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JavaScript Weekly Issue 393, TOAST UI Grid 3.0, JavaScript Fundamentals Before Learning React




  TOAST UI Grid 3. 0: A Powerful Data Grid Control — Another great piece of work from NHN who also produced an image editor we linked last week. This data grid component works down to IE8, with many data types, and is easily rethemed. JavaScript Fundamentals Before Learning React — A concise list of all the different JavaScript functionalities that can be used to complement a React app. Try DigitalOcean and Get a $100 Credit on Us Save up to 55% compared to other cloud providers and start building, deploying and scaling better web apps. A Great Explanation of JavaScript Reactivity — Understand what ‘reactivity’ is and how it works by way of implementing your own system that’s similar to Vue’s approach. There’s also a 15 minute video version, if you prefer. v8n: A JavaScript Fluent Validation Library — If you like ‘fluent’, chainable APIs, you might like this approach to object validation, e. g.  v8n(). number(). between(0, 100). test(44) . . though it goes a lot further than that. The Future of WebAssembly: A Look At Upcoming Features and Proposals — WebAssembly is a binary instruction format that runs at high performance in all major browsers. It’s still relatively new though and a work in progress. This post looks at WebAssembly’s roadmap and the features it could gain in the near future. Two-Factor Authentication Protection for npm Packages in Beta — As a follow up to the eslint-scope npm problem we covered last week, you can now test two-factor authentication protection for individual packages in the npm Registry. Tutorials and Opinions Building a Serverless Contact Form with AWS Lambda and AWS SES — Covers the basics of both the front-end form, with vanilla JavaScript, and the serverless back end, hosted on AWS Lambda. Build an Instagram Clone with Vue. js and CSSGram — CSSGram recreates Instagram-style filters using CSS filters and blend modes. How to Do Functional Programming with JavaScript? — A handy cheat sheet used by JavaScript developers interested in writing functional style code.  Check it out. Designing GraphQL APIs — A tutorial built at Shopify (initially for internal use) based on lessons learnt creating and scaling schemas on GraphQL APIs at Shopify. Native JavaScript Modules — A look at how native JS modules work, what the current level of support is for them, plus main findings and gotchas from using them in production. 15 HTML Element Methods You’ve Potentially Never Heard of — The DOM is full of delights, some of which David pokes at here, including scrollIntoView, getBoundingClientRect, and select. How to Build a Microsoft Excel Add-in with Vue — Did you know you can build add-ins for Excel with JavaScript? Build a Netflix Style Video Delivery Platform — View videos at the same quality & speed as Netflix & YouTube. API clients for all major languages. Recreating Reddit’s Voting UI in Vanilla JS vs React vs Vue vs Hyperapp— A comparison hoping to ‘shed light’ on the purpose of using frameworks. Pushing the Limits of the Web with Angular — Showing off some of the newest capabilities of Angular. How Fast Can You Learn React? — ”. . learning React is about as easy as teaching a parrot to talk”. — Oh, and if you are starting to explore React, we have a newsletter for that ;-). Code and Tools Pushbar. js: Simply Creating 'Sliding Drawers' on Your Pages/Apps Popbox. js: Stackable Modals for Web Pages — If you need a modal on top of your modal. . localForage: Offline Storage, Improved — Wraps IndexedDB, WebSQL, or localStorage using a simple API. Polly. js: Record, Replay, and Stub HTTP Interactions — Polly taps into native browser APIs to mock requests and responses. Save Weeks Per Year Fixing Unseen Bugs Using Source Maps with Sentry Jest Watch Toggle Config Plugin: Toggle Your Jest Boolean Config Settings At Will CanJS 5. 0 Released: A Framework for Building Rich Web Interfaces Z: Pattern Matching for JavaScript Hypernova: A Service for Server-Side Rendering of JS Views How to Dynamically Load JS Modules on Codepen

