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R analiza podataka, drugo izdanje

R analiza podataka, drugo izdanje

Popust cena: 1780 rsd

SPSS 20 Analiza bez muke

SPSS 20 Analiza bez muke

Popust cena: 1160 rsd

R - start here to learn R 101

Round values while preserve their rounded sum in R

After an embarrassing teleconference in which I presented a series of percentages that did not sum to 100 (as they should have), I found some R code on Read more »

Correlation network_plot() with corrr

Looking for patterns or clusters in your correlation matrix? Spot them quickly using network_plot() in the latest development version of the corrr package! # Install... Read more »

A link that can tell more than dozens of lines of R code – what’s new in archivist?

Can you spot the difference between this plot: And this one: You are right! The latter has an embedded piece of R code. What for? It’s a call to...Read more »

Building a Life Table

After writing my previous post, Mortality by Year and Age, I’ve become progressively more interested in the mortality data. Perhaps those actuaries are onto something? I found this report,...Read more »

An R Users Guide to JSM 2016

by Joseph Rickert My impression is that the JSM has become ever more R friendly over recent years, but with two sessions organized around R tools and several talks...Read more »

2016-10 A transformable markup document format

Many technologies now exist for writing a document in a format that can be transformed into various output formats for sharing. This report proposes that using markup, rather than...Read more »

A Gallery of ggplot2 Extensions

A couple of months ago, I announced the ggplot2-extensions website which tracks and lists extensions built on top of the popular R visualization package ggplot2. Now, I wanted to... Read more »


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