5: A Full Stack JS App Platform 1. 5 brings dynamic imports, code splitting, and bundle size analysis. It’s still based around Node v4, but will move up to Node v6 in Meteor 1. 6. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial From the basics to advanced topics with simple, but detailed explanations. IN BRIEF Announcing TypeScript Support in Electron NEWSZEKE SIKELIANOS Assert(js): A Forthcoming JS Testing Conference in Texas NEWS Currently just seeking speakers. How to Hire for JavaScript Development We hire awesome JavaScript developers. Learn how we identify, test, and hire for JavaScript. CODE MY VIEWS  SPONSOR The Most Important Features and Fixes of Node 8 TUTORIALGERGELY NEMETH Delivering Untranspiled Source Code via npm TUTORIALDR. AXEL RAUSCHMAYER The Anatomy of a Modern JavaScript Application TUTORIALSITEPOINT Managing State in Aurelia with Higher Order Components TUTORIALVILDAN SOFTIC WebAssembly: Mozilla Won OPINION “I think WebAssembly is a big victory for asm. js and Mozilla’s vision. ”ROBERT O'CALLAHAN Switching From React to Vue. js OPINIONANTHONY GORE Using terminal to view test results is a productivity killer TOOLS You write code in your favorite editor, we run tests and deliver the results in realtime to the editor. WALLABY. JS  SPONSOR Storybook 3. 0: An Interact Dev Environment for React Components TOOLSMICHAEL SHILMAN vue-devtools: A Chrome DevTools Extension for Debugging Vue. js Apps TOOLS It’s also on the Chrome Web Store. O: An In-Browser Loader, Bundler and Dependency Injection Builder TOOLS In progress and proof of concept, but the team wants to know what you think. GARDENHQ Have you tried MongoDB Atlas yet? TOOLSMONGODB  SPONSOR taxi-rank: A JSDom-Based Selenium Webdriver API CODE Uses Zombie under the hood. FORBES LINDESAY Nile. js: A P2P Live Video Streaming Library Built on WebTorrent CODEMIRANDA, QIU, AND PIERSON Timelinejs: A jQuery Timeline Slider Plugin CODEILKER YILMAZ vue-recyclerview: A Fast Way to Render Large Lists with Vue CODE Picodom: A 1KB Virtual DOM Builder and Patch Algorithm CODE Handy for building your own view library, for instance. micro-http-client: A 'fetch' Wrapper to Specify Common Request and Response Processing in a Single Location CODEREMERGE GMBH

JavaScript Weekly Issue 338




A Comparison Between Adopting Flow or TypeScript Both Flow and TypeScript can bring type checking to your code. This post falls in favor of Flow, a TypeScript PM posted a rebuttal on Reddit. Classes, Complexity, and Functional Programming Where do functions, classes, and objects fit into the big picture of writing simpler code that’s easy to maintain? Naučite TypeScript Napravite poslovne i industrijske veb aplikacije pomoću TypeScripta i vodećih JavaScript okruženja. Više o knjizi i korpa za naručivanje: LINK WebAssembly 101: A Developer's First Steps An exercise in porting a JavaScript library to WebAssembly (wasm) - perfect for those wanting more than a Hello World introduction. billboard. js: A Chart Library, based on D3 v4+ A fork of C3. js focusing on ease of use and working with the latest D3. There are over 80 examples here. Angular and RxJS: Create an API Service to Talk to A REST Backend Jurgen Van de Moere takes an existing Angular 2+ app and adds a REST API service. Learn about RxJS observables and how to mock HTTP services for testing. How WebKit Built A New Benchmark To Improve JavaScriptCore ARES-6 measures the execution time of JavaScript’s newest features. This post digs deep on it and is very much for the more technical reader. IN BRIEF JavaScript Decorators: What They Are and When to Use Them TUTORIALSITEPOINT Getting Started with Preact: A Step By Step Guide TUTORIAL A fast, tiny alternative to React with the same ES6 API. BILAL BUDHANI Functional Mixins TUTORIAL The latest in Eric Elliott’s popular functional programming series. ERIC ELLIOTT An Annotated React 'To Do' App Example TUTORIAL A good opportunity to show, simply, how React works. SAMER BUNA An Intro to Web Components (with Otters) TUTORIAL An introduction for absolute beginners. MONICA DINCULESCU A Look at Node 8's util. promisify() TUTORIAL util. promisify converts a callback-based function to a Promise-based one. DR. AXEL RAUSCHMAYER JavaScript Power Tools: Real-World 'redux-saga' Patterns TUTORIALMATT HINK A Beginner's Guide to npm, the Node Package Manager TUTORIAL Updated for npm 5. 0’s recent release. MICHAEL WANYOIKE AND PETER DIERX From Node 6 to Node 8: A Real-World Performance Comparison OPINIONHACKER NOON What's The Best Current Book to Learn JavaScript? OPINIONHACKER NEWS Use AngularJS to Build a Fast and Secure Chat App TOOLS PubNub gets your data anywhere in <0. 25 seconds. It’s so easy with PubNub’s Angular library. PUBNUB  SPONSOR npm 5. 0. 2 and npm Gets A New 'Canary' Release TOOLS npm i -g npmc gets you a canary release as a separate npmc binary. THE NPM BLOG Synt: Find Similar Functions and Classes in JS and TypeScript Code TOOLSBRENT LINTNER It’s easy to version control your database alongside your application TOOLS Connect your database to your version control system with SQL Source Control and keep track of every change.  RED GATE  SPONSOR Elsa: Babel Plugin Replacing Object/Array Literals with Immutables CODEJON ABRAMS Sinergia: Run Expensive Tasks Cooperatively via ES6 Generators CODEJIAYI HU angular-xeditable: In-Place Editing for Angular CODEVITALIY POTAPOV Wiretie: A Higher Order Component for Preact for Wiring Up Data Sources CODESYNACOR Browsers Aren't the Only UI – Mobile Apps, Amazon Alexa, Cloud Services TUTORIAL    