JSK Weekly - September 20, 2017




This week has been really hectic with lots of new content and stories. If you are into performance optimization (and you should be, at least from time to time), check out "Building the DOM faster", by Milica Mihajlija. Milica takes a look at the order of HTML parsing, CSS causing re-rendering, preloading, defer, async, etc. Do you write CSS inside your JavaScript? Kevin Ball criticizes the increasing urge to do it and shares some best practices for writing and maintaining CSS. Make sure you check it out. We have great stories for all of the "big three" frameworks - Angular, React and Vue. One not to miss is "A React And Preact Progressive Web App Performance Case Study: Treebo" by Addy Osmani. It's an excellent overview of a Progressive Web App built by Treebo hotels in India. Finally, it is now possible to use native ES modules in Node. js 8. 5. 0. It requires a . mjs extension and you have to enable it via command line flag. Dr. Alex Rauschmayer gives you more details.   JavaScript Book VIŠE O KNJIZI General Building the DOM faster: speculative parsing, async, defer and preload In 2017, the toolbox for making sure your web page loads fast includes everything from minification and asset optimization to caching, CDNs, code splitting and tree shaking. However, you can get big performance boosts with just a few keywords and mindful code structuring, even if you're not yet familiar with the concepts above and you're not sure how to get started. Authored by: Mozilla Hacks CSS in JS is like replacing a broken screwdriver with your favorite hammer. There's a ton of interest these days in 'CSS in JS'. The premise is simple: CSS operates in a global namespace, which can result in undesirable side effects, spaghetti code, and extremely difficult to maintain codebases. JavaScript used to do this, and we fixed it by encapsulating everything in modules and using tools like webpack to stitch everything together. Authored by: Kevin Ball Writing Clean Code Writing code that just works is one thing - writing clean code is a whole new level. There is a saying, "Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand," and it makes perfect sense. Authored by: Codementor How JavaScript linters cause bugs I was doing code review for a coworker yesterday, and it soon became obvious that he used a linter and that the linter gave him a bright idea: use strict comparisons. Authored by: Swizec JavaScript Finally the Promise. prototype. finally() is available Since the Promises were added in JavaScript, one of the biggest concerns was the absence of an ability to easily apply some code after the Promise is fulfilled (after both success and reject actions). Authored by: Sergey Gospodarets Currying in JavaScript Currying is a technique of evaluating function with multiple arguments, into sequence of function with single argument. In other words, when a function, instead of taking all arguments at one time, takes the first one and return a new function that takes the second one and returns a new function which takes the third one, and so forth, until all arguments have been fulfilled. Authored by: codeburst. io JavaScript Quickie- What is Type Coercion? Type Coercion can be confusing at first - get all the details here Defined: Type coercion is the conversion of values to an equivalent type. Does that make sense? Probably not. The important thing to remember is that type coercion is all about converting a value from one type to another. Authored by: Brandon Morelli The difference between var, const, and let in Javascript is. . . I was recently chatting with a friend while we were on a hike, and we started to discuss the differences between var, const, and let in Javascript. We talked about the what, how, and when to use each. And from that discussion, this post was born. . . Authored by: Reuben Nahouraii Part 2: Var vs Const vs Let This article is Part 2 for the Series "Modern ES6+ Javascript for those who know only a little about that old Javascript. " Traditionally, the way variable declarations work has been that weird part of programming in JavaScript. Variables creation depend on how you declare them, and ES6 offers options to make controlling scope easier. Authored by: Harry Manchanda ?￰゚ヌᄈ Angular. js Lazy Loading in Angular v2+ Application performance is an important part of web development. We always want our users to have the quickest and most performant experience when they visit our apps. Lazy loading is one of the features we can add to our app to improve performance. What exactly is lazy loading? Authored by: Chris Sevilleja Angular Server-side rendering using Angular-CLI An step-by-step guide to add server-side rendering (Universal) support to Angular 4 Applications using Angular CLI Authored by: Mohammad Kermani Using Web Components With Angular Angular is an application framework favored by many in the JavaScript community. Angular provides a library for building encapsulated components, dependency injection, a templating language with data binding, an application router built on observables, and a command line interface that lowers the ba. . . Authored by: SitePen Changing The Hash With The Location Service In Angular 4. 4. 0-RC. 0 Ben Nadel demonstrates how to change the hash (or fragment) value of the Location using the location. go() method in Angular's Location service. This is not clear in the documentation and requires a bit of squinting to digest. Authored by: Ben Nadel This One Tweak Improved my Angular Code I made a tweak to my Angular code process over the last month or so that has resulted in greater productivity in my development environment and fewer bugs. Now, I didn't make this change because I thought it would improve my productivity. At least that wasn't the primary reason. Authored by: Dave Bush Protecting Angular v2+ Routes with CanActivate/CanActivateChild Guards Protecting routes is something that has to happen in any app with authentication. There will be sections of your applications that you don't want certain users to get to. We'll be looking at a simple example of how to use Angular router guards to protect an area of our site. Authored by: Chris Sevilleja React. js Treebo: A React And Preact Progressive Web App Performance Case Study Treebo is India's top rated budget hotel chain, operating in a segment of the travel industry worth $20 billion. They recently shipped a new Progressive Web App as their default mobile experience, initially using React and eventually switching to Preact in production. Authored by: Addy Osmani Exploring New Features in React 16 In this post, we're going to learn how to create a music player using some of the new features in React 16. In implementing this music player, we're going to learn about some of the changes in React 16. Authored by: Sophia Shoemaker ? How to Learn React: Everything You Need to Get Started No matter where you are on your journey, the best React content you need is here - take a look and dive in! Authored by: Adam Roberts React + Dataviz There is a natural connection between Data Visualization (dataviz) and SVG. SVG is a graphics format based on geometry and geometry is exactly what is needed to visually display data in compelling and accurate ways. SVG has got the "visualization" part, but SVG is more declarative than programmatic. Authored by: Chris Coyier Firebase + React : Optimizing For The Real World I started off to build a small web app that showcases the career paths of developers. As I love the approach React takes for the DOM, it was my only choice of framework. For the data part, I decided to use Google's Firebase. So the structure was simple. Authored by: Varun A P Kea - High level abstraction between React and Redux Redux took the React world by a storm when it was introduced. The simple idea provided a guideline for the community and "solved" state management for a lot of different kinds of applications. That said, Redux comes with a certain amount of wiring. Authored by: SurviveJS Aurelia. js 5 techniques used by Aurelia to promote great code quality Let's start with a fact: You can write bad code in good frameworks and bad code in good frameworks. But, frameworks can do things to encourage certain styles of development that lead to better code quality. Authored by: Sean Hunter Vue. js Extending VueJS Components Do you have components in your Vue app that share similar options, or even template markup? It'd be a good idea to create a base component with the common options and markup, and then extend the base component to create sub components. Authored by: Anthony Gore Vue. js communication Part 2: parent-child components Many Vue. js app components will probably have some sort of parent-child relationship. In this part of the series I aim to talk about common patterns as well as anti-patterns that you should avoid. If you follow the basic structure you should be safe for the future. Authored by: Christian Gambardella Why You Should Avoid Vue. js DOM Templates It's a common practice for a Vue app to use the DOM as its template. This practice comes with a few catches, however, that make it an undesirable choice. In this article, I'll explain the issues and offer some alternatives. Authored by: Anthony Gore How to Create Filters in Vue. js with Examples Similar to AngularJS, Vue. js has its way of transforming data and applying filters to it, but you must keep in mind that filters don't transform the original data, they only change the output and return a filtered version of it. Authored by: Rachid Laasri [2 minutes Maggi] Hello World App in Vue. js Vue. js is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. This is lean, this is fast, and unlike frameworks like React and Angular, it's straightforward to get started. Here we will build a simple Hello World app, and it will just take 2 minutes for the whole process. Authored by: Harry Manchanda ?￰゚ヌᄈ 4 Ways To Boost Your Vue. js App With Webpack A Vue. js expert goes over several different ways that web developers can use Webpack to enhance their Vue. js application, like code splitting and optimization. Authored by: Anthony Gore Ember. js Awesome Ember Addons I've jumped back into the Ember world after a long hiatus for a client project recently, and I'm really enjoying being back. Ember shares many similarities with Rails, has a fantastic community of passionate people, and the folks behind the framework are the open source maintainers I've come to respect the most. Authored by: Matt Gowie Node. js Using ES modules natively in Node. js Starting with version 8. 5. 0, Node. js supports ES modules natively, behind a command line option. Most of the credit for this new functionality goes to Bradley Farias. This blog post explains the details. Authored by: Axel Rauschmayer How To Combine a NodeJS Back End with a ReactJS Front End App. In this post, I want to show how you can build the front and back end of a website using NodeJS for the back end. We'll use node to create endpoints, and set up a database in JSON format. Authored by: Ethan Jarrell Node. Js Vs PHP : Battle of Supremacy & survival Before we jump on to the battle of Node. js Vs PHP, firstly we need to understand why this has been a talk for a while now in the developers community, specially for the backend developers. This all started with the unparalleled increase in the users demand for smartphone apps. Authored by: #PramodChandrayan Managing Complex Data Structures in NodeJS When starting a new project, the question of how to properly organize your data is usually one of the first problems to solve. Let's say that need to store data of users. Using Mongo, and storing the data as collections, we have a couple of options. Authored by: Ethan Jarrell Libraries and Tools JavaScript Linting Tools Comparison Linting is the process of running a program that will analyse code for potential errors or identifying bad coding practices. Here I present a brief comparison of 3 most widely used JavaScript linting libraries specially while using with React. Authored by: codeburst. io Functional Programming From imperative to functional JavaScript Functional programming is an awesome tool to have in your arsenal, since it will at least: Reduce the amount of mutations ; Make the code base easier to test; Composition and changes are made easier; You can apply it right now in your code base since it's just a programming paradigm (a set of rules). Authored by: Diogo Santos Other Web Push Notifications with Firebase (Video Series) When I attended Google Developers Days Europe a couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to Firebase's new Cloud Functions feature. Firebase Cloud Functions allow us to write server-side code without the need to create and manage our own backend, and the functions we create can be as simple or complex as we need them to be. Authored by: Ire Aderinokun What's coming in Meteor 1. 6 - Meteor Blog Now that Meteor 1. 5. 2 has been released, it's time to look forward to our next major release: Meteor 1. 6. Given all the improvements that are coming, it was tempting to stamp this release as "Meteor 2. 0," but that would suggest there must be lots of breaking changes, and that upgrading is likely to be a difficult chore. Authored by: Meteor Coping with Stateful Code In this article we will: Learn why stateful packages challenge stability See an example of a stateful package Identify CanJS's stateful packages Provide strategies that minimize the problems with stateful packages With the elimination of side effects, it becomes possible to use multiple versions of the same package within the same application. Authored by: Justin Meyer The Problems with Redux: Are MobX and Realm going to put and end to it First off, I don't hate Redux. It was made by very smart people to ease the problem of managing state inside single page apps. And it does solve it. You can use Redux to break state down from the high level right down to what each component needs to know about. Authored by: Quantum Mob ORIGINAL

