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Naučite R programiranje

Naučite R programiranje

SPSS Statistics for Data Analysis and Visualization

SPSS Statistics for Data Analysis and Visualization

R - New chapters for 50 shades of grey….

New chapters for 50 shades of grey….

Introduction Some time ago I had the honor to follow an interesting talk from Tijmen Blankevoort on neural networks and deeplearning. Convolutional and recurrent neural networks were topics that already... Read more »

Reproducible art with R

This is my tribute to the fantastic R package spatstat. All the artwork was 100% done in R, the source code is here. Click the images for hi-res (6000...  Read more »

Data Science Competitions 101: Anatomy and Approach

I recently participated in a weekend-long data science hackathon, titled ‘The Smart Recruits’. Organized by the amazing folks at Analytics Vidhya, it saw some serious competition. Although my performance... Read more »

Book Review: Getting Started With Data Science

I PROGRAMMER's Kay Ewbank's reviews Getting Started with Data Science: Making Sense of Data with Analytics.By Kay EwbankIf you've enjoyed books such as... Read more »

Data Journalism with R at FiveThirtyEight

Since it expanded its focus from predicting the US election, FiveThirtyEight has emerged as a prominent source of in-depth data journalism, with data-driven analysis of media, culture, politics and... Read more »

Bayesian Essentials with R [book review]

“Overall this book is a very helpful and useful introduction... Read more »


  1. How to write the first for loop in R
  2. Installing R packages
  3. R tutorials
  4. Using apply, sapply, lapply in R
  5. How to perform a Logistic Regression in R
  6. In-depth introduction to machine learning in 15 hours of expert videos
  7. Eclipse – an alternative to RStudio – part 1
  8. More data scientists prefer R: survey
  9. An analysis of Pokémon Go types, created with R


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