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Raspberry Pi kuvar za Python programere

Raspberry Pi kuvar za Python programere

Popust cena: 1490 rsd

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb

Popust cena: 1760 rsd

Today on Hackster: 11 new projects for Arduino and Robotics

DIY Auto Voice Record and Playback by Team gadgetprogrammers

Record your voice using Arduino and ISD1820. This is a very simple project which takes less than 10 min and < 8$.

SPCPM (Solar Powered City Pollution Monitor) by Sarah HanPeter MaShin Ae Hong, and Grace Han

Low maintenance, high output air pollution, sound pollution that put throughout the city without wiring.

Python Software for Arduino RFID by Hamza Khalid

HK RFID Monitor is basically a Python based software for RFID. It reads the data coming to COM port and displays it on your laptop screen.

TFT Graphing: Bar Charts by Andrei Florian

Create a bar chart with your own data in seconds, all you have to do is edit 3 variables and choose your graph's colour.

Smart Talking Humanoid Robot Just with Arduino! by ashraf_minhaj

An intelligent robot that can talk see and react!

Arduino Sunflower: An Electronic Sun-Dancer by SURYATEJA

An electronic sun-dancing sun tracker.

Mini CNC Laser Wood Engraver and Laser Paper Cutter by Maggie Shah

I made an Arduino based laser CNC wood engraver and thin paper cutter using old DVD drives, 250mW laser. Playing area is 40mm x 40mm max.

CPU and RAM Usage Monitor by thesahilsaluja

A very useful project, made to monitor system resources without opening task manager.

A Remote Controlled Stereo Volume Control by Keith Walker

Using my cable TV remote, I can control the volume and select either TV or radio input to my hi-fi system with this little box.

Remote Control bot by vedrocks15

BLYNK app based remote used to control a bot


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