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PC I GADŽETI - Vodič za rešavanje problema i nadogradnju

PC I GADŽETI - Vodič za rešavanje problema i nadogradnju

Popust cena: 2280 rsd

Kompjuter po mojoj meri II izdanje

Kompjuter po mojoj meri II izdanje

Popust cena: 440 rsd

Today on Hackster: 14 new projects for Arduino, Amazon Web Services, Drones, and more

DIY SMD Rework Station by Alexander and Manoj B R

DIY Arduino hot air SMD rework station.

Triple CNC Machine by TheTNR

We will try to make a simple CNC machine with you

PocketBeagle Drone - Part 1 by walkergrimes5

The beginnings of a 210mm quadcopter powered by the Octavo Systems PocketBeagle development board.

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb


2-Player Reaction Game by icecreambear

This exactly what it sounds like: a little game for two players. the person who clicks the fastest when wins!

Wake Me Up! by Jiří Praus

Can light wake you up in the morning?

Parachute Speedometer by Matthew Mullins

Parachute velocity is a metric that hasn't been properly measured in the skydiving community. The Parachute Speedometer does just that.

Chunchunmaru by Arnov Sharma

Chunchunmaru is an Arduino UNO based robot which can carry heavy LOAD (100kg-200kg) from one location to another.

Arduino Fortnite Boogie Device by Michael Darby - 314Reactor

My attempt at bringing a bit of Fortnite to life!




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