JavaScript Weekly Issue 343




Reverse Engineering One Line of JavaScript A fascinating look at how a ray-casted checker board effect was implemented in a mere 101 bytes of JavaScript. The Main New Features of ES2017 The new features in the 8th edition of the EcmaScript specification including padStart, padEnd, Object. getOwnPropertyDescriptors and more. Pell: A Simple, Small (3KB) WYSIWYG Web Text Editor . . with no dependencies. It’s essentially contentEditable with buttons and styling.  Demo here. Learn Testing JavaScript Apps (Feat. testing React and Redux) Join Kent C. Dodds to master the latest tooling (like Jest & Cypress) and techniques to test real-world React, Redux, and Node express apps npx: An npm Package Runner That Comes with npm npm 5. 2 introduces a new binary alongside the usual npm: npx, a tool to simplify using CLI tools and other executables hosted on the registry. Generating Images in JS Without the Canvas API . . for putting them into Android notifications locally. A powerful solution for a very specific situation, resulting in notably rich notifications. A Look Into Pattern Matching in ECMAScript There’s a stage 0 proposal for pattern matching in JavaScript, here’s a look at what it entails and how it may prove useful. IN BRIEF Attend the Polymer Summit, on 22-23 August in Copenhagen NEWS Attend talks & workshops to learn about how to build beautiful, fast mobile web apps with Polymer. GOOGLE, INC.   SPONSOR Integrate TypeScript in Your Vue Project TUTORIALALEX JOVER MORALES Emotion: The Next Generation of CSS-in-JS TUTORIALKYE HOHENBERGER HyperApp: The 1 KB JavaScript Library for Building Front-End Apps TUTORIAL Jorge Bucaran introduces HyperApp, a tiny, 1kb library with a compact API, built-in state management, and unrivalled, small bundle size. SITEPOINT Building a Live WebCam Face Detector using Node and OpenCV TUTORIALSHAHID SHAIKH Learn and Understand Recursion in JavaScript TUTORIAL A walk-through of two popular JS recursion examples. BRANDON MORELLI Creating WebVR Experiences with Babylon. js TUTORIALDAVID ROUSSET Get Started with Rust, WebAssembly, and Webpack TUTORIALIAN J SIKES Build a Simple Realtime App with Vue. js 2. 0 and Pusher TUTORIALOLAYINKA OMOLE Add Powerful UI Components to your React Apps with ExtReact Learn how to build data-intensive, cross-platform web apps leveraging over 115 Sencha components and React. SENCHA, INC.   SPONSOR What 10 Things Should a Serious JS Developer Know Right Now? OPINIONREDDIT What I Learned About Vue. js from Building a Chrome Extension STORYVUEJS DEVELOPERS An Angular 4 Crash Course in 60 Minutes VIDEO Starts from absolute scratch, so ideal for beginners. BRAD TRAVERSY How Uber Uses JavaScript and Node. js VIDEO Uber is very strongly a Node shop for its Web-facing services. DUSTIN WHITTLE Bundle Buddy: A Tool to Identify Bundle Duplication Across Splits TOOLSSAM SACCONE v8py: Write Python APIs Then Call Them Within A V8 Context TOOLSTHEODORE DUBOIS babel-preset-php: A Babel Preset to Convert PHP to JavaScript TOOLS Mostly for fun at this stage and just does an AST to AST translation. KORNEL LESIŃSKI “CircleCI 2. 0 is fast. We reduced builds from minutes to 12 seconds. ” TOOLSCIRCLECI  SPONSOR DoppioJVM: A JVM in 100% JavaScript CODE BotUI: A JavaScript Framework to Create Conversational UIs CODEMOIN UDDIN Babylon. js 3. 0: A Framework for Building 3D Experiences CODE Here’s a demo of it in action. DAVID CATUHE Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooperpress.

JavaScript Weekly Issue 344




JavaScript Factory Functions with ES6+ “In JavaScript, any function can return an object. When it does so without the new keyword, it’s a factory function. ” Hidden Messages in JavaScript Property Names A fun look at the mechanics behind a seemingly simple snippet of JavaScript that doesn’t do what you’d expect. Beware of hidden Unicode characters. The State of JavaScript Survey This popular survey returns for its second year to see which “buzzwords are here to stay and which ones will soon fall to JavaScript fatigue”. Learn how to choose the best JavaScript framework for your team This free e-book teaches you about the strengths and weaknesses of JavaScript’s top frameworks and offers a methodology for selecting which framework works best for your team and project.  Get it now. How to Create a Reddit Clone Using React and Firebase Nirmalya Ghosh shows you how to use Firebase’s real-time database features, coupled with create-react-app, to build a basic Reddit clone with live voting. gpu. js: GPU Accelerated JavaScript Compiles specially written JavaScript functions into shader language (GLSL) and runs them on the GPU via WebGL. (Now More Than Ever) You Might Not Need jQuery “a good bit has changed in browser land since the last ‘You Might Not Need jQuery’ article you might have stumbled upon” A Proposal for a Binary AST for ECMAScript An explanation of a proposed new binary AST format and what benefits it could bring. IN BRIEF Angular 4. 3 Now Available NEWS A minor release that contains no breaking changes.  Full changelog. STEPHEN FLUIN New Book: How to Earn More as a Software Developer NEWS Learn new skills faster, find work you love, earn what you're worth. Get it today for $0. 99 (limited time). SIMPLE PROGRAMMER  SPONSOR Implementing the MVC Design Pattern in Vanilla JavaScript TUTORIALSITEPOINT How to Use Polymer with Webpack TUTORIALROB DODSON Extracting Logic from React Components TUTORIALJACK FRANKLIN An ES Proposal Explained: RegExp Unicode Property Escapes TUTORIALDR. AXEL RAUSCHMAYER Webpack’s import() Will Soon Fetch JS + CSS — Here’s How To Do It TUTORIALJAMES GILLMORE Preventing a Mobile Browser From Sleeping with NoSleep. js TUTORIAL NoSleep. js is a small Wake Lock API shim to prevent the browser and device from going to sleep. DAVID WALSH Angular Testing In Depth: Components TUTORIALGÁBOR SOÓS 4 Important Changes in Vue. js 2. 4 TUTORIALANTHONY GORE Catch Errors Before Your Users Do 

JavaScript Weekly Issue 345




React 16 Beta Released: Fiber is Ready As well as Fiber, a key change is in how component errors are handled. Get Ready for the JS Optimizations in New V8 Versions How the performance characteristics of V8’s Turbofan will affect the way we optimize in Chrome 59+ and Node 8. 3+ situations. Why Composition is Harder with Classes The latest in Eric’s functional programming and compositional software techniques series looks at classes in detail. Automatically capture and quickly fix JavaScript errors affecting your users  Get real-time crash alerts and collect detailed diagnostics so you can fix errors for your users. See deminified stacktraces with support for sourcemaps. Cut through front-end noise so you can efficiently assess the impact of errors.  Learn more. The JavaScript Way: A Modern JavaScript Tutorial An in-progress/beta stage book that aims to teach JavaScript from a hands-on, modern 2017 standpoint, organized around building a Hacker News-style site. Creating Beautiful Charts Using Vue. js Wrappers for Chart. js Learn to quickly create different kinds of charts and visualizations for Vue. js apps, using three wrappers for the Chart. js library. 10 Things A Serious JavaScript Developer Should Learn One developer’s take on a question asked on Reddit 2 weeks ago that attracted a lot of debate over what priorities JS developers should have. IN BRIEF Results of the Node. js Foundation's Developer Survey NEWSNODE. JS FOUNDATION USGS Releases New JS Library to Create Location Search Widgets NEWSUNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Attend Google Developer Days — Europe 2017 in Krakow, Poland NEWS Join us at #GDDEurope, where we will be covering the latest developer updates and best practices. GOOGLE, INC.   SPONSOR Promise. prototype. finally Reaches Stage 3 of TC39 Process NEWSECMA TC39 NationJS Call for Papers (in Washington DC on Nov 30-Dec 1) NEWS A Quick Practical Example of JavaScript’s 'reduce' Function TUTORIALJP SIO Unit Testing Angular Applications with Jest TUTORIALFABRIZIO FORTUNATO Lazy Loading: Code Splitting NgModules with Webpack TUTORIALTODD MOTTO The Story of Snipcart's Progressive Migration from Backbone to Vue. js STORYSNIPCART Code Splitting Patterns in Vue. js VIDEOSEAN LARKIN The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript Fatigue: Realities of Our Industry OPINIONLUCAS FERNANDES DA COSTA Realtime updates on web and mobile that just work TOOLS Trusted by 150k developers. Add in-app notifications, live dashboards & more to any site in minutes, for free. PUSHER  SPONSOR sphinx-js: A Better Way to Document Large-Scale JS Projects TOOLS Brings JSDoc support to the popular Python Sphinx tools. ERIK ROSE Moon: A Minimal, Blazing Fast UI Library CODEKABIR SHAH image-compressor: A Simple JavaScript Image Compressor CODE Useful to reduce image sizes client-side before uploading.  Demo here. XKESHI Spacetime: A Lightweight Way to Handle Timezones in JS CODE Timezone-friendly date and time manipulation. Node and browser. BEGIN Cthulhu: Extend Redis with JavaScript Modules CODE Invokes commands from Redis in a JavaScript interpreter. MARCO CECCONI Adaptive, Live and VoD 360 Streaming in HTML5 on Desktop & Mobile and Native apps  BITMOVIN  SPONSOR Ghost 1. 0: The Popular Node. js Blogging System Hits 1. 0 CODE GitHub repo. JOHN O'NOLAN Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooperpress.

