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Ruby weekly Issue 304


Rails 5.0 Released

It’s been more than usable for months, but the final release of 5.0 is now here. Headline features include Action Cable, a framework for handling WebSockets in Rails apps, API mode, ideal for building back-ends to single-page apps, and Turbolinks 5.

Why is a BasicObject a Range in Ruby 2.3?

A look at an interesting change in Ruby 2.3 that affects how objects are handled when incorrectly identified as ranges (e.g. 20.minutes in rand(20.minutes)).

Try Compose Elasticsearch, Get a Shirt

Have you been wanting to try Elasticsearch? This month only, get a limited edition t-shirt when you deploy Elasticsearch on Compose. All new accounts are completely free for 30-days.

Next-Gen Webapps with dry-rb, rom-rb, and Roda [video]

A talk from RedDotRubyConf (Singapore) about ‘rediscovering the joy in building Ruby webapps’ by using some radically different alternatives to Rails and ActiveRecord.

5 Lessons in Object-Oriented Design From Sandi Metz

Sandi Metz is well known for her Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby book and object-oriented design courses. Here, a student wrote up the top lessons she picked up from Sandi.

Turbolinks 5: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Native [video]

A great walk through what the new Turbolinks brings to the table in Rails 5, both for the browser and hybrid apps.


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