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Modern JavaScript Web Development Cookbook

Modern JavaScript Web Development Cookbook

Profesionalni Node.js

Profesionalni Node.js

React.js status issue 40

React State vs. Redux State: When and Why? — Even if you choose to use Redux in your project, you will still need to make decisions on how much of your data is stored in Redux.

styled-components 2.0: Style React Components with CSS 

A smaller, faster drop-in upgrade with even more features. Works with both React and React Native.

Catch Errors Before Your Users Do — Rollbar detects and alerts you via Slack, HipChat when code breaks. Get stack trace and user data to help you defeat annoying 

JavaScript Power Tools: Real-World 'redux-saga' Patterns — redux-saga is a versatile library that can clarify the behavior and interaction patterns of complex single-page-applications and forms.

Using React Inside Ruby on Rails Apps — An exploration of different ways to bring React into a new or existing Ruby on Rails app.

An Annotated React 'To Do' App Example — A ‘to do’ app is almost the new ‘Hello World’, but presents a good opportunity to show, simply, how React works.

Is Fiber Ready Yet? No, But.. — 100% of unit tests are now passing, with 156 warnings left to fix.

Dates for MongoDB Europe 2017 announced — Introducing Shard N: a super-charged technical track for a very deep dive into MongoDB (wizard level only).


How Pure CSS Images Helped Me Understand React Components — “I truly believe that I accidentally discovered a wonderful way to explain React components after messing around with pure CSS images.”


Announcing React InstantSearch v4️ Updated Features for your Search — New makes it easy to search multiple datasources from a single search bar and build new experiences.

React Log: React for the Console — A component that’s not rendered into the DOM but instead to the console.

Metro Bundler: The JavaScript Bundler for React Native — Previously part of the main React Native repository.

ReForum: A Forum App Built with React, Redux, Express and MongoDB — It’s relatively minimal but easy to extend. Demo installation here.



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