JavaScript Weekly Issue 346




WTFJS? A List of Funny and Tricky Code Examples Around 40 examples of ‘quirky’ JavaScript code with unexpected results or outcomes. Mostly interesting to learn about odd edge cases. StackBlitz: An Online VS Code IDE for Angular + React Dev Get the VS Code experience in your browser.  Introductory post here. 8 6. 1: The V8 Engine's Newest Branch In beta until the release of Chrome 61, 6. 1 has a smaller binary, includes some significantperformance improvements when iterating over maps and sets, and asm. js code is now transpiled to WebAssembly. Explore the Powerful Features of the Infinite ExtReact Grid Multi-directional scrolling with a fixed header, paging, grouping and editing data in cells are just a few of the capabilities of the ExtReact grid. Try ExtReact for free to see how easy it is to add the grid and many other components into your apps. Nuxt. js: A Universal Vue. js Application Framework Nuxt. js is a framework for bringing server-side rendering (SSR) to your Vue. js apps, similar to how Next. js does with React. How I Rediscovered My Love for JS After Ditching 90% of It Adopting a more functional approach let the author stop using bits of JavaScript he didn’t like. Understanding Service Workers A practical introduction to service workers (scripts that run in the background separate from a Web page context) and how to easily create one using Ember. IN BRIEF TypeScript's Type System is Turing Complete NEWSHENNING DIETERICHS webpack Awarded $125,000 By Mozilla NEWS To implement first-class support for WebAssembly. SEAN T. LARKIN Register for the Polymer Summit in Copenhagen on 22-23 August NEWS Learn more about the talks and workshops at this year's Polymer Summit, and see who our amazing speakers are. GOOGLE, INC.   SPONSOR W3C Launches a WebAssembly Working Group NEWSBRADLEY NELSON Machine Learning Comes to Your Browser with JavaScript NEWS With a new JS library that runs Google’s TensorFlow in the browser. INFOWORLD A Look at the 'Null Propagation Operator' Proposal TUTORIAL Provides an alternative to endless null checks. NICOLÁS BEVACQUA Creating Custom Inputs with Vue. js TUTORIAL Understand how v-model works on native inputs and custom components. JOSEPH ZIMMERMAN A Reintroduction to 'this' in JavaScript TUTORIALZELL LIEW Build your first JavaScript, Android, or iOS app with MongoDB Stitch TUTORIAL Get started with the beta release of MongoDB's backend-as-a-service with step-by-step tutorials and sample apps. MONGODB  SPONSOR How the Proposed 'Class Fields' for JavaScript Would Work TUTORIALDR. AXEL RAUSCHMAYER D3 in Depth: An Intermediate Guide to Building D3 Visualizations TUTORIALPETER COOK JavaScript Riddles for Fun and Profit VIDEO Poses a series of ever more challenging JavaScript riddles and brain-teasers. DAN SHAPPIR Use const Until You Have to Use let OPINIONVINCE CAMPANALE Why We Broke Our Philosophical Vows to Bring You CircleCI 2. 0 STORYCIRCLECI  SPONSOR Vuestic: A New Vue. js-Powered Admin Dashboard CODE Demo here. EPICMAX Express Gateway: A Microservice API Gateway Built on Express CODE NODE Turf: A Modular (Geo)Spatial Analysis Engine CODEMORGAN HERLOCKER Glamorous v4 Released: CSS Styling for React Components CODEKENT C. DODDS ProseMirror: A Toolkit for Building Rich-Text Editors for the Web CODEMARIJN HAVERBEKE Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooperpress.

JavaScript Weekly Issue 347




Use ES Modules in Node Today @std/esm is a spec-compliant ES module loader for Node 4+ allowing you to transition more smoothly from CommonJS. Techniques for Passing Data Between Promise Callbacks Some approaches for sharing data between callbacks (which each have their own scope). New, Updated: Deep JavaScript Foundations with Kyle Simpson Join Kyle Simpson, author of the popular “You Don’t Know JavaScript” book series, as he deep dives into JavaScript's core mechanics like scope, closure, this and prototypes . . plus new features in ES6 and more. Next. js 3. 0: The Universal React App Toolchain The stable release of Next. js v3. 0 arrived this week, bringing with it dynamic import support, static export support, code splitting and more. Building a Simple AI Chatbot with the Web Speech API and Node A complete walkthrough of bringing together browsers’ speech recognition support with Node and a third party natural language processing service. Reverse Engineering Obfuscated JavaScript (video) A look at how one library achieves the irksome ‘pop under’ effect in Chrome 59, where others seemingly fail. In Brief Next js13kGames Gamedev Competition Starts This Sunday news A popular JavaScript and HTML5 coding competition for game developers. Choose your ideal JavaScript framework with the GrapeCity SPEC App Speed, Productivity, Ecosystem, and Compatibility. Let us help you find the best framework for your team. GrapeCity Wijmo  Sponsor 6 Ways to Detect Chrome Headless tutorial If you want to detect bots or scrapers, say. Antoine Vastel How To Get Started with V8 Development? tutorialFranziska Hinkelmann Closing Iterables is a Leaky Abstraction tutorialReg Braithwaite How Angular Protects Us From XSS Attacks tutorialDor Moshe The Consequences of Frozen Prototypes on V8 tutorialBenedikt Meurer How To Build a GitHub Search UI with React tutorialDivyanshu Maithani Aggregating Cherry-Picked Lodash Methods In An App Module tutorialBen Nadel A Look at the ES proposal for 'Promise. try()' tutorialDr. Axel Rauschmayer Reduce time spent debugging by 90% Instantly know what's broken and why. Rollbar is monitoring, alerting, analytics for production errors. Try it. ROLLBAR  Sponsor Why You Should Use PureScript opinion A functional language that compiles to JavaScript. Phil Freeman An Angular Performance Checklist videoMinko Gechev Britecharts 2. 0 Released tools Britecharts is Eventbrite’s D3. js component-based charting library. Marcos Iglesias DisplayJS: A Lightweight JS Framework for Building Ambitious UIs toolsArthur Guiot Realtime updates on web and mobile that just work  Pusher  Sponsor Nano ID: Tiny, Secure URL-Friendly Unique String ID Generator codeAndrey Sitnik Posterus: Composable Async Primitives ('Futures') with True Cancelation codeNelo Mitranim Ream: A Framework for Building Universal Vue. js Apps codeREAM