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Nemate para za obrazovanje? Nema problema! Postoji mnogo vrhunskih univerziteta koji nude besplatne onlajn kurseve. U ovom članku opisaćemo nekoliko univerziteta koji nude najbolje besplatne kurseve za ljude koji žele da povećaju svoje znanje ili da napreduju u svojoj karijeri. 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit. edu) Besplatni MIT Onlajn Kursevi Ako tražite širok raspon besplatnih onlajn kurseva, MIT je vaš najbolji izbor. Tu ćete naći više od 1,800 besplatnih kurseva koji se nude kroz školine OpenCourseWare projekte. Kursevi su u audio, video i tekstualnom formatu i prevedeni su u veliki broj različitih jezika. Ljudi iz čitavog sveta koriste OpenCourseWare i 96 procenata korisnika kažu da su preporučili njihove kurseve drugim korisnicima. 2. Open University (open. ac. uk) Besplatni Open University Onlajn Kursevi Open University je najveća akademska institucija u Velikoj Britaniji. Školin OpenLearn web sajt daje besplatan pristup kursevima za različite nivoe obrazovanja. Kursevi pokrivaju širok raspon tema, kao što su umetnost i istorija, biznis, obrazovanje, informacione tehnologije i računarstvo, matematika i statistika, nauka, zdravlje i tehnologija. 3. Carnegie Mellon University (cmu. edu) Besplatni Carnegie Mellon Onlajn Kursevi Carnegie Mellon University nudi ogromnu kolekciju besplatnih onlajn kurseva kroz program poznat pod imenom Open Learning Initiative. OLI kursevi su kreirani tako da omoguće svakom na nivou obrazovanja studenta prve godine da stekne određena znanja bez pomoći zvaničnog instruktora. Kursevi uključuju, ali nisu ograničeni na statistiku, biologiju, hemiju, ekonomiju, francuski jezik i fiziku. 4. Tufts University (tufts. edu) Besplatni Tufts University Onlajn Kursevi Kao i MIT, Tufts University ima OpenCourseWare kurseve koji su besplatni za svakoga. Kursevi su sortirani po školama (School of Medicine, School of Arts and Sciences, i tako dalje) i uključuje beleške sa predavanja, zadatke i druge pomoćne materijale. 5. Stanford (stanford. edu) Stanford Kursevi na iTunes U Stanford University, jedna od vodećih akademskih institucija, je udružila snage sa iTunes U kako bi obezbedili pristup Stanford kursevima, lekcijama, intervjuima i još mnogo čemu. Kursevi mogu da se daunloduju i pokreću na vašem iPod-u, PC-ju, ili Mac-u a mogu i da se narežu na CD. Ako nemate iTunes, možete ovde da ga daunlodujete. 6. University of California, Berkeley (berkeley. edu) Besplatni UC Berkley Onlajn Kursevi UC Berkley nudi podkastove koji idu uživo ili su kreirani po zahtevu, koji obrađuju izabrane kurseve iz 2001. godine. Trenutno postoji na stotine aktuelnih i arhiviranih UC Berkley kurseva dostupnih u obliku podkastova i webkastova. Kursevi pokrivaju širok raspon tema, uključujući biologiju, astronomiju, hemiju, računarsko programiranje, inžinjerstvo, psihologiju, pravne studije i filozofiju. 7. Utah State University (usu. edu) Besplatni Utah State University Onlajn Kursevi Utah State University takođe nudi pristup velikom broju onlajn kurseva. Opcije studiranja uključuju sve, od latinskog jezika i fizike pa sve do pozorišne umetnosti. Tekstualni kursevi su laki za praćenje i mogu da se daunloduju u obliku zip fajlova ili čitaju direktno na web sajtu. 8. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania (kutztownsbdc. org) Besplatni Kutztown University Onlajn Kursevi Kutztown University-jev Small Business Development Center nudi najveću kolekciju besplatnih poslovnih kurseva dostupnih na Internetu. Teme kurseva uključuju računovođstvo, finansije, rad u vladi, poslovno pravo, marketing i prodaju. Interaktivne studije slučaja, tekstovi, slajdovi, grafike i streaming audio fajlovi detaljno prezentuju koncepte u svakom kursu. 9. University of Southern Queensland (usq. edu. au) Besplatni USQ Onlajn Kursevi University of Southern Queensland u Australiji obezbeđuje besplatan pristup velikom broju različitih kurseva kroz njihovu OpenCourseWare inicijativu. Kursevi sa svakog od pet fakulteta su dostupni i pokrivaju širok raspon tema, uključujući komunikaciju, tehnologiju, nauku, planiranje karijere, predavanje i kreiranje multimedije. 10. University of California, Irvine (uci. edu) Besplatni UC Irvine Onlajn Kursevi UC Irvine je nedavno pristupio OCW Consortium-u kako bi počeo da nudi besplatne onlajn kurseve na nivou univerziteta. Trenutno, postoji samo šačica kurseva među kojima možete da birate, ali lista stalno raste. Aktuelni kursevi uključuju teme kao što je kapitalno tržište, finansijsko planiranje, ljudski resursi i e-marketing. Materijali kurseva uključuje beleške sa predavanja, zadatke i ispite.

