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Ruby weekly Issue 305


The 'Is it Ruby or Rails?' Quiz

A fun quiz to see if you remember “where Ruby ends and Rails starts.” Curiously, neither Matz nor DHH got 10 out of 10. I got 9.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial, Rails 5 Edition

Michael Hartl’s immensely popular step-by-step Ruby tutorial has been updated for Rails 5 and remains free to read online. Michael has written up what the update has involved.

Control the Physical World with Ruby and Artoo

As part of SitePoint’s ‘IoT Week’, Dhaivat Pandya takes us on a tour of Artoo, a Ruby-based platform aimed at making working with embedded systems easier.

AppSignal supports Elixir: Join our new Beta Program

Many of you are excited about Elixir. And so are we. With Elixir support we'll be the first service to provide deep insights into your Elixir apps. Join now.

Fixing Data Corruption and Socket Leak Issues in Rails 5

The folks at Phusion (Passenger) have been looking at how ActionCable works ‘under stress’ and have come up with a fix for a corruption issue that’s worth being aware of

RSpec 3.5 Released with Rails 5 Support and Minitest Integrations

The headline feature is support for Rails 5, but there’s a lot more to it than that, including Minitest integration for rspec-mocks and rspec-expectations.

Helpy: A Modern Helpdesk Application Built in Ruby

Features include multi-lingual knowledgebase, community discussions and private tickets integrated with email.

Delivering E-Mail with Amazon SES and Rails

Amazon’s ‘Simple Email Service’ provides a low cost way to send email from your app through a third party provider.


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