JavaScript Weekly Issue 351




Announcing Yarn 1. 0: An Alternative to npm The Yarn JavaScript package manager is now used by 175,000 projects on GitHub and responsible for 3 billion package downloads per month. Building Angular Apps At Scale A developer at Google shares a sneak preview of a tool (still in alpha) for more efficient builds of large Angular apps. The 2017 Chrome Developer Summit is coming to San Francisco Connect with Chrome engineers and other leading developers for a two-day exploration of building beautiful and performant experiences at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on 23-24 October Takeoff: A Rapid Dev Environment Designed for Hack Days Oriented around Hapi, React, React Router v4, Redux, Postgres, and NGINX.  GitHub repo. Learn How To Debug JavaScript with Chrome DevTools Ditch console. log debugging once and for all by learning to use breakpoints to debug code within the DevTools. innerself: A Tiny View + State Management Solution If ultra-light alternatives to things like React appeal to you, innerself is worth checking out, even if just for the explanation of how it works. Angular vs. React vs. Vue: A 2017 Comparison An informative take on how to choose the best framework for your next project. The Wonderful World of Webpack Explains the reasoning behind Webpack, and what makes it more than a mere bundler. The Curious Case of 'null >= 0' A trip down one of JavaScript’s many interesting rabbit holes.  “It makes sense, honestly”, says the author. JavaScript Book VIŠE O KNJIZI IN BRIEF confs. tech: An Up-to-Date List of Upcoming JS Conferences NEWS Quokka. js Live JavaScript Scratchpad Now Available for Atom NEWSARTEM GOVOROV Using terminal to view test results is a productivity killer It's like browsing the web in a text-based browser. We deliver test results in realtime to your editor. WALLABY. JS  SPONSOR Building a Simple Notes Manager with Vue. js TUTORIALYANIS TRIANDAPHILOV Building a Mini Card Game with Polymer 3. 0 Preview TUTORIALJECELYN YEEN Don’t Be Afraid of Headless Chrome: Why and How to Use It for Ember Testing TUTORIALJEN WEBER Building TDD RESTful APIs with Koa 2, Mocha and Chai TUTORIAL NODEVALENTINO GAGLIARDI It’s OK to Not Use Yarn OPINION “Is there something wrong with using Yarn? Yes, there is, if you don’t need it. ”DAVID GILBERTSON Micro Frontends: Extending Microservice Ideas to Frontend Development OPINIONMICRO FRONTENDS How I Convinced Our CTO to Switch From CoffeeScript to ES6 STORYZACH SCHNEIDER #1 Way to Detect, Diagnose and Defeat Errors 

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To Type or Not to Type: Quantifying Detectable Bugs in JS A summary of an academic paper that concludes both Flow and TypeScript are good at preventing bugs that could end up in committed code. A Modern JavaScript Cheatsheet Plenty of JS terminology explained, along with code examples, in this thorough guide. JavaScript Telemetry: Black Box Recorder for App Crashes JavaScript telemetry gives a timeline of browser events leading to an error, including interaction events, like clicks, inputs, navigation and console messages + more. Debug better w/ telemetry and know why your app crashed. CoffeeScript 2: A New CoffeeScript for the ES6+ Era This new release of the controversial compile-to-JS language preserves its clean syntax but bridges the gap with ES6 and beyond. The End of Framework Churn The CEO of Ionic suggests that incompatibility between component models results in framework churn and that Web Components will provide a resolution. Top 10 ES6 Features Demonstrated by Example An example-driven tour of the key features of ES6/ES2015, if you’re not quite there yet. Deploying ES2015+ Code in Production Today Using the new `script type=”module”` approach gives us some benefits merely beyond loading ES modules alone - it guarantees ES6/ES2015 support. Objektno-orijentisan JavaScript treće izdanje VIŠE O KNJIZI In Brief Angular v5 Release Delayed to October news It was originally due this week. Dor Moshe Upcoming TypeScript Changes in Vue 2. 5 newsEvan You How to Build Your Own Fax Machine with Tessel, JavaScript and Twilio tutorial The death of fax has been greatly exaggerated! Twilio Programmable Fax allows you to send and receive fax in the cloud. Twilio  Sponsor Modern Ways to Use C++ in JavaScript Projects tutorial nodeMaga D. Zandaqo Subclassing Arrays in ES2015 tutorialDavid Tang U Go Hue Go: Controlling Philips Lights with Angular & Kendo UI tutorialTara Manicsic 5 Favorites in Emerging Web Standards  SitePen  Sponsor How I Cut My Webpack Bundle Size in Half storyJustin Duke Using ReactJS, ES6 & JSX to Build a UI (the rise of MERN) Part 5 of our Modern Application Stack series - Why ReactJS is driving the development of modern applications. MONGODB  Sponsor billboard. js: A Simple Chart Library Based on D3 V4 code v1. 1. 0 has just been released. Naver Corp Vuetify: A Material Design Component Framework for Vue. js 2 code Dexie 2. 0: A Minimalistic Wrapper for IndexedDB code Provides a neater API and error handling for the IndexedDB browser database API. David Fahlander mongoist: A MongoDB Driver for Node Built with async/await In Mind codeChristoph Walcher ngraph. path: Fast Path Finding for Arbitrary Graphs code Demo here. Andrei Kashcha winamp2-js: A Reimplementation of Winamp 2. 9 in HTML5 & JavaScript code ‘Whipping the llama’s ass’ with JS. Demo here. Jordan Eldredge Nano Events: A 119 Byte Event Emitter Library codeAndrey Sitnik AR. js: Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web codeJerome Etienne Bosket: Tree View Components for React, Angular, Vue and Riot codeJulien Elbaz Wretch: A Tiny Wrapper Around Fetch with an Intuitive Syntax codeJulien Elbaz Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooperpress.

