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DirectX9 – Programiranje grafike i igara

DirectX9 – Programiranje grafike i igara

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Otkrivanje jednostavnosti - funkcionalno programiranje

Otkrivanje jednostavnosti - funkcionalno programiranje

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Programerski saveti za 18. jul 2016.

Enumeration In Swift Programming Language

In this article, we will learn another feature of Swift programming language, enumeration. In other languages you also see the concept of enumeration but in swift there is a little bit of a difference in Swift language enumeration. IntroductionWhat is Enumeration? Enumeration Syntax & Declaration Ways enum name { // case A // case B } case keyword is mandatory in enumeration. Fortunately, Swift gi ... READ MORE

Coding A Text Editor In Less Than 1000 Lines Of C Programming Language

IT Social Network DevBattles — A coder has created a text editor in C programming language in less than 1000 lines. He has shared the code on GitHub and allowed the interested programmers to take a look at it and learn.… Open in a new tab

Apple Swift 3.0 Programming Language Resources and Tutorials for iOS and OS X app development — Swift 3.0 is much faster and adds new features: protocol extensions, a new error handling model, mutability warnings, synthesized headers in Xcode, markdown in comments, Objective-C generics…Open in a new tab

Ebb – Ebb

Ebb — is a programming language for writing physical simulations. Ebb programs are performance portable: they can be efficiently executed on both CPUs and GPUs. Ebb is embedded in the Lua… Open in a new tab

How To Rapidly Improve At Any Programming Language — Last year, I submitted a PR to the Clojure web request routing library, Compojure. Even though I was doing Clojure full time at work, there was still a lot for me to learn and always will be.… Open in a new tab

Can a Programming Language Make You Smarter? — All programming languages are not created equal. Some clearly excel at solving different problems. There are languages that are…Open in a new tab

Dull — My programming language of choice is stackoverflow...

Dull — Dull Archive daily-devops daily-devops daily-devops 25 notes drtomasso daily-devops mypatronusisamiddlefinger daily-devops javitoron rperezs devmanagerinthetrenches kamineff… Open in a new tab


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