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Ajax procesor reči pokušava da kreira izgled i osećaj Microsoft Word-a u vašem web pretraživaču. U ovom procesoru reči naći ćete funkcije koje najčešće koristite, i to na mestima na kojima i očekujete da se one nalaze. Inače još se radi na proveri pravopisa koja će takođe biti uključena u program. Vi možete da importujete i eksportujete dokumente u svim popularnim formatima, uključujući dokumente sa grafikama. Save funkcija za snimanje vam omogućava da snimite vaše dokumente na hard drajv. Takođe, pošto pokrećete ajaxWrite iz vašeg web pretraživača, on je nezavistan od platforme, što znači da može da se koristi sa bilo kojim operativnim sistemom. Sa ajaxWrite-om vi možete da snimite dokumente na vaš računar u Word, RTF, Text i PDF formatima. Mada ajaxWrite nema svu funkcionalnost Microsoft Word-a, on svakako ima sve što vam je potrebno za najjednostavnije zadatke procesiranja reči. ajaxWrite nema kolaborativne funkcije kao Writely, ali predstavlja odličan alat sa poznatim interfejsom, tako da ćete za tren oka naučiti da radite u njemu, ako ne odmah. Napomena: Zahteva Firefox 1. 5 ili noviji. Adresa: http://www. ajaxwrite. com/

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Ako želite da uporedite dva tekstualna fajla to možete da  uradite veoma jednostavno pomoću Java programa. Pomoću ovog pomoćnog programa možete da uporedite fajlove  karakter po karakter, da prikažete broj razlika između dva fajla i da  ignorišete beli prostor prilikom upoređivanja. Program će vas obavestiti da će dva fajla biti upoređena. Ako pronađe  razlike između dva fajla one će biti prikazane u komandnom promptu zajedno sa  brojem razlika. Ako nema razlika između dva fajla dobićete obaveštenje Files  are equal:import java. io. *;  import java. util. *;  public class myfilereader  {  public static void main (String[] args) throws java. io. IOException  {  //Getting the name of the files to be compared.   BufferedReader br2 = new BufferedReader (new  InputStreamReader(System. in));  System. out. println("Enter 1st File name:");  String str = br2. readLine();  System. out. println("Enter 2nd File name:");  String str1 = br2. readLine();  String s1="";  String s2="",s3="",s4="";  String y="",z="";  //Reading the contents of the files  BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader (new FileReader (str));  BufferedReader br1 = new BufferedReader (new FileReader (str1));  while((z=br1. readLine())!=null)  s3+=z;  while((y=br. readLine())!=null)  s1+=y;  System. out. println ();  //String tokenizing  int numTokens = 0;  StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer (s1);  String[] a = new String[10000];  for(int l=0;l<10000;l++)  {a[l]="";}  int i=0;  while (st. hasMoreTokens())  {  s2 = st. nextToken();  a[i]=s2;  i++;  numTokens++;  }  int numTokens1 = 0;  StringTokenizer st1 = new StringTokenizer (s3);  String[] b = new String[10000];  for(int k=0;k<10000;k++)  {b[k]="";}  int j=0;  while (st1. hasMoreTokens())  {  s4 = st1. nextToken();  b[j]=s4;  j++;  numTokens1++;  }  //comparing the contents of the files and printing the  differences, if any.   int x=0;  for(int m=0;m  {  if(a[m]. equals(b[m])){}  else  {  x++;  System. out. println(a[m] + " — " +b[m]);  System. out. println();}  }  System. out. println("No. of differences : " + x);  if(x>0){System. out. println("Files are not equal");}  else{System. out. println("Files are equal. No difference found");}  }  }Izvor koda: www. sourcecodesworld. com