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React 16 Released: A Look at the API-Compatible Rewrite The final release of React 16 is here, with rewritten ‘Fiber’ internals. There’s a lot more React 16 stuff in today’s React Status newsletter. Facebook Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable. js Recently, there have been some issues involving patent-related features, but Facebook is now moving some of its projects to a standard MIT license. JavaScript Telemetry: Black Box Recorder for App Crashes JavaScript telemetry gives a timeline of browser events leading to an error, including interaction events, like clicks, inputs, navigation and console messages + more. Debug better w/ telemetry and know why your app crashed. Draggable: A Drag and Drop Library from Shopify Draggable abstracts native browser events into a modular API for you to build custom, and potentially complex, drag and drop experiences. Learn Promises by Building Your Own Learning by building in action in this step-by-step tutorial to help you understand how Promises work. What is 'this' in JavaScript? Wissam Abirached explains context and the this keyword in JavaScript, the difference between explicit and hard bindings and what the new keyword represents. Strudel. js: A Lightweight Component Framework It’s pitched at being an ideal step up for developers comfortable with jQuery who want to move on to something else. Exploring JS Frameworks: A Free Online Event Next Week Speakers Holly Schinsky & Jen Looper will be covering Vue & Preact next Thursday (Oct 5).   IN BRIEF BigInt: A Proposal for Arbitrary Precision Integers in JS NEWSECMA TC39 Write Less Code, Use More Tools Our outrageous decision to orchestrate Nomad with Kubernetes. CIRCLECI  SPONSOR A Brief History of Modularity in JavaScript TUTORIALNICOLÁS BEVACQUA ES6 Promises: Patterns and Anti-Patterns TUTORIALBOBBY BRENNAN Exploring set(), get() and Object. defineProperty() in TypeScript TUTORIALTODD MOTTO Why Node 8's util. promisify Is So Awesome TUTORIAL NODEJAMES JEFFERY Love fraud? You’re going to hate Blockchain  SITEPEN  SPONSOR Web Truths: JavaScript Can’t Be Trusted OPINIONCHRISTIAN HEILMANN The Past, Present, and Future of the Angular CLI STORYSTEPHEN FLUIN ECMAScript, TC39, and the History of JavaScript VIDEOTYLER MCGINNIS Rapid prototyping playground for JavaScript in your editor Run any code and see the results immediately right in your editor. Supports VS Code, Atom and JetBrains IDEs. WALLABY. JS  SPONSOR CheerpJ, a Java to JavaScript Compiler, Now in Beta TOOLS Compile unmodified Java apps to JS for running in the browser. LEANING TECH Cerebral: Declarative State and Side Effects Management for JS Frameworks CODE An intriguing idea, at least. CHRISTIAN ALFONI Cherow: A Fast, TypeScript-Based JavaScript Parser CODEKFLASH Slack JS 9. 0. 0: A JS Client for Slack's Web API CODEBRIAN LEROUX vue-a11y-calendar: An Accessible, Internationalized Vue Calendar CODEIBM ppipe: Pipes Values Through Functions CODE An alternative to using the proposed ‘pipe’ operator for ES. YAVUZ EGE ÖZCAN Sheet: A Simple Spreadsheet in 220 Bytes of HTML and JS CODE Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooperpress.

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How to Reduce the Cost of JavaScript An increasing reliance on JS can result in needless performance issues for our users. Addy Osmani looks at how a little discipline can help. How Redux Works: A Counter-Example An attempt to demystify Redux, a popular state container for JavaScript apps, with a ‘backwards approach’. Luxon: A Chainable Wrapper for JavaScript Dates and Times From the creators of Moment. js, Luxon provides DateTime, Duration, and Interval types, as well as parsing and formatting for common formats. Want to ship better React Native apps faster? Meet App Center. From the creators of CodePush. Ship iOS and Android apps faster by connecting your app’s repo and automating the rest. App Center builds your app in the cloud, tests it on real iOS devices, releases to beta testers, app stores or CodePush, and monitors with crash reports and analytics.  Sign up now. Currying Is Not Idiomatic in JavaScript The good doctor explains "why, in my opinion, currying is not a good fit for JavaScript. ” GitHub Introduces Security Alerts for JS Projects It’s possible to track your project’s dependencies directly in GitHub and if you do, GitHub can now notify you of vulnerabilities in them automatically. WebAssembly Support Now in All Major Browsers Apple and Microsoft are shipping WebAssembly support in the latest versions of Safari and Edge so all 4 major browsers can now run code compiled to the wasm format. ECharts: Powerful Charting and Visualization for the Browser Been around a while but has grown a lot and now has extensions for major frameworks.  Demos here.   IN BRIEF VueConf US 2018: March 26–28, 2018 in New Orleans, USA NEWS The VueConf. US 2018 call for proposals is now open, and closes December 1. VUECONF US A Brief Introduction to Symbols, Generators and Streams TUTORIALRUBENS PINHEIRO GONÇALVES CAVALCANTE Learn and Understand JavaScript’s Reduce Function TUTORIAL Or Array. prototype. reduce(), more specifically. BRANDON MORELLI Building a NodeJS App with MongoDB Atlas and AWS ECS (Part 1) TUTORIAL It's that time of year again. This is the first post in our annual "Road to AWS re:Invent" blog series. MONGODB  SPONSOR Easy ES6 Goodies for Busy JavaScript Developers TUTORIAL “a good basic introduction to three of the most useful ES6 goodies”MICHELLE GIENOW Build a Server-Side Rendered Vue App with Nuxt. js TUTORIALCHIMEZIE ENYINNAYA Developing a Chrome Extension using Angular 4 TUTORIALJAKUB KACZMAREK Start Using Babel 7 Beta Today: What's New and How TUTORIALJEFF DOLLE Web Workers Can Be ES6 Modules Too TUTORIAL OK, Chrome doesn’t support it yet, but work is underway. JEFF SCHILLER CircleCI 2. 0 Language Guide: JavaScript TUTORIAL New to CircleCI 2. 0? Read our JavaScript Language Guide for a detailed explanation of our configuration. CIRCLECI  SPONSOR Angular Productivity Tips for WebStorm IDE Users TUTORIALJURGEN VAN DE MOERE Browser Automation Revisited: Meet Puppeteer TUTORIAL NODE Puppeteer is a Node library that provides an API to control headless Chrome. GERGELY NEMETH Recover Gracefully with React 16 Error Boundaries TUTORIALROLLBAR  SPONSOR Converting 600k Lines to TypeScript in 72 Hours STORY Specifically, from Google Closure-annotated JS. LUCIDCHART How GitLab Uses Vue: One Year Later STORYJACOB SCHATZ High Performance JS in V8: How V8 Is Faster Than Ever VIDEO A 20 minute tour of V8’s latest code-generation architecture. PETER MARSHALL Neutronium: Build . NET Desktop Apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript TOOLSNEUTRONIUM react-scroll-to: Scroll to Position in React CODEDYLAN PAULUS remoteStorage. js 1. 0. 0: Local Data Storage with Remote Syncing CODE A project that’s as old as this newsletter. bent: Functional HTTP Client for Node with async/await Support CODE NODEMIKEAL ROGERS Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooperpress.

