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Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Ruby weekly 346

Rails 5.1 Released: The One Where We Embrace JavaScript

The final release of Rails 5.1 came at RailsConf last night. JavaScript has been embraced, there’s a new system tests feature, encrypted secrets, and more. To learn more, consider this screencast or maybe the full release notes.

Oj (Optimized JSON) 3.0 Released

The alternative C-based JSON encoding and decoding library is now fully compatible with Ruby 2.4’s ‘json’ gem and Rails 5.

Sidekiq 5.0 Released: Now Rails 5 Ready

The popular background job processing system is now Rails 5 native, supports right-to-left languages, better handles malformed job payloads, but Ruby 2.1 support has been dropped.

Founders/CTOs: We upgrade Rails so that your team doesn't have to.

If you're dreading a major Rails upgrade, we can help. UpgradeRails is a service from the founders of and Let our expert team upgrade your Rails app so that you can focus on features, not maintenance.

Write Native Ruby Extensions 'Without Fear'

Lets you write Ruby classes in Rust without having to write the glue code yourself.

Bootsnap: Boot Large Ruby/Rails Apps Faster with Added Caching

Seems like the kind of thing that could work its way into Rails core.

Search and Autocomplete in Rails with Postgres

A walkthrough of setting up a search and autocomplete feature in a Rails 5 app using Postgres for its database.

A Ruby Shadowing Bug in The Wild

This example highlights why I take the possibly controversial approach of prefixing all internal object method calls with self.

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