KAKO DA – objekat history, JavaScript




Objekat [History] čuva informacije o URL adresama koje su prethodno bile posećene i o adresama koje su posećene nakon posete tekućoj stranici, a u sebi sadrži metode za kretanje. Objekat “history” je naslednik objekta “window”. Ovaj objekat čuva informacije o URL adresama koje su prethodno bile posećene i o adresama koje su posećene nakon posete tekućoj stranici, a u sebi sadrži metode za prelazak na prethodnu, odnosno sledeću stranicu. Objekat ima samo jednu osobinu, a to je “length” (dužina), koja predstavlja zapravo veličinu “history” liste, tj. broj različitih lokacija koje je posetilac posetio. Možda ćete misliti da nedostaje još jedna osobina, a to je podatak o samim URL lokacijama. Ova osobina je nekad postojala, ali ju je Netscape uklonio iz sintakse iz razloga privatnosti korisnika Interneta. U suprotnom bi velike kompanije preuzimale vaše “history” liste i upotrebljavali ih u statističke ili marketinške svrhe. Sledeće metode objekta “history” vam omogućavaju da posetioca preusmerite na druge lokacije: • history. back() - upućuje posetioca na prethodno posećenu stranicu. Ovo je ekvivalentno kliku na dugme “Back” u browser-u. • history. forward() - upućuje posetica na sledeću stranicu. Ovo je ekvivalentno kliku na dugme “Forward” u browser-u. • history. go() - upućuje posetioca na određenu lokaciju iz “history” liste. Upotrebom pozitivnih brojeva idete napred, a upotrebom negativnih nazad, ili možete upotrebiti određeni string za pretragu “history” liste i iskoristiti tu informaciju za preusmeravanje. U sledećim redovima ćemo navesti jedan primer, kako možete da na vaše stranice, radi bolje navigacije vaših posetilaca, implementirate dugmad [Napred] i [Nazad]: <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Primer "Napred-Nazad"</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><HR>Ova stranica vam omogućava da idete<BR>napred i nazad u odnosu na tekuću<BR>stranicu. <HR><FORM NAME="form1"><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="< - NAZAD"onClick="history. back();">. . . <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="NAPRED - >"onClick="history. forward();"><HR></BODY></HTML> Pripremio: Milenko Kusurović

KAKO DA – optimizacija kôda keširanjem objekata, JavaScript




„Keširanjem” dramatično možemo povećati brzinu izvršavanja Javascript programa. JavaScript aplikacije vremenom postaju sve veće i komplikovanije, tako da raste potreba za efikasnijim skriptovima. Ako se vratimo na početke JavaScript-a, kada smo uz pomoć skriptova samo menjali boju pozadine, ili vršili neke jednostavnije validacije formulara, tada zbog malog koda efikasnost skriptova nije bila u pitanju. Sada kada imamo gotovo cele aplikacije na jednoj . html stranici, efikasnost programskog koda nije više nešto što možemo preskočiti. Zato ćemo vam u ovom prilogu pokazati jedan od momenata za povećanje efikasnosti vaših skriptova. Radi se zapravo o tzv. „keširanju objekata”, kojim dramatično možemo povećati brzinu izvršavanja programa. često vaši skriptovi višestruko pristupaju određenim objektima, kao u sledećem primeru: for (i=0; i

KAKO DA – otvaranje prozora na sredini sa animacijom, JavaScript




Evo JavaScript koda koji će uneti malo dinamičnosti u vaše web stranice. Radi se o skriptu koji će klikom na neki link, otvoriti i predstaviti sadržaj sa tog linka, ali sa dinamičnom uvodnom sekvencom. Na početku sekvence prozor se smanjuje na najmanju meru, u centralnom delu ekrana, i onda se putem “for” petlje vrši širenje prozor na ceo ekran kroz više koraka. Skript je vrlo jednostavan i sastoji se od funkcije “otvori()” koja će biti pozvana sa nekog linka: <HEAD><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--function otvori() {for(x = 0; x < 50; x++) {window. moveTo(screen. availWidth * -(x - 50) / 100,screen. availHeight * -(x - 50) / 100);window. resizeTo(screen. availWidth * x / 50,screen. availHeight * x / 50);}window. moveTo(0,0);window. resizeTo(screen. availWidth, screen. availHeight);}// –></SCRIPT></HEAD> <BODY><a href=”http://www. kombib. co. yu” onClick=”otvori();”>Kompjuter biblioteka</a></BODY> Pripremio: Milenko Kusurović

KAKO DA – potvrda CheckBox polja, klikom na tekst




Kada u formularima imate veliki broj CheckBox polja rešenje u pogledu optimizacije i usability-ja bi moglo da bude u omogućavanju čekiranja polja jednostavnim klikom na tekst pored polja. Ako na vašem sajtu imate formulare, koje popunjavaju posetioci, a koji sadrže veliki broj CheckBox polja bilo bi dobro da im na neki način olakšate popunjavanje. Ovo je pogotovo bitno kada su CheckBox polja „načičkana”, jedno do drugog. U ovakvim slučajevima rešenje bi moglo da bude u omogućavanju čekiranja polja jednostavnim klikom na tekst pored polja. Znači, posetioci neće morati da precizno kliknu na mali kvadratić, već treba samo da „pogode” tekstualni naslov. Prvo ćemo kreirati funkciju koju ćemo ubaciti u HEAD tag stranice: <HEAD><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--function PromenaPolja(polje) {box = eval(polje);box. checked = !box. checked;}//  End --></SCRIPT></HEAD> Kao što vidite, funkcijom „PromenaPolja()” vrši se samo promena osobine „checked”. Ovu funkciju ćete pozivati iz tela fomulara, i to kod svakog CheckBox polja. Primer fomulara sa samo jednim poljem se nalazi u sledećim redovima. Ovaj kod iskopirajte unutar BODY taga stranice: <FORM name=probnaforma><input type=checkbox name=ppolje><a href="" onClick="PromenaPolja('document. probnaforma. ppolje');return false">Kliknite za izbor!</a></FORM> Tekstu pored polja smo dodelili link, na čiji klik pozivamo funkciju za promenu statusa osobine „checked”. Pripremio: Milenko Kusurović

Koje programske jezike valja znati da biste bili spremni za 2014. godinu




Programski jezici Top 10 Programming Languages to Know in 2014 from lynda. com

Kotlin Weekly 85




Kotlin Weekly Newsletter #85 Hello from a snowed Bavaria Kotliners! This newsletter is sponsored by Pusher. If you want to learn about how to build products with Realtime features, this is the link you want to check.  Hope you enjoy this upcoming issue. Unidirectional data flow on Android using Kotlin (part 1) (proandroiddev. com)First article in the series of following a unidirectional data flow approach with Kotlin by GDE César Valiente. Kotlin: Mutability (stylingandroid. com)Mark Allison wrote about mutability, usage of a sealed class to create mutable and immutable variants of the same underlying data. Learning Kotlin – inline, noinline and crossinline (fragmentedpodcast. com)In the new episode of Fragmented Podcast, you can learn about Kotlin and 3 important keywords – inline, noinline and crossinline. Hacking Architecture Components by using Kotlin (antonioleiva. com)Are you already using Architecture Components? If not, you should. And if you want to learn how to it with Kotlin, you should definitely click on the above link. Coping with Kotlin’s Scope Functions (simon-wirtz. de)One special collection of relevant functions can be described as “scope functions” and they are part of the Kotlin standard library.  Learn how to deal with them in this article. Developers guide to Webflux (kotlindevelopment. com)What is Spring Webflux? How does it work, and why to use it for web development with Kotlin? The answer is here. How to Kontribute (V3) - Setup (github. io) Shiraji is a Kontributor. And he has been kind enough to put a fantastic series of articles explaining how to kontribute. You would do yourself a favor by checking it out. Mocking-up Kotlin classes with Mockito — the fast way​ (21buttons. com)Mockito can’t mock final classes and, by default, all classes in Kotlin are final. Let’s see how to workaround this issue without any speed decrease. ​ContributeWe rely on sponsors to offer a quality content every Sunday. If you would like to submit a sponsored link contact us. If you want to submit an article for the next issue, please do also drop us an email.