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TC39 to Recommend 'Consistently Explicit Semicolon Use'? . . rather than relying on automatic semicolon insertion, as future language developments may affect the situations where ASI works. Brendan Eich signalled his dissent, causing some debate - with many thinking TC39 could recommend the use of a linter instead. The Brutal Lifecycle of JavaScript Frameworks Every now and then, a new framework pops up claiming it will revolutionize development.  Until the next one.  Stack Overflow looks at such lifecycles based on questions asked on its service. Nerv: A Fast React 16-Compatible React Alternative Nerv bills itself as a tinier, faster React alternative and has browser compatibility as a particular focus, supporting right back to IE8. Functional-Light JavaScript: A Balanced Book on FP in JS Kyle Simpson’s written an interesting book that takes a pragmatic look at functional programming concepts in JavaScript. And, yes, you can read it all on GitHub. React, Redux and JavaScript Architecture A gentle, but thorough, walkthrough of writing good React and Redux code and, crucially, the why behind each step. Workerize: Run A Module in a Web Worker Moves a module into a Web Worker, automatically reflecting exported functions as asynchronous proxies. There’s workerize-loader for Webpack users, too. TOAST UI Editor: A Markdown WYSIWYG Editor for the Web Works with GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) but can be extended with your own extensions. Supports all major browsers (IE10+).  GitHub repo. IN BRIEF Webpack 4 to Work 'Configless' by Default NEWS Inspired by Parcel’s approach. JOHN-DAVID DALTON ON TWITTER JSON Tree Shaking Landing in Webpack 4. 0 NEWS It’s shaping up to be an interesting release. 6 Tiny But Awesome ES7 + ES8 Features TUTORIALDAVID WALSH Building a Real Time Chat App From Scratch using TypeScript TUTORIALLUIS AVILES Build Your First Vue. js Component TUTORIALSARAH DAYAN An Introduction to Algebraic Data Types and Structural Pattern Matching in TypeScript TUTORIALERIN SWENSON-HEALEY Learn How to Visualize Your Time Series Data With InfluxDB & Rickshaw TUTORIAL Visualize your time series data from the fastest growing open source TSDB. INFLUXDATA  SPONSOR 5 Traps to Avoid While Unit Testing Vue. js TUTORIALAURÉLIEN BOTTAZINI Googlebot's JavaScript random() Function is Deterministic STORY Probably not useful, but an interesting quirk. TOM ANTHONY Things to Consider When Choosing a Database for Your JavaScript App Not all JSON support is created equal. MONGODB  SPONSOR ngrev: Tool for Reverse Engineering/Navigating Angular Projects TOOLSMINKO GECHEV InfiniteGrid: Arrange Card Elements Infinitely on a Grid Layout CODE GitHub repo. NAVER Polythene: A Material Design Component Library for Mithril and React CODEARTHUR CLEMENS match-sorter: Simple, Expected, & Deterministic Best-Match Array Sorting CODEKENT C. DODDS SweetAlert: Attractive Modal Popup Alerts/Messages CODE KaTeX: Fast Math Typesetting for the Web CODE Easy-to-use library for TeX math rendering on the web. KHAN ACADEMY JavaScript Test Results Displayed Inline in Your Editor as You Type  WALLABY. JS  SPONSOR

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Webpack 4 Beta: Happier, Faster, More Productive. . The final release of the popular module bundler is due in a month to let plugin developers catch up, but you can play with it already. It’s faster, output is smaller, it’s taken a ‘zero config’ approach, and way more. The Building Blocks of Web Workers and 5 Cases for Their Use An overview of Web Workers, a way to run JavaScript in background threads in the browser, plus several use cases where they make a great choice. Upgrade Your JavaScript Error Monitoring  Automatically detect & diagnose JavaScript errors impacting your users with Bugsnag. Get comprehensive diagnostic reports, know immediately which errors are worth fixing, & debug in a fraction of the time compared to traditional tools.  Try it free. The Why Behind The 'Wat': Explaining JS's Weird Type System Seen the Wat talk? Scratching your head at the intriguing nature of JavaScript’s type system? Learn more here. Paper Programs: Run JavaScript Programs from Pieces of Paper An interesting project that involves using a projector and camera to scan and run physical ‘programs’ that you can literally edit ‘by hand’. A Set of Best Practices for JavaScript Projects One company’s extensive set of guidelines covering ‘project level’ concerns like git, dependencies, environments, and API design. Interesting ECMAScript 2017 Proposals That Weren’t Adopted Some interesting feature proposals that didn’t make it. One for the perpetually curious readers amongst you :-) The Top 10 JavaScript Errors from 1000+ Projects . . and how to avoid them yourself. Spoiler: Most involve TypeError. The data behind this comes from the Rollbar error monitoring service. jQuery 3. 3 Released Yes, jQuery is still with us, and the addClass, removeClass, and toggleClass methods now accept an array of class names. (3. 3. 1 rapidly followed 3. 3. 0. ) Knjiga nedelje - jQuery 3 LINK KA KNJIZI I KORPI ZA NARUČIVANJE. IN BRIEF Promise. prototype. finally Now Stage 4 in TC39 Process NEWSJORDAN HARBAND ON TWITTER Nested Ternaries are Great TUTORIAL Those condition ? trueExp : falseExp type constructions. ERIC ELLIOTT 5 Tips and Thoughts on Async / Await Functions TUTORIALJ COLE MORRISON How To Make a Drag-and-Drop File Uploader With Vanilla JS TUTORIAL A thorough walkthrough, as you’d expect from Smashing Magazine. JOSEPH ZIMMERMAN Build Your First JavaScript, Android, or iOS App with MongoDB Stitch TUTORIAL Get started with the beta release of MongoDB's backend-as-a-service with step-by-step tutorials and sample apps. MONGODB  SPONSOR Deep-Copying in JavaScript: Approaches to Copying Objects TUTORIALDAS SURMA HTML Templating with Vanilla ES2015 Template Literals TUTORIALBEN FRAIN 7 Quick Techniques for ES6 Developers TUTORIALTAL BEREZNITSKEY Functional Programming in JavaScript with Hyperapp TUTORIAL Hyperapp is a very lightweight library inspired by Elm. ALI SPITTEL eBook: TDD Best-Practices for JavaScript  CODESHIP  SPONSOR Building Vue. js Apps with Parcel TUTORIALJOSHUA BEMENDERFER Array. from() Accepts a Second Argument That. .  TUTORIAL . . can be a mapping functionADDY OSMANI ON TWITTER JavaScript, The Bad Parts: A V8 Engineer's Perspective SLIDEDECKBENEDIKT MEURER What's New in Chrome 64's DevTools in 3 Minutes VIDEOGOOGLE CHROME DEVELOPERS TDD with Wallaby. js VIDEO Or unit testing on steroids (make sure to watch till the end). WALLABY. JS  SPONSOR What’s New in Vue Devtools 4. 0 TOOLSGUILLAUME CHAU D3 Discovery: Easily Find Plugins for D3. js TOOLS D3 is a powerful data visualization toolkit made even better with plugins. WEBKID Parcel 1. 5 Released: Source Maps, WebAssembly, Rust, and More TOOLS It’s not just Webpack having all the fun :-)DEVON GOVETT Scratches: An Elegant JavaScript Scratchpad TOOLS Electron-based and it evaluates as you type. PAOLO FRAGOMENI Greenlet: Move An Async Function Into Its Own Thread CODE A simplified single-function version of workerize. JASON MILLER jsnes: A JavaScript NES Emulator CODEBEN FIRSHMAN Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooperpress.

