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Tableau: Creating Interactive Data Visualizations

Tableau: Creating Interactive Data Visualizations

R za statističku obradu podataka

R za statističku obradu podataka

R - Start here to learn R!

Using 2D Contour Plots within {ggplot2} to Visualize Relationships between Three Variables

Guest post by John Bellettiere, Vincent Berardi, Santiago Estrada The Goal To visually explore relations between two related variables and an outcome using contour plots. 


The second Armadillo release of the 7.* series came out a few weeks ago: version 7.200.2. And RcppArmadillo version is now on CRAN and uploaded to Debian....

Start here to learn R!

Ready, set, go! On R-exercises, you will find hundreds of exercises that will help you to learn R. We’ve bundled them into exercise sets, where each set covers a...

Placement: An R package to Access the Google Maps API

A few months ago I set out to write an R package for accessing the Maps API with my employer’s (paid) Google for Work/Premium account. At the time, I...

The collaborative innovation landscape in data science

Computing platforms should be like Lego. That is, they should provide the fundamental building blocks and enable the users' imagination to innovate. The latest issue of...

Image recognition in R using convolutional neural networks with the MXNet package

Among R deep learning packages, MXNet is my favourite one. Why you may ask? Well I can’t really say why this time. It feels relatively simple, maybe because at...

Economy and dynamic modelling: Haavelmo’s approach

Econometrics aims at estimating observables in the economy and their inter-dependencies and testing the estimates against the economic reality. A quantitative approach to express these inter-dependencies appear as...

Showing code changes when teaching

A key – but challenging – part of learning to program is moving from writing technically-correct code “that works” to writing high-quality code that is sensibly decomposed into functions,...

Microsoft R Open 3.3.0 now available

Microsoft R Open 3.3.0, the enhanced distribution of open source R, is now available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. This release includes a significant updates to...


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