Medium JavaScript Top 10 Articles for may 2017.




Rank 1 A Vue. js introduction for people who know just enough jQuery to get by. Courtesy of Matt Rothenberg Rank 2 A Better Way to Code: Introducing d3. express — the integrated discovery environment. Courtesy of Mike Bostock Rank 3 JavaScript implementations of different famous Computer Science algorithms.  [2,785 stars on Github].  Courtesy of Minko Gechev Rank 4 TypeScript at Slack. Courtesy of Felix Rieseberg, Desktop Engineer at Slack Rank 5 The Basics of DOM Manipulation in Vanilla JavaScript (No jQuery). Courtesy of SitePoint Rank 6 An Overview of JavaScript Testing in 2017. Courtesy of Vitalik Zaidman Rank 7 What’s a Transducer? Courtesy of Reginald Braithwaite, Author of JavaScript Allongé Rank 8 7 tips to handle undefined in JavaScript. Courtesy of Dmitri Pavlutin Rank 9 JavaScript: What excites me in 2017. Courtesy of Phil Holden and Hackernoon Rank 10 JavaScript Arrays and Objects Are Just Like Books and Newspapers. Courtesy of Kevin Kononenko and freeCodeCamp

Medium React.JS Top 10 Articles for July 2017




For the past month, we’ve ranked nearly 1,300 React JS articles to pick the Top 10 stories that can help advance your career. (0. 8% chance to be picked in the list) Topics in this list: Fiber, VR, Forms, Airbnb, Higher Order Component, Virtual DOM, Animation, TensorFlow, ES2017 Open source of the month is included at the end. Top 10 for JavaScript, Node, Angular are posted separately in the publication Mybridge AI ranks articles based on the quality of content measured by our machine and a variety of human factors including engagement and popularity. This is a competitive list and you’ll find the experience and techniques shared by the React leaders particularly useful. Rank 1 Under the hood: ReactJS — Entire React code base explained by visual block schemes (Stack+Fiber versions) [2,348 stars on Github]. Rank 2 Rearchitecting Airbnb’s Frontend with React. Courtesy of Adam Neary, React Native at Airbnb Rank 3 After building my first React Native app, I’m now convinced it’s the future. Courtesy of Taylor Milliman and freeCodeCamp Rank 4 [Updated] React Express: The all-in-one beginner’s guide to modern React application development. Rank 5 How HBO’s Silicon Valley built “Not Hotdog” with mobile TensorFlow, Keras & React Native. Courtesy of Tim Anglade and Hackernoon Rank 6 Creating truly universal React component systems. Courtesy of Max Stoiber Rank 7 Create React App with Express in Production. Courtesy of Dave Ceddia Rank 8 Understanding Higher Order Components: Making sense of the rapidly changing React best practice. Courtesy of Tom Coleman Rank 9 Animating the Virtual DOM. Courtesy of Sarah Drasner at React Europe 2017. ……… [ Slide: Animating the Virtual DOM. ] Rank 10 Build a Mini Netflix with React in 10 Minutes. Courtesy of Prosper Otemuyiwa and Scotch Development  

Mobile Web Weekly 162




How to Build an Android App using Cordova & Vue. js — Rather than learn Android development from scratch, put your JavaScript skills to use with Cordova and Vue. js to build a basic ‘to do’ app. Leveraging the Web Perf Metrics That Affect User Experience A 40-min talk looking at the metrics and platform APIs that enable user-centric performance measurement and how developers can use this data to improve end-user experiences. The Browser Hacker's Guide To Instantly Loading Everything — A snappy 25-min talk on modern techniques to improving page loading performance from the front-end perspective, particularly from a mobile POV. Estimating CPU Per Query With Weighted Linear Regression — It's sometimes impossible to answer what's consuming resources like CPU, IO, & memory in a complex software such as a database. This ebook explains how a specialization of ordinary linear regression answers seemingly unsolvable database questions. 'Please Make Google AMP Optional' — Discontent around Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project doesn’t appear to be fading away. How to Build a Mobile Product Catalog App Using Angular, Ionic and Cosmic JS Create a Sliding Item Animation with a Directive in Ionic 2 / 3 — How to create a sliding item animation in Ionic 2+. Aspect Ratio Boxes — CSS tips for making aspect-ratio friendly boxes. The Xamarin Forms Approach to Cross Platform Mobile Apps — Xamarin. Forms provides a Microsoft-flavored approach to writing UI code once and running it everywhere. Testing PhoneGap Apps — A slide presentation from PhoneGap Day EU on testing your PhoneGap apps. A New Vue for NativeScript — Learn about the new Vue. js integration with NativeScript Using CodePush with NativeScript — Sebastian Witalec demonstrates how a NativeScript mobile app can utilize CodePush to allow for automatic updates outside of the app store update process. dutier: A Small (1KB) Centralized State Management Solution for JS Apps — A simple functional component state management solution inspired by Redux. react-native-webview-messaging: React Native WebView Wrapper with Messaging API A Decade of Decadence, Apple iPhone and My Mobile Web Memoir — Once Yahoo’s sole mobile web developer, Tomomi Imura briefly reflects on how she’s seen things advance.