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webpack 4. 0 Released  The popular module and asset bundler is now faster and has new development and production modes with pre-defined settings so you can start quicker too. You might also enjoy a tutorial for using it with Vue. js, a look at the chunk graph improvements, or what the new ‘modes’ do. Propel: A Scientific Computing Framework for JS — A NumPy-like framework for mathematical work in JavaScript that can lean on TensorFlow for performance. Works with both Node and in the browser (using WebGL). The Future of JavaScript: 2018 and Beyond — What is the state of the JavaScript ecosystem? This whitepaper offers our future-looking analysis and predictions about the latest in JavaScript. We also look back at all the craziness from 2017 and neatly tie it together with a bow.  Download now. The Lost Art of the Makefile — It might not be trendy, but GNU Make does a lot of heavy lifting in the open source world and. . you can even use it to build JavaScript projects too. In The Loop: A Tour of the Event Loop — A 35 minute talk looking at the browser event loop, the thing that orchestrates the main thread of the browser, which includes JS, events, and rendering. Tracing From JS to the DOM and Back Again with V8 — Debugging memory leaks in Chrome has become much easier now that Chrome 66’s DevTools can trace C++ DOM objects and display all reachable DOM objects from JavaScript with their references. In other V8 news, lazy deserialization has reduced V8’s memory consumption by 500KB+ per tab. JOBS Senior Front End Engineer at Plectica (New York, NY) — Come build a beautiful collaborative platform for visual brainstorming & thinking with SVG, WebSockets and all sorts of other fun. Product Engineer — We're looking for a front-end-focused engineer who cares about product design, UX and collaboration to join an exceptional team. Find a Job You're Passionate About — Vettery connects you directly to hiring managers at over 4,000 top companies. Make a profile today and land your dream job. ARTICLES AND TUTORIALS The Origin Story of ESLint — The tale of how a popular linting tool came to be. How to Create an Accessible Autocomplete Component with Vue. js TypeScript - JavaScript with Superpowers? — A very elementary introduction to the benefits of TypeScript. Naučite TypeScript LINK KA KNJIZI. The Webpack 4. 0 Release: What's New? — A quick roundup of the features and improvements. Ember's Equivalent of React's Render Props Learn to Build JavaScript Apps with MongoDB in M101JS, MongoDB for Node Developers

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D3. js 5. 0 Released — D3 continues to be a fantastic choice for data visualization with JavaScript. Changes in 5. 0 include using promises to load data instead of callbacks, contour plots, and density contours. Lazy Loading Modules with ConditionerJS — Linking JavaScript functionality to DOM elements can become a tedious task. See how ConditionerJS makes progressive enhancement easier in this thorough tutorial. The Best JavaScript Debugging Tools for 2018  If you work with JavaScript, you’ll know that it doesn’t always play nice. Here we look at the best JavaScript debugging tools you can use to clean up your code and provide great software experiences to your users. A 10 Video Introduction to Functional JavaScript with Ramda — Want to get started with functional programming in JavaScript? Ramda is a more functional alternative to libraries like Lodash, and these brief videos cover the essentials. You may also appreciate Kyle Simpson’s Functional-Light JavaScript if you set off on the functional programming journey. JavaScript vs. TypeScript vs. ReasonML: Pros and Cons — Dr. Axel is becoming a fan of static typing for larger projects and explains the pros and cons of it and how static typing relates to the TypeScript and ReasonML projects. A Proposal for Package Name Maps for ES Modules — Or how to solve the web’s “bare import specifier” problem. A TC39 Proposal for Object. fromEntries — It would transform a list of key/value pairs into an object. How Unsplash Gradually Migrated to TypeScript TUTORIALS AND TIPS Getting Started with the Web MIDI API — Covers the basics of MIDI and the Web MIDI API showing how simple it is to create frontend apps that respond to musical inputs. It’s niche but also neat the Web platform can do this. 7 Secret Patterns Vue Consultants Don&'t Want You to Know — Clickbaity talk title, but Chris is both on the Vue core team and a great speaker :-) Learn to Build JavaScript Apps with MongoDB in M101JS, MongoDB for Node Developers — MongoDB University courses are free and give you everything you need to know about MongoD How to Write Powerful Schemas in JavaScript — An introduction to schm, a library for building model schemas in a functional, composable way. Getting Smaller Lodash Bundles with Webpack and Babel — Plus some tips for working with lodash-webpack-plugin. Elegant Patterns in Modern JavaScript: RORO — RORO stands for Receive an Object, Return an Object. The Ultimate Angular CLI Reference Guide — Create new Angular 2+ apps, scaffold components, run tests, build for production, and more. Add ESLint and Prettier to VS Code for 'Create React App' Apps Tips for Using ESLint in a Legacy Codebase — Techniques that can help you significantly reduce the number of errors you see. Free eBook: A Roundup of Managed Kubernetes Platforms Lookaheads (and Lookbehinds) in JS Regular Expressions Unblocking Clipboard Access in Chrome 66+ — The Async Clipboard APIsupersedes the document. execCommand approach. Building Office 365/SharePoint Applications with Aurelia CODE AND TOOLS GPU-Accelerated Neural Networks in JavaScript — A look at four libraries providing this type of functionality. Get the Best, Most Complete Collection of Angular UI Controls: Wijmo — Wijmo’s dependency-free UI controls include rich declarative markup, full IntelliSense, and the best data grid. better-sqlite3: A Simple, Fast SQLite3 Library for Node ngx-datatable: A Feature-Rich Data-Table Component for Angular — No external dependencies.  Demos here. vue-content-loader: SVG-based 'Loading Placeholder' Component — It’s a port of ReactContentLoader. DrawerJS: A Customizable HTML Canvas Drawing Tool — Live demo. Naučite TypeScript LINK KA KNJIZI.

