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Mastering PyCharm

Mastering PyCharm

Python Robotics Projects

Python Robotics Projects

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Monitor the health and performance of your Python applications with Datadog's distributed tracing. Start tracing requests across service boundaries, troubleshooting slow requests, and optimizing your Python apps within minutes. Give it a try with a free 14-day free trial.

Google Interview Questions Deconstructed
A series of posts on preparing for and understanding interviews at big tech companies, drawing from author's experience recruiting and interviewing for Google. The author uses real banned interview problems he and other Google engineers have used in interviews. The code is written in Python.

Sensing the Air Quality
A low-cost IoT Air Quality Monitor based on RaspberryPi 4.

Building interactive SSH applications
After the announcement of shell access for jobs, a few people sent me some questions, wondering how this sort of thing is done. Writing interactive SSH applications is actually pretty easy, but it does require some knowledge of the pieces involved and a little bit of general Unix literacy.

OpenCV – Stream video to web browser/HTML page
In this tutorial you will learn how to use OpenCV to stream video from a webcam to a web browser/HTML page using Flask and Python.

Building a Parallel Task API with Celery
An introduction to running parallel tasks with Celery, plus how and why we built an API on top of Celery’s Canvas task primitives.

Stock Market Trends 
The purpose of this article is to introduce the reader to some of the tools used to spot stock market trends.

How to train a neural net to play cards
In this article, I'll use some basic machine learning methods to train a bot to play cards against me. The card game that I'm interested in is called Literature, a game similar to Go Fish.

Dependencies Handling in Python
Dependencies are a nightmare for many people. Some even argue they are technical debt. Managing the list of the libraries of your software is a horrible experience. Updating them — automatically? — sounds like a delirium. Stick with me here as I am going to help you get a better grasp on something that you cannot, in practice, get rid of — unless you're incredibly rich and talented and can live without the code of others.

Contributing to PyTorch by Someone Who Doesn’t Know a Lot About PyTorch

How to deploy Django project to Heroku using Docker

Adding Actions to a PEG Grammar

Django + Elasticsearch. Searching for awesome TED Talks



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