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Medium React.JS Top 10 Articles for July 2017

For the past month, we’ve ranked nearly 1,300 React JS articles to pick the Top 10 stories that can help advance your career. (0.8% chance to be picked in the list)

  • Topics in this list: Fiber, VR, Forms, Airbnb, Higher Order Component, Virtual DOM, Animation, TensorFlow, ES2017
  • Open source of the month is included at the end.
  • Top 10 for JavaScript, Node, Angular are posted separately in the publication

Mybridge AI ranks articles based on the quality of content measured by our machine and a variety of human factors including engagement and popularity. This is a competitive list and you’ll find the experience and techniques shared by the React leaders particularly useful.

Rank 1

Under the hood: ReactJS — Entire React code base explained by visual block schemes (Stack+Fiber versions) [2,348 stars on Github].

Rank 2

Rearchitecting Airbnb’s Frontend with React. Courtesy of Adam Neary, React Native at Airbnb

Rank 3

After building my first React Native app, I’m now convinced it’s the future. Courtesy of Taylor Milliman and freeCodeCamp

Rank 4

[Updated] React Express: The all-in-one beginner’s guide to modern React application development.

Rank 5

How HBO’s Silicon Valley built “Not Hotdog” with mobile TensorFlow, Keras & React Native. Courtesy of Tim Anglade and Hackernoon

Rank 6

Creating truly universal React component systems. Courtesy of Max Stoiber

Rank 7

Create React App with Express in Production. Courtesy of Dave Ceddia

Rank 8

Understanding Higher Order Components: Making sense of the rapidly changing React best practice. Courtesy of Tom Coleman

Rank 9

Animating the Virtual DOM. Courtesy of Sarah Drasner at React Europe 2017.

……… [ Slide: Animating the Virtual DOM. ]

Rank 10

Build a Mini Netflix with React in 10 Minutes. Courtesy of Prosper Otemuyiwa and Scotch Development



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