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The Front-End Developer Handbook 2018 Edition  An online guide that outlines and discusses the practice of front-end engineering, how to learn it and what tools are used in the practice, as of 2018. Write Your Own Promise Library from Scratch — Async/await is based on promises, so understanding this popular async primitive is a must. Understanding TypeScript’s Type Notation — Dr. Axel presents a handy guide to the static type notation used in TypeScript, the optionally typed JavaScript superset, and promises you’ll understand an initially cryptic code example by the end of his post. Improve the Quality of Your JavaScript Projects with Codacy — An automated code review tool that allows developers to improve code quality. We check your code against the most popular JS static analysis tools, with specific plugins for Vue, Angular and React. Sign up for free and improve your coding. Optimizing React: The Virtual DOM Explained — A beginner-friendly intro to React’s internals that attempts to demystify JSX and explain how React makes rendering decisions. How to Escape async/await 'Hell' — Take care you don’t escape from ‘callback hell’ only to fall into bad practices using async/await instead. Why React Needs Yet Another Animation Library — react-spring is a set of physics-based UI animation ‘building blocks’.  GitHub repo. Demo: Object Detection in the Browser with TensorFlow. js — Take care as a 40MB machine learning model gets downloaded, but this is a neat browser-based demo of TensorFlow. js that leans on YOLO for object recognition. What's New in Angular 6? — Angular 6 RC4 is out with the final Angular 6 due any moment, but what’s new? AngularConnect 2018 - Europe’s Largest Angular Conference — Join us to hear from 40+ speakers including the core Angular team. Our CFP is open & tickets available now. CODE AND TOOLS Redux 4. 0. 0-rc1 Released — The final 4. 0 is due next week but you can experiment now. TIM DORR The Microsoft JavaScript API Browser — Bill itself as your ‘one-stop shop’ for all of Microsoft’s JavaScript-based APIs (e. g. for Azure and SharePoint). MICROSOFT Cytoscape. js: Graph/Network Visualization and Analysis Library CYTOSCAPE CONSORTIUM shallow-render: Angular 5 Testing Made Easy with Shallow Rendering and Easy Mocking BRANDON DOMINGUE Build a Simple Shopping Cart based on MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node MONGODB SPONSOR JavaScript State Machine: A Finite State Machine Library JAKE GORDON virtual-audio-graph: Declaratively Manipulate the Web Audio API — The documentation and examples here may help you understand this. BENJI HALL

JavaScript Weekly Issue 386, Angular Ivy, Learn Advanced React Component Patterns




What If JavaScript 'Wins'? — Reflections on JavaScript’s continuing growth and how network effects could see it essentially become the ‘default’ programming language. A First Look at Angular Ivy  Ivy is the forthcoming new render engine for Angular. This article takes a closer look at how it works and what it means for Angular developers. Learn Advanced React Component Patterns — Simplify large React applications by separating your component logic, state and display properties to make React components more flexible and usable. This course is part of our Complete React Learning Path. Debugging Modern Web Applications with Firefox — The Firefox Dev Tools team are adding lots of new features to help you work with modern tools like Babel and Webpack while debugging with Firefox. Web Performance Made Easy — A talk from Google I/O covering lots of useful stuff like auditing page assets, code splitting, image optimizing, minification, and more. Using Trampolines to Manage Large Recursive Loops — A trampoline function wraps a recursive function in a loop to better manage how it runs. Data-Forge 1. 0: A JavaScript Data Wrangling Toolkit — Inspired by Pandas and LINQ, Data-Forge is designed to be a ‘goto tool for slicing and dicing data’.  v1 release post. Introducing the Microsoft Edge DevTools Protocol — Edge has gained a Chrome-like DevTools protocol for providing access to external developer tools. Announcing TypeScript 2. 9 RC — Highlights include import() types and support for symbols and numeric literals in keyof and mapped object types. Tutorials and Opinions How The New Vue CLI Simplifies Development CHRIS NWAMBA ES2018 Regular Expression Updates, an Opinionated Summary ZSOLT NAGY Vue. js Chat with AWS Lex on PubNub ChatEngine — How to build a Slack-like chat application using Vue. js and ChatEngine - global & private chat, and chatbots. PUBNUB SPONSOR A Simple Guide to ES6 Promises — We’ve seen a few subscribers lament they’re too new to JavaScript to understand many of the links we include. . if that’s you, you should find this tutorial useful :-) BRANDON MORELLI Comparing async/await with Generators and Promises CHANAKYA BHARDWAJ Turn Sublime Text 3 into a JavaScript IDE — Visual Studio Code appears to be the most popular editor in the JavaScript world lately but Sublime Text remains fast and capable and can be tweaked to work well as a JavaScript IDE. LORENZO PICHILLI Type-Safe Object Merging in TypeScript 2. 8 TYLER HOFFMAN Understanding Proxy, the ES6 Feature — Includes some JSFiddle examples to play with. YASH THAKUR Playing with MIDI and the Web Audio API in JavaScript KACPER KULA  

JavaScript Weekly Issue 393




What is Redux: A Designer's Guide — A really neat high-level approach to explaining Redux and what it offers beyond state management. An Adventure in Sparse Arrays — A quick prod around the idea of ‘sparse’ arrays, how they work in JavaScript, and a few concepts to keep in mind. Optimization Auditing: A Deep Dive into Chrome's Dev Console — Ahmed Bouchefra offers an in-depth exploration of the features of the Chrome DevTools for measuring performance and debugging your web apps. Build and Deploy Serverless Functions Entirely in JavaScript   Pulumi. io provides a programming model for the cloud. Spend less time on YAML, and more time on JavaScript, because after all… Code is the best Config. Pulumi supports any service on any cloud - from serverless to Kubernetes to storage. Reduce JavaScript Payloads with Tree Shaking — Knowing where to begin optimizing your app’s JavaScript can be daunting — tree shaking might be a good place to start. Building Mobile Apps with Capacitor and Vue. js — Learn how to use Capacitor and cutting-edge web technologies such as Vue. js and Ionic 4 web components to build cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS. React From Zero: A Simple Code-Based React Tutorial — An interesting approach based entirely upon simple, annotated code, with no articles to read. It’s nice to see React’s features demonstrated so cleanly. Also in Chinese and Portuguese. Tutorials and Opinions ES2017 Object and String Extensions — Covering Object. entries, Object. values, Object. getOwnPropertyDescriptors, String. padStartand String. padEnd. ZSOLT NAGY Recreating Python's Slice Syntax in JS Using ES6 Proxies EVAN SANGALINE Build a Netflix Style Video Delivery Infrastructure — Play adaptive video at the same quality and speed as Netflix and Youtube. Encoding, Player and Analytics - JavaScript API client. BITMOVIN SPONSOR Get Better Type Checking in JavaScript with the 'Maybe' Type GILAD SHOHAM Understanding Redux: The World’s Easiest Guide to Beginning Redux — Long, but starts from a very simple level. OHANS EMMANUEL How Angular Resolves Dynamic Components — What happens under the hood when you use Angular’s resolveComponentFactory? CHIDUME NNAMDI WebRTC and the Mechanics of Peer-to-Peer Networking ALEXANDER ZLATKOV Deriving the Y Combinator in JavaScript — Well written, but quite a theoretical exercise. NATHAN LEUNG OpenID Connect + Node = Simple, Secure Website — Learn all about data storage, middlewares, routing, & generating views as you build a secure blog with Express. js. OKTA SPONSOR Keep Your Promises in TypeScript using async/await GILAD SHOHAM Ask HN: What You Wish You'd Known Before Getting Into JavaScript? — A lot of very different answers here. HACKER NEWS Why GraphQL: Advantages, Disadvantages and Alternatives ROBIN WIERUCH Code and Tools Rete. js: A Framework for Visual Programming — Create a node-based editor in the browser and apply logic. Check out these demos on CodePen. VITALIY STOLIAROV Microstates. js: Composable State Primitives for JavaScript — Declaratively compose application state from atomic state machines. TARAS MANKOVSKI AND CHARLES LOWELL Real-Time Error Monitoring, Alerting, and Analytics for JavaScript 
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