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KOD, skriveni jezik kompjuterskog hardvera i softvera, prevod drugog izdanja

KOD, skriveni jezik kompjuterskog hardvera i softvera, prevod drugog izdanja

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Naučite kvantno računarstvo uz Python i Q#

Naučite kvantno računarstvo uz Python i Q#

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Today's Top 3 Programming Languages: JavaScript, Python, Java

A market study from one of the world's biggest publishers of programming-related books, Packt Publishing, shows that Python and JavaScript are today's most popular programming languages, with Java coming in third.  LINK.

Testing Java Libraries from ScalaCheck — In this article I would like to show you how to integrate ScalaCheck into a Maven project in order to test your Java classes. I will use as an example the PhoneNumber class as seen on Item 9… Open in a new tab

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with the Play Framework

Yevgeniy Brikman — Are you trying to get started with the Play Framework? Struggling to wrap your head around Futures, SBT, Scala, Functional Programming, or Iteratees? Then you’ve come to the right place. Play…

  1. Introduction to Play Framework for Java Developers: official video intro to building apps with Play.
  2. Play Framework Documentation: the official docs are a must read to get a solid starting point.
  3. The Play Framework at LinkedIn: Performance and Productivity at Scale: video intro to Play and why LinkedIn uses it. See the accompanying slides and blog post.
  4. Typesafe Activator: very easy way to get started with Play. A simple script you run to generate Play app skeletons from the many availabletemplates—including Hello Play (Scala)Hello Play (Java)Realtime and Reactive Play appsPlay with SlickPlay with AngularJS—and an in-browser UI that interactively walks you through changing, running, and testing those apps.


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Adam Warski, "Transactional event sourcing using Slick (audit log for free!)" - Scala Bay (Palo Alto, CA) - Meetup

Performance of trait methods | The Scala Programming Language — Recently we observed that 33e7106 causes a 20% slowdown of the Scala compiler. This post logs what we learned in trying to understand the cause of this regression. Thanks to Dmitry Petrashko… Open in a new tab

Jan vs. Machine: Writing a simple Lisp interpreter in Scala — "Lisp as the Maxwell's equations of software" Peter Norvig's simple Lisp interpreter The Structure and Interpretation of…Open in a new tab

scala - this used??? And How? - Stack Overflow — While pondering through the code of Predef.scala I noticed the following: /** A type for which there is always an implicit value. * @see [[scala.Array$]], method `fallbackCanBuildFrom` */… Open in a new tab


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