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Visual C# 2005 Express

Visual C# 2005 Express

Popust cena: 1150 rsd

Unity 2022 razvoj mobilnih igara

Unity 2022 razvoj mobilnih igara

Popust cena: 2200 rsd

Scala info 2

Machine Learning with Scala [Video] — The ability to apply machine learning techniques to large datasets is becoming a highly sought-after skill in the world of technology. Scala can help you deliver key insights into your… Open in a new tab

Functional Geekery Episode 62 – Lars HupelFunctional Geekery

The Scala Programming Language — Last week, the Scala Center ran its first SIP meeting under the newly reformed SIP process, and we’re happy to report that several SIPs saw long-awaited decisions made, or received detailed… Open in a new tab

How 47 Degrees saves 2 hours a day in Code Reviews - Codacy

Scalable programming with Scala and Spark — Medium

Medium — Scalable programming with Scala and Spark Taught bya 4 person team including 2 Stanford-educated, ex-Googlers and 2 ex-Flipkart… Open in a new tab

intellij idea - scala + play framework 2.5 - debugging don't working - Stack Overflow — I have problem with debugger in play framework 2.5 and scala. I use Intelij IDEA 2016.1 IDE, and when i try debug my applicaton, it never stops on break points. I try 2 options: Run… Open in a new tab

GitHub - ensime/pcplod: testing library to use the Scala Presentation Compiler

GitHub — PC Plod is a testing library for macro and compiler plugin authors to make assertions of their libraries in the Presentation Compiler, i.e. ENSIME and Scala IDE. Installation WARNING this… Open in a new tab

Comparing Scala to F# — (As a scala programmer:) Implicit parameters are mainly used for implementing typeclasses. It would be great to have a comparison between Scala implicits, Haskell typeclasses, and F#… Open in a new tab

Is there a different way to approach learning Scala? : scala

reddit — Hi, I have been a professional software dev for about 10 years now. I have been a java developer for the vast majority of those years. I've always felt that I'm a good developer. My primary… Open in a new tab

Lunatech – Blog — Last week we talked about Continuous Integration (CI) with Scala and SBT on GitLab. This week we are going to take a step further and implement Continuous Delivery (CD) on GitLab with Play… Open in a new tab

Intro to Apache Spark for Java and Scala Developers - Ted Malaska (Cloudera)



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