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Ruby weekly Issue 313

Faster Ruby via a Deoptimization Engine for MRI

This is only a pull request discussion, but hints at forthcoming performance improvements for Ruby 3. A ‘deoptimization engine’ would allow MRI to heavily optimize and JIT compile code but then revert optimizations when more advanced Ruby features are used. More discussion on Hacker News.

Rack::App: A Minimalist Framework for Building Rack Apps

A Sinatra-inspired framework being used in production to run microservices on Heroku.

Slashdot Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson

DHH explains where the name ‘Rails’ came from, what software he uses (his editor is TextMate 2), and why he still loves Ruby.

Run lightning fast and (boringly) stable production apps

Your users want to experience a fast app on each visit. AppSignal helps you inspect and improve the performance of your app, from simply viewing average performance to using our powerful custom metrics platform, and everything in between.

The Journey of a Rails Request

Explores the various steps of a Rails request. This covers Rack, the router, your controller code, and the response.

How to Reduce Controller Bloat with Interactors

A thorough walk through using the Interactor Pattern to reduce the size and responsibility of your controllers.

An Introduction to Rails i18n

How to add support for internationalization in a Rails app, where to store translations, what localized views are, how to format dates and times, etc.

Managing ActiveRecord Connections with Octoshark

Octoshark is an ActiveRecord connection manager that provides connection switching mechanisms for scenarios involving master-slave, sharding or multi-tenant architecture.



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