React 58




Debaunsiranje React i Redux koda radi poboljšanja performansi  „Debaunsiranje“ je mehanizam za ograničavanje broja intenzivnih izračunavanja (npr. samo podneti zahtev ili ažurirati nešto najviše svakih 500 ms). Objavljen je Next. js 4 sa nadogradnjama performansi i stilizovanja — Nova verzija Next. js, okruženja za izradu univerzalnih React aplikacija, objavljena je sa podrškom za React 16 i značajnom nadogradnjom mehanizma stilizovanja. Sarah Drasner predstavlja Vue. js — Brzo pokretanje Vue. js JavaScript okruženja. Naučite kako da brzo i efikasno izradite i održavate kompleksne aplikacije pomoću ovog praktičnog vodiča za Vue. js, čiji je autor Sarah Drasner. Revidirano uputstvo za podešavanje Webpacka, Babela i Reacta od nule — Ažuriran, detaljan korak po korak vodič za podešavanje koji prati najbolju praksu i pruža čvrstu osnovu za početak. 7 razloga za „zabranu“ Reactovih funkcionalnih komponenata — Da li su Reactove funkcionalne komponente vredne troškova? React Sight: Vizuelizujte React aplikacije — Chrome dodatak koji prikazuje vizuelizacije strukture React aplikacije koju ste pokrenuli u DevTools-u. Dobijanje veoma naprednih rezultata veb aplikacije na Reactu i Material-UI komponentama — Osnovne tehnike koje se koriste za dobijanje najboljih rezultata probne aplikacije koja se zasniva na steku Reacta, Reduxa i Material-UI komponenata. [Vebinar] Brže izradite bolje React aplikacije pomoću Kendo UI komponenata — U ovom Vebinaru prikazaćemo moć Kendo UI komponenata i kako da ih jednostavno koristite u razvoju Reacta. Testiranje sa kraja na kraj u React-Redux aplikaciji — Programer deli svoj tok rada E2E testiranja. React, ugrađene funkcije i performanse — Razmišljanja o preuranjenoj optimizaciji i performansama ugrađenih funkcija. Eksplozija Reacta u svemiru: Fluidni interfejsi nastali uz pomoć Reacta i WebGL-a Brzi savet: Vraćanje više elemenata na pravi način u Reactu 16 Najava za Assert(js) – Konferencija o JavaScript testiranju Iza scene sedam konferencija o Reactu — Izveštaj o sedam različitih događaja o Reactu koji su održani ove godine, sa savetima, istaknutim sadržajima i prednostima i manama svakog od njih. React and React Native Više o knjizi. Objašnjenje Reduxa za 30 sekundi Vuera: Koristite Vue komponente u Reactu i React komponente u Vue-u Hacker News klon napisan pomoću Nodea, Reacta i GraphQL-a React Reveal: Animacije sadržaja prilikom skrolovanja — Da li želite da se sadržaj postepeno prikazuje, okreće ili zumira kada se stranica skroluje? Predstavljamo React Reveal.

React Newsletter Issue 154




React Newsletter Issue 154 react-redux v7. 0. 0-beta React-Redux version 7 resolves the performance issues that were reported with version 6, and lays the groundwork for them to design and ship a public useRedux()-type Hooks API in a later 7. x release. Building a Real-time Collaborative Beatbox with React & GraphQL How Nader used GraphQL Subscriptions to build HypeBeats — a real-time collaborative beatbox with React Hooks Drum Machine & GraphQL. Forget React Router: Modern and clean routing with hooks A quick experiment about using hooks for routing in a react app turned out to be very flexible and powerful. This post breaks down that experiment and the routing hook that came out of it. Writing Resilient Components In this post Dan Abramov breaks down his tips for writing resilient components. Don’t stop the data flow Always be ready to render No component is a singleton Keep the local state isolated React Component Types: A complete Overview Even though React hasn't introduced a lot of breaking changes since it has been released 2013, different React Component Types emerged over time. A few of these component types and component patterns are still used nowadays – they are the status quo of how React applications are built – whereas several of them are only seen in older applications/tutorials. In this guide, Robin gives React beginners an historical overview of different React Components and React Patterns. Build an AI-Powered Artistic Style Transfer App with Fritz and React Native In this post you'll learn to build an AI Powered Image Styling app using React Native & Fritz SDK in ~20minutes. You can also learn to train your own styling model. use-query-params React Hook for managing state in URL query parameters with easy serialization.        

REACT status 44, Gatsby, Rekit 2.0, OCalm, Popper.js, Redux, Next.js




Gatsby 1. 0: A Static Site Generator for React  A powerful React-based static site generator. v1 can integrate with CMSs like Wordpress, and Drupal, and supports route-based code splitting, service workers, offline support, etc. Rekit 2. 0: A Toolkit for Building Modern React Apps — Essentially provides an opinionated structure for React, Redux and React-Router powered apps. Also includes a Web based UI for testing and modifying an app. New, Updated: Complete Intro to React (feat. Redux, Router & Flow) — Much more than an intro, you’ll not just learn React, but also a proven set of tools including Router v4 for paging, Jest for testing, Redux and Flow! Building a React App in OCaml: A ReasonReact Tutorial — Reason makes it possible to compile OCaml to JavaScript and this post neatly demonstrates building a React app using OCaml and Reason. Five Tips for Working with Redux in Large Apps — Some helpful rules and tips to keep Redux manageable. Popper. js: Using the Positioning Library with React — A 10 minute tour of using Popper. js with React to position ‘poppers’ (i. e. tooltips, popovers and drop-downs) next to other elements. Using React with Gun, A Realtime, Offline-First Graph Database Engine EDDIE KOLLAR React Pattern: Extract Child Components to Avoid Binding CORY HOUSE 'Redux Isn't Slow, You're Just Doing It Wrong' — Some optimization tips for when using Redux with React. Server Rendering React with Ruby on Rails — The art of doing server rendering for React components inside of the Ruby webapp framework. Catch Errors Before Your Users Do  — Always know whats broken & why. Rollbar detects and alerts you when code breaks. Catch errors before users do. Asynchronous and Offline Magic Tricks on React Native WOODY ROUSSEAU   VIDEO   Introducing Chunky: A Full Stack React Framework DAN CĂLINESCU   VIDEO   Static and Dynamic Next. js — This talk explores the two powerful new features of Next. js: static exports and dynamic imports.

