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Unity 2022 razvoj mobilnih igara

Unity 2022 razvoj mobilnih igara

Popust cena: 2200 rsd

Recepti za čist kod

Recepti za čist kod

Popust cena: 2100 rsd

Ruby weekly 326


Running Optcarrot, a Ruby NES Emulator, at 150 Fps

Optcarrot is a key benchmark for Ruby 3x3 created by Yusuke Endoh of the Ruby core team so big improvements in performance are interesting to see.

Introducing the Ruby+OMR Just-In-Time Compiler

A look at work being done at IBM to add JIT compilation to MRI using Eclipse OMR.

Methods of Memory Management in MRI [video]

Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson presents a guide to memory management and garbage collection algorithms in Ruby (MRI), plus experimental developments coming along. Starts at about 9m33 after lots of fun intro.

Ruby Magic. An exclusive email series that lets you in on Ruby's secrets.

Be a magician. Subscribe to Ruby Magic for free and learn the tricks that make your Ruby even better. Poof!


Learning to Read x86 Assembly Language

Not strictly Ruby but you should enjoy this fun writeup from Ruby’s own Pat Shaughnessy where he analyses what x86 his Crystal code is converted into.

How To Make A DSL, Hygienically

An in-depth look at why and how to build a simple DSL and some best practices around doing so.

Easy Subdomains for Rails Development and Testing

This tutorial covers the use of Pow, making tests use subdomains, and Travis CI configuration.

How We See Ruby: Europe vs the US

Having attended RubyConf and Florence RailsDay, Devon compares the attitudes and outlooks on Ruby he sensed on both sides of the pond.


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