react.js newsletter 26




  App Analytics with Redux When building software, and shipping it to the world you might find yourself asking an array of questions. How will you measure usage? Will you know how users are using it once it’s launched? What about user authentication? You’ll definitely want to track that, but how will you do it? With a redux style architecture, the answers to those questions are even more obfuscated.  Josh Habdas gives us a deeper look at how he solved this problem for his team. github. io     From Ember to React In front end development it's easy to get into a tribal mindset, and to demean tools that are different than the tools we use; it's easy to do, but not very productive. Emmanuel Luciano gives us a first hand look at how he experienced changing tools and what value you can find by exploring what other libraries or frameworks can offer. medium. com     What I learned from Redux To a lot of web developers, Flux was an entirely foreign paradigm, and since Flux was more of an idea than an actual implementation we ended up buried in different Flux libraries. Most of them attempted to handle Flux the same way, with small variations. Then came Redux, the Flux library to end them all. Redux introduced a much saner approach to Flux, and offered some really great tools like time traveling debugging.  Daiwei Lu gives us his experience with Redux and how we can apply the lessons he learned in other platforms. daiwei. lu         SPONSORED LINKS     React University Stay on the cutting edge with React University’s immersive full day in-person workshops. Learn from industry experts with extensive real world React experience. reactuniversity. com     Sponsor React Newsletter and react 7,000 developers       TUTORIALS     Build a YouTube Browser with React Native and Siphon Siphon is a tool that allows you to build React Native applications in a streamlined fashion without having to rely on Xcode. In this tutorial the Siphon team takes us through creating a React Native app that fetches remote data and uses some of RN's popular build in modules. getsiphon. com     Full-stack Redux Tutorial. While there are many ways to learn, my favorite has always been tutorials. A good tutorial can give you hard relevant experience coupled with detailed explanations of the code you're writing. Tero has written a fantastic tutorial about building Redux apps. As someone who uses Redux professionally, it was an enlightening and informative piece of work. teropa. info     Learn ReactJS with 20 Free Online Tutorials The folks over at Icicle have taken the time to compile a clean list of open learning resources for React. icicletech. com     Using React (-Native) with Redux and Redux-Saga. A new proposal? You don't know how to structure your App with React, Redux and Redux-Saga? Try splitting your Actions into two categories: User-Actions vs Reducer-Actions. medium. com         PROJECTS     Keo Keo is a collection of plain functions for a more functional Deku approach to creating React components, with functional goodies such as compose, memoize, etc. . . for free. github. com     React Basic A description of the conceptual model of React without implementation burden. github. com  

React.js status issue 36




vx: Reusable D3 Visualization Components for React — Brings together d3’s math skills with React’s DOM-updating skills.  See some demos here. The Tao of Redux: Implementation and Intent — A Redux maintainer thoroughly ponders Redux’s implementation, its limitations and constraints. The Tao of Redux: Practice and Philosophy — A look at common practices that are widely used in Redux apps and why those practices exist. Convert any major image format into a highly optimized JPEG   Jpeg. io is a free online service for rapidly converting your images into highly optimized JPEGs using proprietery JPEG optimization algorithms. Optimize all your images in one go and greatly speed-up your websites and applications. Analyzing React’s Source Code for Type Mismatch Operations — Uses a Babel plugin called Runtyper to perform runtime type-checking. PrettyLoader: A Pattern for Wait Animations in React — If you have lots of components loading data from elsewhere, it’s worth thinking about the user experience during the ‘wait’ periods. 5 Minutes of React Podcast: A React News Podcast — A bit like this newsletter but in audio form. A 30 Minute Introduction to Redux Offline — See how to use Redux Offline to make your app offline-first with optimistic updates, background sync, and more. Using Source Maps to Debug Errors — Let's talk JavaScript Source Maps. What are they? How to enable source mapping? Why aren't they working? A Variety of Best Practices for Writing React Components SCOTT DOMES Building a Full-Sphere 3D Image Gallery with React VR SITEPOINT Approaches to Rendering Maps With React — A quick look at React Leaflet, Pigeon Maps, Google Map React, and React MapGL. React Table: A Fast and Extendable Datagrid TANNER LINSLEY   CODE   Getting Started with React Native Navigation V1 SPENCER CARLI   NATIVE   How to Add a Splash Screen to a React Native App (iOS and Android) SPENCER CARLI   NATIVE   React Native Calendars: Customizable Calendar Components WIX   NATIVE   ForwardJS Early Bird Tickets on sale today — Attend full-day hands-on React workshops and dozens of talks at ForwardJS San Francisco this July.

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React State vs. Redux State: When and Why? — Even if you choose to use Redux in your project, you will still need to make decisions on how much of your data is stored in Redux. styled-components 2. 0: Style React Components with CSS  A smaller, faster drop-in upgrade with even more features. Works with both React and React Native. Catch Errors Before Your Users Do — Rollbar detects and alerts you via Slack, HipChat when code breaks. Get stack trace and user data to help you defeat annoying  JavaScript Power Tools: Real-World 'redux-saga' Patterns — redux-saga is a versatile library that can clarify the behavior and interaction patterns of complex single-page-applications and forms. Using React Inside Ruby on Rails Apps — An exploration of different ways to bring React into a new or existing Ruby on Rails app. An Annotated React 'To Do' App Example — A ‘to do’ app is almost the new ‘Hello World’, but presents a good opportunity to show, simply, how React works. Is Fiber Ready Yet? No, But. .  — 100% of unit tests are now passing, with 156 warnings left to fix. Dates for MongoDB Europe 2017 announced — Introducing Shard N: a super-charged technical track for a very deep dive into MongoDB (wizard level only). Changing React Routes Programmatically with Redux-Saga DECEMBERSOFT INC. ​ How Pure CSS Images Helped Me Understand React Components — “I truly believe that I accidentally discovered a wonderful way to explain React components after messing around with pure CSS images. ” JAMstack vs Isomorphic Server Side Rendering NETLIFY Announcing React InstantSearch v4️ Updated Features for your Search — New makes it easy to search multiple datasources from a single search bar and build new experiences. React Log: React for the Console — A component that’s not rendered into the DOM but instead to the console. Metro Bundler: The JavaScript Bundler for React Native — Previously part of the main React Native repository. ReForum: A Forum App Built with React, Redux, Express and MongoDB — It’s relatively minimal but easy to extend.  Demo installation here. Coren: A Pluggable Server-Side Renderer CANNER   CODE  
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